Friday, April 14, 2017

Wayne Dream Team

Season 1 Episode 2

They mentioned a lot of people: The Flash, crimson Fox, Batman, Sinestro, Zoom & even Jack O'Lantern, I mean, Pumpkin Head (not to be confused with the Ultraverse Pumpkin Head) was back. Maybe this show should be on the CW, I don't think most people know who those are.

The rumbrella is a good product, I wonder if they will be making a new thing each episode. That's a good idea.

It seems like every new show has to have stupid Social Justice Warrior commentary. Emily made a whip noise to her entire team that has only 1 black guy & he got offended, then she said "I own you" to a group of 3 people, again, only 1 black guy. Of course the assistant complained about the Wayne board of directors. What was the point of that joke? It's a tv show about superheroes, they should have just showed a diverse board of directors (does Lucius Fox not exist) instead they made a Social Justice Warrior "joke" but who found that funny? A stupid SJW would just be outraged that Batman is a racist sexist privileged white male. And a normal person would be annoyed that they put SJW commentary into a sitcom. It's so stupid. I think I may stop watching new shows next season.

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