Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Something They Need

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 15

Please tell me Rick & the others aren't stupid enough to believe that Two-Face is really defecting. It's called a long-con & only a gullible idiot would believe it. If I was Rick, I would turn Dwight  over to Negan, the way that Morgan killed Richard to show that they "get it."

Stupid Sasha, she got a pill. Lol, so funny. She's so dumb, sure Negan was standing over her, but she could have stabbed him in the penis & cut it off. She almost got rayped & that didn't occur to her?

Well Tara betrayed Themyscira, I like how JSS almost shot the grandma. She's lucky some sea zombies showed up.

How did they capture Sasha? They aren't going to show that? or Dwight with Rosita? 

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