Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chapter 4

Season 1 Episode 4

This episode was really boring.

They didn't really go anywhere & that guy living in the ice cube was not interesting at all. So it's the 70s I think? The deep sea diver was wearing a leisure suit & asking about free love.

I knew it didn't make sense that David would be in an insane asylum with his pot buddy. At least they explained that. What was weird is that fake Rogue actually switches places with the person she touches instead of just their minds switching back. That doesn't make sense, but I can see how that would be useful. It means she can teleport, so maybe they will expand on that ability.

At least David is out of his coma. It didn't make sense that the nerd with the girl living in him was moving the way she did as she was fighting those soldiers. That was stupid.

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