Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blood Magic

Season 6 Episode 10

This episode was ok. The Wesen Dr. Kevorkian is an interesting idea but that old man killed two innocent girls. They should have arrested the wife for not calling the Gevatter Tod sooner & not keeping the dementia husband in the house. Sometimes Nick isn't just a bad Grimm, but a bad cop too.

They are going full steam ahead with this afterlife skull thing but it's just not interesting. neither is the way they are trying to shoe-horn in Captain Renard. He should have died at the beginning of this season.

Those old books were pretty cool, but Eve using blood magic was the lamest thing ever. She just smeared some blood on the mirror in a horizontal line. No symbols, no special blade, no special part of her body. So lazy. When that demon on angel used blood magic, it was pretty involved.

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