Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Arms and the Humanich

Season 2 Episode 8

Robots vs Aliens!!

Finally! It wasn't as action packed as I had hoped but it was still pretty good. It was so funny when the violent arrogant aliens tried to use their mind control but it didn't work. Then they ran but it was too late, the droid army shot almost all of them & let the virus containers out & Molly's stupid son died even with the dialysis! 

Good riddance, some of them may have wanted to live in peace but they still killed a bunch of women to be born just like the Hunters killed humans to get those skins.

JD was being completely ridiculous, he was actually arguing on behalf of the alien invaders after they mind controlled him. He was ignoring his own daughter, the one that he was worried might have been impregnated by aliens & could have died. He is a terrible father & a terrible man. That judge should have called the police as soon as JD & Molly left. Nonsense.

I hope Anna has surveillance video in the Humanichs lab. They are careening towards the Robot Uprising & nobody is working to stop it except for John's expiration date. If it wasn't for Ethan ripping that piece out of Lucy, Julie would be dead. Once again, Ethan is dangerous. Where is the oversight?

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