Friday, April 21, 2017

Zerstörer Shrugged

Season 6 Episode 12

Diana is still annoying & Eve is no longer a Hexenbiest. They started linking stuff to the 1st season, which seemed kind of forced. Then Rosalee just forgot that the cloth prediction was for today. Does she not own a wall calendar?

I haven't been very impressed with this new skull guy, as they keep calling him, but it seems like they did some research & linked his staff to a bunch of famous historical & religious staffs. They explained that the stick used to be part of it & why it was buried. They also had Trubel eliminate black claw. So it was getting a little better. The Terminator homage was ok.

Then during the last 5 minutes, they killed WereWu & Hank!! I was so shocked. I didn't expect that at all! I can't believe it! Are they going to kill more people next episode? Is Nick finally going to act like a real Grimm & start beheading Wesen?

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