Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 10

Once again Ichabod crane can't do anything. He can't even work the puzzle box. Jenny can do it, & she can read Chinese & she can find relics & she knows everybody on earth. Why don't they just make this the Jenny Mills show.

Ugh, so now tomboy has a crush on nerd? These shows try to be so feminist but then they end up showing how they are typical girls. Like how some girls only want a guy after some other girl has shown interest. It's such a cliche.

The 4 horsemen idea is good, they probably realize it's the last season. Of course the people he picked are really lame looking. Hopefully they will look interesting when they become horsemen.

Calling it a hunger demon was distracting because it reminded me of Buffy where they would just put a word in front of "demon" each week.

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