Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fellowship of the Spear

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 15

I like that Firestorm is using his transmuting powers to make jelly beans, but I would have grabbed a handful. I like that parts of history are locked off for being too important. I wonder if the Legion of Doom respects those locks.

Why did they take the vial of Jesus blood out of the little case. I thought they were going to reference The Da Vinci Code, instead they went with Sir Gawain, who is now real thanks to Stargirl! What a crazy show!

It makes sense that Heatwave would abandon the Legends, he is a bad guy & they were really rude to him. I didn't think they would bring back Captain Cold. That's surprising. Isn't that ruining the time stream? They should have felt a quake at that new aberration. Now it's a real Legion of Doom. I'm surprised that Golden Age Vixen didn't join them as a spy. I also don't get how the 5 of them are going to use the spear for their own personal reality without ruining the other 4 guy's wishes.

It was pretty funny the way they turned the spear into the 1 ring to inspire Tolkien. That was pretty funny, especially because they didn't make it too obvious.

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