Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 2

I like that his hand glowed when he got strong. I think it's funny that he's basically Hulk-Hogan & he gets stronger each time he gets hit.

They mentioned "The Incident." I find it very strange that they always call it that, instead of something else. It was an alien invasion with superheroes fighting them. Is this taking place right after the 1st Avengers movie? Because a lot has happened since then, the tri-skellion was destroyed, the Sokovia Accords are in place & people have been turning into Inhumans. So the doctor shouldn't have been too skeptical. He should have asked Danny about fish pills.

Did Danny seriously think it would be ok to talk about K'un Lun? Nobody knows about Doctor Strange.

What kind of facility lets crazy people just walk into a restrained patient's room & almost kill them?
interesting that he is going to go after the hand. I guess that will be his connection to Daredevil. The fighting was still weird, especially with the girl under the Williamsburg Bridge.

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