Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Black Sails
Season 4 Episode 7

That sucks that Madi is still alive. I like that Billy decided to betray everyone after he felt they turned on him. He's wrong & stupid, but I like that he's trying to get revenge.

Captain Flint tried not to destroy everything, but now he's dreaming of making the new world into some anarchic, pirate chaos world. I can't believe anyone would follow him. He was actually talking about going to Boston!

The last season has been going so well & then they pull this feminist crap. Yeah, grandma Guthrie is really the one running the business, sure she is. What a load of nonsense, that was so stupid. Almost as bad as Max magically having her accounting ledger with her. Max got on the pirate ship with Rackham at the last minute, she didn't have her books with her.

Long John Silver is making a mistake. Even Madi's mom doesn't think it's worth giving away the treasure to save her. Now everyone wants to kill Captain Flint. This season is going to end really well if they can avoid more feminist stupidity.

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