Sunday, April 16, 2017


Season 2 Episode 16

I'm so glad that Winn brought along Alex & the DEO to the sting. I like how J'ohn J'onzz brought up how Winn had no evidence the brother even existed. I also like that Lyra wasn't fully a con-artist.

I'm pretty excited for the Glee-union musical episode.

All Supergirl did was prove that Mon-El & his parents were right. She turned out to be a bigoted Kyptonian against Daxamites. Once she knew he was the prince she blamed him for what his parents did. She was also pretty arrogant about herself.

It's too bad the parents didn't convince him better. The obvious argument they should have made was that he could build a better Daxam under his rule, the way he wanted it. I hope they come back & attack the Earth.

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