Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sinking Day

Season 1 Episode 3

I see why this show is getting bad ratings & they were really bad after this episode because this episode starts off with anti-white racism & even after Gabriela tells them that's she's Filipino, they keep being racist to her. It wasn't funny at all.

Plus the fact that they are being mean to Emily who is a good person, is something that most people don't like. The show ends up making the minorities bully this good girl, even though it's how actual SJW behave, it's clearly now what they are going for.

The show is supposed to be about how weird it is to live with superheroes, instead each episode has all this anti-white SJW crap in it. I'm glad it's going to be cancelled. You would think DC would have learned from Marvel's mistakes but I guess cause it's on NBC their agenda is more important.

I could barely enjoy the Aquaman, Joker & Olympian jokes because of it.

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