Monday, April 17, 2017

The Other


I liked that interpreter tablet that was translating English to Chinese & back.

"She's an enemy of the state."

I liked that Toby has finally had enough of Molly & JD. He's ready to kill them both. They had the nerve to kidnap him & thought they could blackmail him. He even green-lighted the anti-alien virus knowing that Molly is a triple helix hybrid like the Chinese illegal immigrant & will die.

That stupid Ares alien revealed that he is all about invading & doesn't want peace. He's ok with killing humans just like general toby said. Somehow stupid Molly is still not realizing that she's on the wrong side. I hope Lucy & Lucas shoot all of them & burn their stupid stick memorial to the ground.

Evil Lucy tricked Ethan into tricking poor Charlie to find out that Julie was sleeping with John! Then she tried to sleep with him. Isn't she a teen robot? She's not even an adult robot. Is she fully functional & programmed in multiple techniques?

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