Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 3

Everyone was acting weird this episode. I don't usually get hung up on mysteries but the girls were acting way out of character & that I want answers for.

Joy was a bitch to him at that restaurant, but then she gave him that clay dish to help him out. Why? Is she mad at her brother? That was so bizarre.

Then the sensei insults that kid who is trying to pay the bills after she was calling her dojo a "safe space," (barf) then at the end she goes & fights for money. Why did she do that? Is she just a hypocrite?

Even Hogarth was being really nice to him. I'm hoping she just had dollar signs in her eyes, because that would at least make sense.

He needs to get better at focusing his chi. He lost the x-ray because he needed to get beat up before he could fight that arsonist.

How is he going to survive that Bram push? Daredevil is in Hell's Kitchen & I doubt someone from the movies is going to show up. I would love is an Agent of Shield rescued him but I doubt that too.

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