Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Out of Time

Time After Time
Season 1 Episode 3

I like that there is another group of people going after Jack The Ripper. It was a little unbelievable that he would be hitting on that old lady. It was also too random the way she bumped into him.

He killed that guy & his female roommate. Which is just strange that a guy in such a fancy apartment has a roommate. But why did Jack The Ripper kill these two but not the girl from the last episode?

The time machine uses Dilithium crystals to work? That's surprising that a gemstone is how it refracts the laser.

They really are messing with the timeline, giving HG Wells all the ideas for his books.

That senator boyfriend was annoying, what a baby. He had a point but the way he went about it was childish.

What did HG Wells do to that guy's mom & why is it a secret from his brother?

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