Friday, April 7, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 14

I like that they used Eobard's science knowledge in this episode. I forgot that he was a scientist. Also that he mentioned enjoying his time on The Flash. It's easy to forget because he looked like Harrison Wells.

Oops, Steel should not have told Vixen about her future. She's responsible so I don't think she's going to ruin the timeline the way the legends just did. Not only did Professor Stein start singing "Day-oh" they also prevented the entire Apollo-13 disaster!

I do like that they were still excited to be on the moon, even though they have travelled to the vanishing point & travel through time. Putting the spear in the flag pole was a great idea.

Rip Hunter had no idea what to do, poor guy. That sucks that he isn't the captain anymore. Gideon knows everything so what purpose does he serve now?

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