Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time After Time

Time After Time
Season 1 Episode 1
This was an interesting 1st episode. It looks like they planned out a bit of the 1st season with HG Wells telling his great-great granddaughter about his quest to find Jack The Ripper. That explains how Vanessa Anders was there to pick him up after Jane Walker was kidnapped.

I am having trouble with the time machine though. When Jack The Ripper travels to the future, the machine disappears then returns to the 1893. But when HGW travels 3 days into the future, he steps out where the machine is sitting in the future. Which means that when HG Wells travelled into the future, the machine naturally aged through time. But it doesn't make sense with the way that Jack The Ripper & the machine  disappeared.

I doubt they are going to explain that on this show. I'm also curious how they are going to make this chase interesting for an entire season, let alone multiple seasons.

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