Monday, April 10, 2017

Where the Wild Things Were

Season 6 Episode 11

Ok, I like the idea of an alternate earth where Wesen are just animals running around a forest planet & they are basically canibals eating other Wesen.

I like that Nick & Juliet talked about their past & she made it very clear that she is Eve now & they are never ever getting back together. I would have hated something like that at the last minute, not after everything she did.

The skull guy who wants to marry Diana is not as interesting but at least they are trying to justify the seasons that they wasted making us think she was important. It would be nice if the royals showed up but they wasted so many episodes on the cotw this season, that I doubt it will happen.

The stick can open the doorway into the Black Forest Earth but it doesn't belong there?  They better come up with an explanation for that & soon.

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