Wednesday, September 30, 2015

History Rhymes


I loved how Datak calms down his grandson with some great lines about Stahma. "Contrary to what you think, darling, your chivo is not magic." He was right. Then she still saves T’evgin's life, ok I know he wouldn't have died but the Omec already said he wasn't going to help her. "The mood has soured" wait until she finds out he's planning a Dread Harvest on earth. Although she might not have to worry about that, because Alak is not happy that his mom killed his wife.

I can understand Irisa being afraid of nolan as a little kid in the bar but at the knife age? It doesn't make sense, he wasn't abusive to her. A normal kid would have "run away." Those castithans were trying to kill them, it's not like he made her kill some innocent person. I don't think some of these memories made any sense considering there relationship throughout the entire series. d'oh now they are stuck together. 1 mile apart.

So much family trouble.

Amending Fences

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic

I can't tell you how much I dislike this episode. I'm going to ignore it ever happened like I did with "Normal Again" on Buffy. The more I think about this episode the angrier I get.

They retconned Twilight Sparkle into having friends before Ponyville. I did not like this at all. This whole cartoon started because she didn't have any friends & had trouble making them, but now thanks to this retcon she had friends all along that she ignored & treated poorly. So MA Larson also retconned her into being a bad friend too.

This was a terrible idea & took away the whole reason I identified with her. She was originally a shy introvert (social anxiety?) pony so this was an awful decision. They could have gotten the same moral across if they had tweaked the story a little to just have Twilight perform her duties as the Princess of Friendship to open Moon Dancer's eyes to the friends she already had, instead they made Twilight Sparkle so self-absorbed that she even forgot her friend's names!?

"See kids, nerds are actually selfish people who don't care about anyone else's feelings." WTF were they thinking sending this message to kids!?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reap the Whirlwind


Zoe is so rash & stupid. I can't wait for David to kill her or replace her with someone else. She is too dumb to keep around. I hope he betrays her & figures out a way to re-join Claire or Arika somehow. Seriously Claire? How long did she mourn before she moved on? 2 weeks? Ugh.

Noma noooo. What was she thinking? Alex's tattoos move, there could have been another solution. Sorry Gabriel, you're on your own.

Lost Hours


The CMR is online & Theseus is back! "It's Liber8 all over again." So Alec is going to find a way to jump across timelines? Can he even do that? Crosstime Caper!

Those mech guys are idiots, I'm not sure if they know what they're doing. Kellogg is pretty smart but even with alternate future warlord Kellogg, he's not going to win against Alec, Theseus & Lucas, even if he does kidnap Emily.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Dead Air


Wow, they actually blew up the arch & killed the DJ. So those weird head scars from the escape pods are causing trouble. I'm surprised that it's affecting Irisa though.

There was no other way to kill the Omec, except coitus? Datak seems less & less menacing with each episode. Just like Sleepy Hollow we find a secret base filled with supplies & it's destroyed, so dumb. Why didn't he punch the bio-man in that spot that turns them off like he did in the 1st episode? Did he forget?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Head to Head

Avengers Assemble

I liked the re-design of the AIM helmets.

This should not have been my 1st episode. They all end up switching bodies so I did not recognize the voice actors. The jokes are ok but not as funny as the movies. They can do more fighting than the movies but it actually went a little too fast for me.

Saturday, September 26, 2015



So cool that Bradley Cooper showed up. So glad they are doing direct sequel to the movies instead of a re-boots. The best part is that when they film on location in NYC, it's the actual neighborhood. It's not like Daredevil where they show you Williamsburg & pretend it's Hell's Kitchen. They even filmed in the Union Square subway, they didn't film the Grand Central shuttle & pretend it's a different station like Sharknado 2 did.

It's going to be another cop show, but I'm ok with that because it'll sort of be like Chuck, but not as funny. I just hope Debra doesn't start crying for at least 5 episodes.

Son of the Fallen


Really David? You had to literally divide the city & start a civil war, it's not like mankind is fighting angels! How selfish can these idiots be? Empyrean steel barb wire nets were pretty cool. "I have enemies to defeat, from the biggest to the smallest" but is betraying his angel friends a good idea? Alex is making all the wrong choices. He's going to get pwned by Lyrae.

I knew that Helena woman couldn't be trusted. I thought Arika poisoned Lady Riesen at breakfast so I was surprised she was pregnant. How is Helena going to transport all their people to Vega? Where is Helena, anyway?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Minority Report

Minority Report

I like that this is a direct sequel to the movie. Even thought it's 10 years after the movie I don't think they should have introduced even more new technology. the movie had plenty as it was. It just makes the show more expensive & harder for the crimes to be believable. They aren't even doing the retinal scanning correctly nor the air-tablet. Hopefully they will have some arguments about the ethics of pre-crime.

This show looks super expensive, I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Almost Human was a way better show & that got cancelled. This show is not as funny or interesting as Almost Human. It's just Sleepy Hollow in the future. Which is ok, because the man isn't married so he could be a love interest & then it could get better.

Party Pooped

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
I liked that the sled turned out to be a red herring. Pinkie Pie did end up getting something authentic & didn't use it. Her being one of the beatles was pretty funny. Umm, actually Pinkie was narrating her journey to Princess Cadence. The yaks destroying things that weren't perfect were very annoying. I kept waiting for Pinkie or Twilight to realize that they needed to make the yaks appreciate pony culture not reproduce Yak-Yakistan culture (which btw is not a deus ex machina, it's the moral of the episode).

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Escape Velocity


They ended on a cliffhanger & just as I feared, they went with the revolution story in the 1st season instead of waiting until the 2nd. How can they remain Killjoys if they are involved with this revolution & coup? This was a bad decision. I would rather they remained Killjoys for a lot longer. 

So now it seems that the 7th generation thing is the 1st time this is happening? All you had to was work for the company for 7 generations? What else is there to do? Own a bar? Be a tunnel rat? Ugh, they didn't think that through either. It was going so well.

Broken Bough


That first scene was pretty funny. "Come with me if you want to live." Is the entire human Mccawley family dead? I'm glad Nolan shot Sarah Conner & I liked that the beast had a PTSD flashback.

You killed my sister, prepare to...defend this town? Why even bring it up, if she's going to forgive him so easily. I think we've seen those gun eating things before. I liked the stuffed monster thing from the mines. Irisa is an unreliable partner. Get it together kiddo!

That dead Castithan kid thought Omec's were a myth but then Stahma talked to Omec dad about his ship escaping his planet. Get it together Castithans!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Enemy Khlyen


I thought it was funny that the RAC ship was just an office building in space. I like the idea of the RAC expanding to other star systems. They haven't really talked about if they are an earth colony or anything like that. Yay, Red17 is back.

Khlyen made it sound like the person he shot was an android but I don't remember them having androids in the Quad. #5 is alive. He's going to be tortured though. I'm guessing level 6 is their assassin's guild? Maybe they're killing all the 7th gen'ers. Who knows what the 9 families are up to. 

Come The Rain


I want one of their video comic books. They almost killed Tommy! Berlin would not appreciate that.  If you can survive Black Rain with a blanket why was everyone freaking out?

So the cutters are planning a revolution? The Killjoys are supposed to renounce citizenship so I hope the show doesn't change direction with them taking sides. They haven't established the politics of the quad enough for me to care which side they take.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Bitter Truth


No way is Uriel dead, Gabriel is probably lying to Michael. I wonder if those jars are in the bible. With an entire army of 8balls at New Delphi I can only hope for a big battle scene at the season finale.

David taking over the revolution makes sense. I thought he was going to kill them or turn them in, maybe he'll betray them at the last minute. I did not like Lady Riesen kissing that baseball guy.

The Last Unicorns

Nooo Christie! Alak, stupid Alak. I guess it's time for him to grow up. Pilar is right though. The cannibal aliens have a huge matrix-ship full of more purple cannibal aliens.
Man the future is brutal. Pilar murders that couple. Alak's wife is killed, his child stolen. The entire McCawley family is dead. The Yewll is tackled & sliced into by her own mayor for Golamite.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The World We Seize


I like the way Christie knew those Castithan curses in their language. That was good. I am waiting for Datak to kill The Beast. lol Irisa is the new Red Sonja. Please publish that book the way they did Laura's secret diary & Bad Twin.

Who are these purple vampires & how come they've never been mentioned before?

Berlin is mad "you killed Tommy!" E-rep is gone, the grid is down & holy crap, so many people are dead. WTF is going on!? 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Narrow Gate

Dominion S02E03

Lady Riesen is bad-ass! When she gave that guy a look for calling her Claire! She is smart too. "I know how to use a gun" yes she does, pew pew!

For a minute there I thought Michael was going to become an 8 ball or a higher angel but he seemed to be fine. I'm guessing it restored his faith. I hope we're done with that town. They should go back & explain the fire later this season. I totally forgot about the general. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

KillJoys  S01E07

How awesome looking was Utopia. I hope they go back there again. Resistance is futile! Dr. Bliss is Rekall, where's Quaid? 

Duh I knew they were going to get in trouble for breaking that guy out. I did not expect them to find Dr Yaeger so easily.

Dav & Dutch together were ok. It took her awhile to fight back but at least they were evenly matched. That 9 families woman is interesting. 

How does Lucy not have emergency protocols? Shouldn't she always monitor their vital signs?

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Planet of Decision

Doctor Who S02E41

Daleks vs Mechonoids. Barbara & Ian are on Earth. 

"I shall miss them"

One Blood


How big is Leith that they can offer free land to the 7th generation of a Westerley family? The 7th generation of a family would be really big, although I guess the likelyhood that all 7 generations were law-abiding citizens is probably small.

I did not like that lone killjoy's weird dart gun. The genetic gun , because it wasn't a bomb, reminds me of the episode Karakurt from The Blacklist.

Oops, you would think that the Qresh dr. would know how much influence she really has. I'm glad Dutch stabbed Khlyen & that she told her team he was around. Also glad that John already knew about him & that he & Dutch are actual friends.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mouth of the Damned


You can't kill someone thinking you can confess & everything will be fine. That is not how confession works. Especially if you kill a WWE diva. I guess Alex is going to evict a bunch of 8-balls in that weird room in New Delphi, "two men enter, 1 man leaves!"

What kind of shotgun shells were those? (I need closed captioning) I think Claire wasn't thinking long term, she should have be-friended David & learned from him. This was a bad idea to frame him.