Thursday, March 31, 2016


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I like how the Civil War arguments keep showing up, but they should have had more of that between Mack & his brother instead of him whining like a baby about being lied to, he sounded like Felicity

I guess Quake forgot that she used to be a super hacker & could have found out where they were meeting without trampling civil liberties like she's The Punisher. But that added to the Civil War build up.
I totally forgot that Lash is still alive & running around. I'm surprised they aren't fast-tracking that Absorbing Man Inhuman cure

"Since I'm practically the only woman here who can't kill with her bare hands."

The shotgun axe was pretty funny but that meat cleaver didn't have any blood on it after he was chopping up the watchdogs.

I like how the Watchdog masks look like those stupid Vendetta masks.

Flash Back

The Flash

What a crazy episode!

The Flash goes back in time & messed up, and now the Pied Piper is a good guy who helps out! What else did they change in the timeline? I'm just glad he didn't create a Flashpoint. He just can't keep a secret, he told Supergirl his secret identity in minutes of meeting her. I guess he'll mention meeting her in a future episode.

"You're a doppelganger."
"No, not yet."

Unlike Time Cop, the two Flashes of one world were able to touch each other without exploding. I like how they tortured the Pied Piper by playing Never gonna give you up.

I like how they were talking about the speed equations from the comics. I've never heard of these Time Wraiths, at 1st I thought it was a Black Lantern.

"I'm Harrison Wells!!"

Eobard was being really evil. It was so funny how he kept clapping when Barry tried stuff.

Stupid Barry loves being in the friendzone, I can't believe he made that video for Iris. Eddie was just as bad, making a cringe-worthy video that wasn't even romantic.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Remedial Battle Magic

The Magicians

It was a really good episode that was ruined in the last 2 minutes.

I liked how they shocked us with the probability spell that they did 7 times. Julia was contacted by a god, Penny's mentor killed himself, which seemed extreme to me but that's what all the travelers were doing. And finally the faculty helped. Quentin kept mentioning Star Trek. They also introduced Pope from Falling Skies as a vampire & confirmed Lycans, Fairies & Shapeshifters as existing. But then the episode was ruined in the last 2 minutes.

I don't know how much time passed while they were learning the forbidden battle magic but right after Alice confesses her love after they get their emotions back from the red liquid, Quentin has gay sex with Simon because he's drunk? That's not how things work. That threesome with Margo was so stupid & it made no sense.

World's Finest


Glee reunion! So now we have Earth-3!

I liked that Barry was the experienced wiser hero. I also liked how they were so excited to meet each other & learn about their worlds. What was he wearing around his chest? Now they introduced her to other Earths & time travel! Maybe Supergirl can help defeat Zoom! So cool, they were racing each other.

I liked that the firemen & the crowd saved Supergirl.

The Silver Banshee got a cool looking costume but Livewire didn't, it would have been so funny if she had her JLU costume & Barry complained that it looked like his costume.

Cat was pretty funny this episode, but I don't like that she figured out Barry was The Flash.

"The Flash? Sounds like his only superpower is jumping out of an alleyway in a trench coat."

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Brothers Jones

Once Upon A Time

I liked that David went to talk to his Grandson & that Henry confided in him. That boy needs a male role model. I like that Henry didn't try to do anything on his own making things worse. Is he going to be able to re-write those pages that were torn out, magically?

I like how Cruella knew that Prince Charming wasn't James & kept kissing him anyway. I want to see a cat fight with Snow White & Cruella over that one.

I am so glad that Zelena is coming back. Not sure what her secret with Hades is, but who cares as long as she comes back.

Long John Silver! He is everywhere this week.

Captain Hook has been a mess his whole life apparently. I wonder if that "eye of the storm" jewel is a real pirate legend. Hi diddle dee dee, a pirate's life for me.


The Walking Dead

Why do they keep leaving the walls where it's safe? Everyone seems to be pairing off so now anyone leaving Arcadia is part of a couple. Of course Maggie stayed but she still got hurt. I guess they are going with a miscarriage.

"Michonne stole your protein bar."

That two-face guy is really getting on my nerves, he keeps getting the drop on them & this time he shot Darryl in the shoulder.

Thank goodness Carol watched Planet Terror. She warned them, she was like 'Just walk away and we'll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror. '

Stupid Morgan doesn't understand how things work. Denise would have been in the infirmary safe if it weren't for him. He wouldn't be able to practice his non-violence if it weren't for everyone else keeping him safe.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Black Sails

That was some battle!

The ships were shooting their cannons at each other & then Blackbeard's pirate navy showed up & Anne swam underwater onto a British ship & turned it's cannons on the other British ships. They were fighting on land & Flint sacrificed a bunch of men on the beach, for his plan.

Honigold figured it out that Flint was capable of that but he didn't figure out the whole plan & now he's dead.

Yay, they buried some treasure! Arrrrgh!

I like how everyone flinched when there was an explosion on the ship but Blackbeard didn't & he just looked at Rackham.

Long John Silver is king of the pirates!

They even built a Pirate council at the end.

98 Seconds

The Colony

Is this even a Sci-fi show? This is turning out to be Homeland without the schizophrenia.

The Geronimos attacked a supply truck so some drones showed up & killed all the people who were looting the truck for food. Thanks terrorists!

All those people were killed just so the Geronimos could figure out how long it would take for the drones & for Homeland Security to show up.

Despite the speech on the radio at the beginning meant to inspire us, this episode just shows how stupid & awful terrorists are, no matter who they are fighting against. They killed one of their own "to put him out of his misery" but all they did was get his parents arrested then they threatened Katie.

We found out that there are no people outside the wall but there is food, the aliens launched some big ship into space & the CIA lady has access to the internet but everyone calls it the rolodex for no good reason.

Then they re-opened the bar but despite liquo rbeing rare, it was being sold for an affordable price & apparently the aliens did not put bugs in their house or the bar? That made no sense.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey Matter


Brain Stuffed Peppers!

The porn librarian was really funny. Liv was flirting with everyone, she was out of control.

"Have you two ever wrestled?"

I knew that dog was a bad idea, Major is so lucky that rich guy didn't implant the GPS tracker.

"I believe it was Socrates who said about hemlock: 'I drank what?'"

The FBI lady was really anoying this episode. I'm glad Blaine threatened her. Maybe he'll kill her. Then Peyton freed him with immunity! After she slept with him. d'oh.

That husband had such a flimsy reason for killing his wife. Sometimes these cases make no sense.

New York’s Finest


That staircase fight scene was nuts, it obviously wasn't one long tracking shot, but it was still amazing. He just finished arguing with The Punisher that he doesn't kill but Daredevil sure came really close to killing some of those Dogs of Hell bikers. He threw one down 2 flights onto the stairs & then he slammed that other guys head into the pavement a bunch of times, & wrapping that chain around people's necks like he was Ghost Rider wasn't safe either.

Their argument on the roof was pretty good. I liked that it wasn't too lawyerly, Frank isn't a lawyer & Matt probably didn't want to give anything away. I did not like how they had the punisher point the gun at the veteran, but I think that bullet would not have gone through the door.

I don't know how the punisher files are going to help Karen find The Punisher.

Foggy was pretty good in the ER but The Night Nurse still wasn't interested. She mentioned Luke Cage!

I hope this is all the Ennis they do, I would have preferred

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Double Date


What a weird Wesen. It seems like the male & female are both aware of what is happening on the outside so they aren't really asleep. The testosterone cure was interesting, maybe there were some spice shop herbs mixed in to make it permanent.

Juliet is still being unreasonable. I can't believe she wants to stay with Renard. Maybe go back & talk to Nick, at least text him to say you need some time. Besides Renard is bleeding everywhere.

"I'm half-Zauberbiest, why does everyone keep making that mistake?"

I can't believe they got rid of Wesley. That terrible old man isn't nearly as interesting. Maybe Hexenbiests can't abort their pregnancies because the baby would fight it with it's magic.

Dogs To A Gunfight


Even though it made no sense, I knew that pawnshop owner was dead as soon as he said that he had a dvd with a girl who was underage.

I think they screwed up because Karen referred to him as Daredevil but everyone else was calling him the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, even the cop when he was taking about the Sons of The Batman.

I like that they made a mention about the public not being too happy with the superheroes running around. I really hope they mention The Punisher in Civil War.

I did not expect him to go deaf because of that head injury. That must have been scary. I'm surprised he didn't wait for a new helmet.

I liked when Foggy got all lawyered the DA. That was great.

I think The Punisher may have figured it out. I hope they do that cover of Daredevil 999

Friday, March 25, 2016

Broken Hearts


I liked that Thea is still young & into celebrity couple nonsense. The trial was good & so was Laurel, I liked that they even said some lawyer things I've never heard before.

This episode was really bad. It's like they want everyone to hate Felicity. She was joking around about moving out & then wanted to remain as Overwatch but when she did, she just kept making sarcastic comments to Green Arrow while he was busy fighting Cupid.

It was so dumb, everything she's doing & saying. She hears Oliver's vows & basically ignores them but somehow she was the one who distracted Cupid with the belief in "true Love" even though she is still leaving Oliver. This is all her fault. He was happy in the suburbs with her, she was the one who wanted him to be the arrow again & return to Star City.

Meanwhile Oliver is behaving like some virgin teenager who doesn't know how he'll live without her.

Damien Darhk wedding ring in prison made no sense, is that a comic book thing? That was really anti-climactic.

Blood Calls to Blood


I knew that guy was Valentine all along. Just like when Clary suspected that demon of impersonating Jace, she once again was suspicious & gave Valentine the "World's Greatest Dad" mug which was pretty funny.

"You're not the only one who can do a glamour spell."

Jace & Clary are Luke & Leia! I did not see that coming. I don't even know how that's possible. They are going to have to explain that one. Did Jace sleep with his sister? I think they only kissed. Now that I think about it. How many days has it been since this show started? Has anyone gotten any sleep?

At least they got her mom back, but she's still in magical stasis.

The trial was ok, but Magnus was pretty lame as a lawyer. Isabelle is free & Lydia turned out to be on their side. Simon is so dumb, instead of going back to Maureen, he's ready to jump back into the friendzone.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Parting Shot

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Hayley James Scott is Malick's daughter! She's in the present & Lucas is in the past, while Clay is hunting zombies so there won't be a One Tree Hill reunion.

They really need to use some better powers than the constant use of Zero Matter. Instead of the general being Peter Pan & controlling his shadow he can make a sentient zero matter entity? I guess it's cheaper in terms of CGI but it also didn't make sense. The Zero Matter man was punching people so if he killed the attache, there would have been external bruising.

What a weird final scene. Mockingbird & Hunter didn't die but everyone was crying, it was so strange. They aren't dead, they just got disavowed.

I hope the Russians follow through with their sanctuary. Although it would be better if they introduce Genosha or Madripoor. Of course they already introduced SWORD so maybe they'll have an Asteroid I?


The Flash

Poor Barry, he got betrayed again by a mentor. This is going to make him less trusting. Finding out Jay is Zoom might make him mad enough to beat him though.

How is he not faster than Trajectory? That Trajectory girl just died. That was terrible, is it because she was only a speedster by using velocity 9? Every time they mention that, all I can think of is Cyberforce. I wonder if the blue lightning means you're dying is true in the comics, the last one I read was Flash 40 & it had a future flash with blue lighting.

I can't believe she mentioned Law & Order right to him & then she kept working while they asked her questions.

I was annoyed that everyone kept complaining about the club, do young people hate dancing in Central City?

It was hard for me to take Vibe serious with that nintendo controller t-shirt he was wearing.

I think it was lame that Jesse left, she could have said that she would be in touch in a few months or something. Jesse was being really annoying & judgmental. Her dad saved her life & she had the nerve to complain. Barry would have done the same thing. Sometimes they give these characters the stupidest motivations for doing things. It just ended up making her into a pedantic child who sees things in black & white.

I have no idea what DC hero lives in Opal City.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The Magicians

Alice's parents are a weirdo polyamory couple & her mom is a complete nut-job. I can see why Alice is so reserved. Still, she needs to talk to Quentin about things. Alice & Quentin did some sex magic to help Penny but they should have left him there in Neitherland. Penny is so dumb & arrogant, I'm surprised that librarian didn't give him a good beat down. They should have told the dean that Penny had been missing for 6 weeks.

This semester seems to be flying by. They were in Antarctica for months & now 6 weeks went by, at least Elliot is starting to recover from his depression. It's too bad he didn't talk to the real Margo & not the Margollum.

So magic can't cure cancer, but they are going to go back in time & prevent their major life mistakes by summoning a god to power their time travel spell. That seems like the worse idea ever. How is there not a Ministry of Magic?



I like that Lucy is the new head of the DEO, that was a great idea. I was afraid she would be gone from the show. I forgot that she's a major.

Having Alex get arrested was a terrible idea. How is she going to remain on the show if she's a fugitive? They should have had her stay working at the DEO with Lucy & slowly trying to get J'ohn released from Cadmus or trying to track down J'ohn.

How does the DEO not have surveillance in that cell that they always throw people into?

I like that people are still scared of Supergirl. That should make crime go down, not up, that didn't make sense.

When those two motorcycles showed up, I was expecting Speedy & Black Canary to rescue them.

Siobhan is the Silver Banshee, & she didn't even need a wingsuit, Laurel can't do that but can Lydia?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Devil's Due

Once Upon a Time

I am so happy that Rumple threw Milah into the River of Lost Souls. She is such an evil person. She really has no redeeming qualities, she was an insulting harpy to Rumple even before the Ogre War & afterward she was cruel to him. She was just a selfish cheating bitch.

She wants the healer dead but she doesn't kill him herself, instead she sends the cripple with a cane to sneak into the healer's house. The man she's been calling a coward for years. Then while her son is dying she's at the tavern flirting with a pirate & she is so selfish that she abandons her son as soon as he's healed to go to the tavern instead of helping him recover.

"You slept with my lover AND my son?!"

At least they rescued Hook & Regina has her magic back. Cruela is wearing Bambi's mom skin!!
Belle is pregnant! How is going to get out of that contract?

Twice As Far

The Walking Dead

I like that Eugene was serious about contributing more. He's ready to start making bullets & came up with a distraction so they could escape. Darryl was right, train tracks are bad. they led to Terminus & he was always on tracks with those Claim-guys.

Oh no! Denise. I was just starting to like her. She showed her Psychology background & they just killed her. I was so shocked.

"You'd have better luck picking up a turd by the clean end."

Carol isn't making any sense. She feels bad because that wolf guy helped Denise? So what. If he wasn't around she never would have been in danger in the 1st place. Then she left because she can't kill, a lot of the people from that town can't kill, her fat boyfriend said he couldn't. I don't know why they did that.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Black Sails

I can't believe they killed Captain Vain. No last minute rescue like with Flint. I'm surprised he sacrificed himself like that. I wonder if Blackbeard is going to join Flint now to get some revenge. Eleanor & her revenge might come back to bite her. i'm surprised those dudes are even listening to her.

I like how that old whore said that Eleanor just makes new enemies & defines herself that way.

"Some people can only understand themselves through the eyes of those that hate them."

I like that Flint now respects Long John Silver enough to try his plan & discusses what it's like to become an evil man. It was like Darth Sidious taking to Anakin about Darth Plagueis.

I like how Rackham maneuvered himself into being a captain again.

They killed Mr. Scott too. This is going to be some battle & the Spanish haven't even shown up yet.



This was a good 1st episode.

I thought the Irish mafia were going to be the bad guys for a couple of episodes but nope, they introduced The Punisher right away. He's using military grade weapons & killing people like crazy.

"No 'they', him. It's one man."

I was shocked that they seem to be making him more of a bad guy, because he was shooting in the hospital at the Irish mobster with little concern that he might hit patients or doctors. There are a lot of windows in a hospital so his bullets could have killed someone.

"Where's this asshole's hand?"

That was a funny line, but I'm really hoping that they didn't model Frank off the Ennis Punisher, that was when I stopped buying comics for a few years & sold off my collection on eBay. I liked that he left those guys hanging on meat hooks but I will yell & scream at my tv if they introduce Dt. Soap. "

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Method Head


Brain TV dinner!

Sometimes meta stuff gets on my nerves, like on Supernatural, but this one was really funny like Community.

"If I'm hearing you right, there's going to be another Power Rangers movie!"

Zombie high is a pretty funny idea for a tv show & after watching Fear the Walking Dead, a high school is a good setting, they have plenty of food to last a zombie apocalypse. They basically pulled The Crow on Zombie High School.

"It's not supposed to be a documentary on zombie biology."

The fitbit was genius, I did not guess that major put a bug in there, genius. I seriously thought Major figured out on his own that it was a setup. Why else would a scientist confide in the gym guy.

It's so funny when Ravi humors Liv when she starts channeling the brain she ate.

"Yes, Olivia there is a Santa Claus brain."

I think it was interesting that they showed us what everyone else sees when she has a vision. Clive finally started to forgive her. That was good. it was funny how into the food he was at the tv show.

"You really need to work on the whole 'good news' concept."

From Darkness, the Sun

Second Chance

I knew they wouldn't be able to drag it out, the FBI agent isn't dumb. What kind of first name is Duval anyway?

I liked how Mary is into being an investigator. I was surprised that her brother agreed to even talk to Duval. I thought he didn't talk to anyone but her & that's what the sad computer personality was for.

The assistant was pretty funny.

Cancer treatment, even if it is a blood transfusion is not "intimate" I've gotten chemo & therapy, there was nothing intimate about it. It was only intimate because she decided to wear a shirt revealing her belly.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bad Luck


That rabbit's foot thing sounds pretty gross, wouldn't that start smelling? Plus I thought after a Wesen died their body returned to human form? Wu with the jokes.

I was surprised that Monroe & Rosalee were so open with showing that fertility doctor that they were different Wesen, they didn't even consider if he was one of those purists.

Juliette was harsh & not understanding. Obviously most Wesens don't spend their time in beast form so it was unreasonable for her to ask him to kiss her. He was trying to deal with it but she was acting like a child. The guy barely had a day to adjust with his girlfriend changing into a corpse creature & she's judging him.

Henrietta was pretty powerful, but she better not touch Nick like that again; Juliexenbiest will kill her or Grimm will.

Noooo, Adalind is pregnant with Nick's baby?! Noooo.