Monday, February 29, 2016

Major Arcana


I liked when Clary thought she accidentally killed Jace. She thought she was so smart.

Oh no, Simon wasn't turned into a vampire after all? I can't believe he would have been fine if he had stayed home or told Jace, man he is dumb.

At least he slept with Maureen, I don't know how that's going to work now that he really is a vampire.

Looks like Isabelle is serious about being an adult & volunteering to do paperwork!

Is The Mortal Cup supposed to deflect demons?! I don't remember that at all. How did Clary not take all the tarot cards, what if there is more stuff hidden there.



I am so glad that they finally de-powered Darhk. I would have preferred if he had been shot with an arrow into each limb from behind or something. But Damien getting punched repeatedly was pretty good too.

"We had an... animated encounter..."

I put off watching the Vixen cartoon, thinking they would announce it in the episode before she appeared but they just sprung it on us. 

William wants a Green Arrow action figure, little does he know that setting up those tiny arrows on an action figure is not easy.

Vixen needed some other animal totems, she kept using gorilla & rhino & only used cheetah once.

Felicity was being completely unreasonable, she doesn't get a say in whether Samantha moves or not. That was a terrible ending.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Maid of Gevaudan

Teen Wolf

Allison!! Ok, it's MarieJeanne, but it's Allison! She was the first hunter & founded the Argent family of hunters. They explained how the Argents came to be & how you need Fleur De Lis spear of but they didn't explain why her brother is such a huge werewolf & how he is resurrected in a modern teenage boy.

MarieJeanne's brother Sebastin drank rainwater from the demon wolf's paw print? That wasn't clear at all. I thought the beast turned him when he entered that house. 

Nooo! It can't be Mason! It should have been some kid we saw in a classroom or something. So funny that Corey rescued him, was Corey there invisible waiting for Mason?

I'm pretty sure everyone in the library had balcony seats for the "Scott & Liam are werewolves" show.

I didn't know Chimeras could take away someone's pain.

The Edge of Mystery

Agent Carter

I so liked that Mr. Jarvis just shot Whitney Frost as soon as he saw her. No speeches, no hesitation. Unlike most Heroes & even Peggy herself who is either unable or unwilling to do what is necessary, Jarvis just shot her twice in the chest when he had the chance. It didn't help, but if they had done it sooner, a lot of people would still be alive.

Whitney is a lot more awesome now as the villain in charge. The Italian mom was pretty funny. Luckily Jack Thompson figured out he was being an idiot & worked with Agent Carter.

"Do what Peggy says!"

The physicist wanted to rid of the zero matter but instead of working with Whitney he was just being difficult. Then he seriously threatened Peggy for real & yet she still made excuses for him. I wish he had stayed in the zero-matter rift.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


The Shannara Chronicles

I didn't expect them to get to Safehold so soon. I didn't realize this first season is only 10 episodes, I was hoping they would have more adventures on their way. The next episode better not have them suddenly appear back at Arborlorn.

I can't believe Councilor Kael was planning a coup in plain sight. She wasn't even hiding it, None of those people were. Prince Ander is a better man than I, once I got control again thanks to the Gnomes, I would order the guards who were loyal to me, to murder everyone in that room.

I don't think they should ever let Bandon be unattended.

I was wondering why the Elves & Allanon would leave the Bloodfire unguarded but then the witches(?) showed up & did a good job of turning them against each other. Did Wil's elf stones help him remain immune?

One of those witches called Eretria a "Child of the Armageddon" which was interesting. Is that just another term for humans or is she special & that's why the subway map showed up on her arm like David.

Where did Amberle go? I thought she just had to roast the seed in the fire.

King Shark

The Flash

King Shark is back!!

"I don't suppose my homeowner's insurance covers a sharknado attack"

He totally chomped on those Argus guys. He's lucky Captain Flint wasn't there.

I'm not a fan of The Flash throwing electricity, he's not Livewire. I wish he had just run around King Shark & created a whirlpool where there was no water & then punched him out.

I liked that Diggle and Lyla are still amazed that The Flash can move so fast, considering that they are chasing Ripster & Diggle has seen someone come back from the grave & Hawk people.

Wally West was being a jerk & calling Barry a coward even though Wally didn't do anything either. The only good thing about Wally was his observation about them.

"Jaws busts through your house like the Kool-Aid man"
"Weirder than a talking shark, wearing pants?"

There was a Jay in the park on Earth-1 so how is Zoom Jay? Did he accidentally kill his past self? What is going on?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Impractical Applications

The Magicians

Did that truth spell turn them all into Geese?!

Penny is still annoying. He went to Fillory & he still acts like it's childish nonsense, even though he teleported there. Why can't the moth-man rip Penny's mouth out or something.

That exam was pretty weird, if Penny is a teleporter, how is supposed to figure out spells? Or is that like a "college Major" & not the only thing he does?

Quentin & Alice are so depressed, how are they not attracted to each other? I was sure they were going to kiss each other. We know they aren't virgins.

Julia is lucky she didn't die like Margo's mom. She needs to be more careful, that evil girl is ruthless. That was pretty gruesome, wait until Margo finds out, she's going to blame Julia, just like she blamed her mom.

If she's this powerful now, can't she like "transfer" into Brakebills? And why are these Hedge Witches so disorganized? Wasn't Julia going to be a business major? Why doesn't she open up her own Magic school, she would make money & acquire spells. It's not like Brakebills is accredited.

Truth, Justice and the American Way


I liked that they had a truce to say goodbye to Astra. Supergirl was doing really well fighting against that Master Jailer guy. I'm surprised it took such an extreme experience of having been jailed for her to realize that her imprisoning of Maxwell Lord was wrong. She's Supergirl not The Green Arrow & Maxwell Lord is human, not a Metahuman.

Cat is being mean demoting Kara to Assistant #2, Kara needs to find a way to be a better assistant.

Jimmy Olsen was way out of line. He obviously didn't tell Lucy about Superman's real identity & now he is guilt-tripping Kara into letting him tell Lucy, her real identity? That makes no sense, not only because the person he almost kissed was Kara, not Supergirl, but because then he would be telling Lucy, Superman's real identity too.

Someone got a little crazy with the easter eggs, 1st they hinted at The Main Man!! Lobo! Then they made a joke about Gotham! Which Earth is this? I didn't know how to spell Siobhan until I watched Ringer.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart Shaped Box

The Originals

Aurora & her gun, what is this, 30 Days of Night?

At least StupidHayley pointed out how Camille isn't acting like herself. I really hope they get Camille back to being like the old Camille.

I wish they had kept Hayley as being the target of the Strix, that would have been so much better. I don't remember Jackson's heart becoming a mirror of Hayley's heart, besides that doesn't mean he had her blood in him. That was a weird solution to this episode. Hayley does have a Sire: Hope,  maybe they meant that because Hope was conceived as a baby & not part of the sire line there is no sire bond to The Originals.

Now that Aya is working with Aurora, she definitely needs to die soon. I was not happy with Aya ordering Marcel around. He's supposed to be in charge of the Strix. He needs to assert his authority somehow, either forming an alliance with the witches or with the humans. Klaus just dropped that police guy & probably broke his legs, so they might be grateful for some help.

Where is Lucius & the Crecent werewolves?

The Next World

The Walking Dead

I'm glad a few weeks went by since the last episode. It was funny watching Rick be in a good mood messing with people like turning the car so that Jesus fell into Darryl & joking with Michonne & Carl.

I can't believe they were chasing Jesus down that they lost the truck full of food. Who did that truck belong to? I was expecting someone to wake up in the back because they were living in it.

I was not annoyed with the product placement of Carl reading Invincible or the orange crush.

I can't believe they rescued Jesus after Rick noticed that he was clean. Did they not frisk him? How did he escape? I could have sworn that they killed Deanna a long time ago.

I liked how at they end they both got up, not worrying about the nudity, but I am surprised they don't lock the door.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Black Sails

That was a good scene with Vane & the Spanish sailor. I like that they respected each other as men. That was a good explanation for why they fought the pirates, unlike that other ship who surrendered without a fight. Jack Rackham has a lot of faith that Anne will wait for him.

I knew that girl was eavesdropping for a reason! And now she wants some of the gold, captain Rogers is getting tempted all over the place. I hope he doesn't fall for Eleanor's manipulations.

Captain Flint, right after he considered giving up, changes his mind with a crazy plan!

"They pledged to follow me when they thought I was alive. They turned when they thought I was gone. So I will come back from the dead and lay claim to what I am owed."

This Woman's Work

The Vampire Diaries

Elena is alive!? Boo! If they really wanted to bring her back they should have done it as a ghost or something.

Bon Bon was right, the last episode was like a bad re-run of The L Word. I am so excited for Rayna to kill all the heretics. She already killed Beau. I hope she kills Nora next.

Is Rayna: Vampire Huntress, like a cat? Does she only have those 5 lives that the Native Americans gave her? They showed her die like 3 times already.

I hate these flashforwards so much. Now that Stefan left Mystic Falls to run away from Rayna they are going to have to just jump 3 years into the future.

Still annoyed with Enzo's return, I don't care if he's conveniently helping Tyler with Elena. He needs to get a life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

So glad that the scientist girl is dead, she was so annoying. I did like that she was able to merge with Professor Stein. At least they didn't alter the timeline too much, it seems like the exploding girlstorm was basically Chernobyl. Now that the USSR Firestorm program failed maybe they'll work on making Rocket Reds based on The Atom suit.

Hopefully Heatwave & White Canary will teach The Atom how to fight; He's lucky he wasn't beaten to death with the way he was talking about that guard's mom.

"Nothing compared to what I did to your mother last night."
"You've got quite the mouth on you"
"So does she"

I'm surprised Captain Cold talked White Canary out of assassinating Professor Stein, especially because The League of Assassins don't seem to do much assassinating, even before Nyssa disbanded them.

"This isn't my first Prison Break."

The Black Arrow is protecting Central City! What!


The 100

I'm so glad that Bellamy was not falling for Wanheda's tears & handcuffed her. That's right, Clarke, there is a reason they call you Commander of Death. He is right to not follow you.

"You left me. You left everyone. Enough, Clarke. You're not in charge here. And that's a good thing, because people die when you're in charge."

Pike better hope he has a lot of bullets because he only took out Trikru, there are still 11 other tribes.

Clearing out a village sounds bad, I hope he means "relocate" & not kill children.

I can't believe Lexa thinks she can convince grounders to not retaliate after the massacre of 300 grounders who were sent to protect Arkadia. There is going to be another coup & I don't think she'll survive this one. Maybe it will be Prince Roan who takes over.

So funny when Abby tells Kane 'why don't you ask Jaha about Mainframe, he's totally not crazy.' Like most religious fanatics, Jaha didn't care that his mutant friend is dead, because the after-life is better. The sacred symbol? How do the grounders know about that? Are they aware of the city of light nano-tech? Murphy made his way back somehow, when did they cross that desert?

Raven was being a baby again, I'm glad Abby fired her. Being an adult means being able to acknowledge your own limitations. But I can see why #6 is trying to win her over.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Agent Carter

Noooo, they shot Anna. Why didn't she stay in the house? She was worried about Jarvis & then she runs out to confront the bad guys? What was she thinking?

Some funny stuff with Jarvis & Peggy in the car talking about her suitors & that floor drying thing.

"Those are Barbara Stanwick's measurements."

Silly Dottie thinks she's so tough, you can't deal with Whitney Frost. At least it was clear that she got scared when Whitney showed up.

So funny that the scientist rejected Whitney Frost's intersectionality plea.

"Do you really believe that Isodyne recruited you because they valued your brilliant mind?"

Sousa is like 'you should see the other guy' sorry dude, you are no longer in charge.

Code of Silence


I'm glad that Detective Lance just told her the truth. Sometimes this show keeps secrets for no good reason. 

I like how Mr. Terrific very casually cured Felicity's paralysis. With the super-battery & curing wheelchair people, Palmer Technologies should be making a crazy amount of money.

The glitter envelope was pretty funny. So glad they didn't show us the debate. They were not subtle about following Mrs. Darhkk, his motorcycle jumped over her car! They need to be careful, he can force choke people over skype!

I guess Arrow's son's mom is in the grave because Darhk had William at his house & did not mention the mom at all, that would explain The Flash showing up.

Marvel has The Wrecking Crew but does DC have a bad guy duo called Hammer & Nails?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Credible Threat

Teen Wolf

Holy crap, did The Beast seriously slaughter a bus full of kids & rip one in half?! Corey parents didn't notice when he died the first time, so maybe those other parents haven't noticed that their kids are all dead. I guess the Argents cleaned up the carnage.

This was such a good episode, Comedy & action. There was Stiles & that other team captain,

"You guys suck. You guys suck so bad it's impossible to lose against you,"

Malia & the desert wolf,

"You're definitely my daughter"

& coach is back! 

"What's it for this year?
"For or against?"

Kira is out of control, I thought Scott was going to Alpha Roar Kira back to human, the way he did with Malia, I wonder if he can do it to The Beast. Is Liam ok? He just attacked The Beast in front of everyone & he's just a beta. Corey acted so weird with Mason. Mason better not be The Beast.


The Shannara Chronicles

I like how the humans all boo'd at Spock because of his elf ears! I also like that Wil used the D&D dice to trick Cephalo. I like that Eretria is beoming friends with Wil & Amberle.

They killed Cephelo, which is too bad, he was a good thorn in their side. He interrupted them just as Wil as finally going to have sex with Amberle, at least he was nice to Eretria before he died.

Those humans didn't seem too concerned with wasting bullets, but seeing as how they were trying to get their hands on all old human tech, they probably figured out hot to make them, they had electricity & music. How funny that the techno was playing on an LP.

What a terrible way to live in peace. Why didn't they start their town somewhere else? There seem to be other uninhabited places, they could have built a human town without having to sacrifice a human to the trolls every month.

Poor Ander was drunk but luckily Allanon talked some sense into him.
"You can walk away from your duty if you wish but do not pretend that it's noble or brave."

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Of Men and Angels


I like how Clary asked if Luke was her father after she learned about his history with Valentine & her Mother.

They messed up though because Luke said Valentine turned bad when Valentine thought Jocelyn was cheating on him with Luke, but then Luke said that he & Jocelyn got close because Valentine was getting too extreme in his anti-DownWorlder views. That made no sense. And how can a Werewolf be a Shadowhunter? Mrs. Lightwood seems like she would be against that.

So the Mortal Cup is hidden as a drawing. That was a cool idea. It's going to be weird seeing Isabelle try to be more like her mom. Simon is so annoying, I just want Jace to punch him over & over.

Luke is a werewolf, because he defeated the pack's Alpha, he is the new Alpha so he shouldn't need all this magic help for his Alpha bite. That's dumb. That would mean everytime an Alpha is beaten, the new Alpha dies unless he gets a magical nurse? They didn't really think that through. They should watch a few seasons of a good werewolf show or even a show with werewolves.

Life of The Party

Agent Carter

This episode was better than most of the ones they've shown this season. I like Peggy using her American accents, I feel like this one is different from the last one she used.

I like that Mrs. Jarvis realized just how dangerous these situation are that Jarvis is getting himself into. Whitney Frost is really starting to lose it. She is wearing crazy pants every day now. She swallowed her husband & now she's in charge of Hydra West Coast.

Go back to Tree Hill, Thompson.

Peggy really should be resting, I'm glad that she is not 100% ok, even though it is unrealistic that she's even walking around.

I do not like them using Dottie. She had some funny scenes like when Jarvis stopped her from killing Thompson. They should have used Mrs Jarvis, that would have been hysterical. Why didn't they use the fat girl?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Escape from Earth-2

The Flash

Killer Frost can stop Zoom! They should be scrambling to find Captain Cold.

"It's a work-in-progress, Elsa"

On Earth-2, the tvs are vertical because they got sick of those cell phone videos. How weird that Barry Allen gave himself a pep talk.

They shouldn't have taken Detective Iris to Zoom's lair. That was a big mistake because she has a gun. A gun that she did not use to shoot Zoom when he was frozen!

I remember learning about that alphabet code year's ago. So cool that the masked man was using it. Is he really Jay Garrick, & the guy we've been watching is the Earth-2 version of that dude with the weird name in the park, pretending to be Jay & he's working for Zoom? Who knows.

Why didn't The Flash fight back when Zoom got in the cell? What happened to the security upgrade at Star Labs? Geomancer just walked in, how did he even that's where Jay was napping?

Dead Angels

The Originals

I'm glad that Vincent pointed out how Camille wasn't being herself. It really made no sense. She was going on & on about her dark objects because she wanted to protect herself but she didn't use them when she was human & would have actually protected her. She's a vampire now, she doesn't really need those objects. Most vampires don't have them, this was just a terrible reason for her to steal the white oak toy.

I do like that Aurora made wooden bullets, especially after Matt mentioned that they work. Is it possible that she fulfills friend, foe & family? I don't think she counts as family.

"Shhhh. Marcel, grown ups are talking"

I really liked Marcel taking over & tricking everyone, even if it was with Elijah's help. He is great when he's giving angry speeches. I like that he's in charge again.

Wasn't Aurora captured?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mendings, Major and Minor

The Magicians

I liked that they addressed even more practical concerns. That one magician is a podiatrist because duh, you still have to earn money. And no, you can't cure Cancer with magic.

Tasha Yar was not interested in Elliot or Margo. The mentor weekend was an interesting idea even though although it kind of conflicts with the idea of a school & would put The Blue Fairy out of a job.

Quentin killed cancer puppy. he must be really important if they keep letting him break one rule after another. it sure seemed like his storm circle was ruining that weird human chess game, but i guess alice fixed it.

The mothman saw Penny, d'oh. Maybe that will take him down a few notches.

Julia is turning out to be a terrible person, cheating on her boyfriend & then being rude to those bar people. Marina cast an Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind spell on Julia's boyfriend so at least he won't be hurt by Julia whoring herself for magic. But that mean's she's all alone, what is Julia going to do now? I don't like her but I am interested in how desperate she will become in her journey to the Dark Side.

No Way Out

The Walking Dead

After not giving us what we wanted in the 1st half of this season, this one episode gave us everything!
That little boy was annoying but I liked him, he was real. But man, the zombies ate that little boy in front of his mom!! They just started chomping on his head & she couldn't help but scream then they started eating her & she wouldn't let go of Carl's arm & Rick is like 'nope, gotta protect my son' & chopped her arm off with an axe!! & her other son was like, 'my whole family is dead & Carl stole my girlfriend so I'm gonna shoot him.' Then Michonne is like, 'no way are you shooting Carl' & stabbed that kid!

Then later Rick just loses it & starts chopping up zombies with that axe & then everyone goes outside to help him. Even Deaton helped.

"God will save Alexandria because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves."

Glenn & Maggie reunited. but then they made it seem like he was going to die again, but he didn't. Daryl killed all those bikers with a rocket launcher! i was wondering what on earth exploded. It was insane, especially that montage of them all hacking at the camera. Sooo Good.

"If you have to eat shit, best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat."

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Black Sails

Mr. Scott is the king of secret island! I did not see that coming. Really well done, the way they made us forget about him. The queen's daughter being sympathetic was a little too convenient, they should have had Long John Silver say that he had been watching her for days.

I liked seeing Long John Silver & Captain Flint being more honest with each other, especially when Flint remembered that it what his plan too, to offer all the pirates a pardon. He's probably considering taking a pardon too now that he doesn't really have much to live for, especially once he finds out that Vane is gone with Blackbeard.

That was a good talk between Vane & Rackham. They were like 'handshake? nah bro hug it out'

That British captain, Woodes Rogers, is pretty smart himself. He realized it was going to burn before they did. I'm curious if that chambermaid is spying for the pirates or if she's just nosy.