Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Price

Once Upon a Time

At least Snow White got to share a ball with her daughter, that was a nice mother-daughter moment. Charming is not a good dance teacher, though I wish they had showed more lessons, that could have been funny. It was good to see Charming help Henry. C'mon Grandpa, show him how to be a man.

It was funny watching Regina accidentally order Emma around. I also like how people summon The Dark One. Is The Dark One required to show up? I wish Dark Swan wore something a little more interesting than just a dark trenchcoat, it's so boring compared to Regina's gowns. "Something a little less evil?" 

That's weird that a fury shows up to get the price. Usually on the show when "magic comes with a price" something bad just happens, I guess when you mess with death it's different. True Love's kiss is not working, now what are they going to do? "You didn't think it would be that easy?"

The Reluctant Wizard

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Horde Troopers are on crotch rockets in this episode but those are not as cool as the flying motorcycles from the last episode. "watch this" says Bow. 

She-Ra asks this hermit wizard who lives in a tree to join the rebellion. I guess having Madame Spazz & Castaspella aren't enough.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Never Let Me Go

Vampire Diaries

I can't believe Enzo is attracted to Lily, she's so old looking. Caroline shouldn't care that Stefan wanted to date Valerie, he's a doppelganger, he's always going to be drawn to a Pettrova Doppelganger. I guess they are going to drop that now that Elena is off the show.

I am curious who Caroline is engaged to in the future. Maybe it's Matt or Tyler or Nicklaus. I'm hoping it's Tyler.

The Phoenix Stone is filled with evil, maybe it's connected to The Other Side they got rid of. Alaric should hide it in a bowl of hand soaps.

Damon had so many good lines when he was arguing with Lily & then with Stefan: "You killed him, didn't you?" Damon: "Tyler? No. Jeremy once, but are we really bringing that up right now?" and "I tripped & accidentally ripped Malcolm's heart out"

"Classic Damon!"

Play It Again, Bow

She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-ra flexes her muscles & tosses those Horde Troopers like they are nothing! The troopers & Catra ride on some pretty sweet flying motorcycles. They should have made those into toys.

Madame Razz's ex boyfriend Fritz made a monument out of old bottles. Luckily Madame Razz turns it into the hardest crystal on Etheria. Why isn't she making shields out of this stuff so Etherians can defend themselves? Then she was surprised her spell even worked. I hate Razz so much.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

4,722 Hours

Marvel: Agents of SHIELD

I like that we saw what happened on that planet & that they found stuff from the other people who went there. Seeing her make fire & kill the "water-Audrey" was good after she foolishly went to sleep the 1st night in the open, instead of seeking shelter. Is it one of the 9 realms? (10 if you include the new heven). It's not the planet Riddick landed on.

This season was going so well & then this episode. I hated this episode almost as much as Amending Fences. Instead of it being Simmons, surviving all alone, we get a NASA astronaut. (not even Nova Corps). They should have had all the astronauts be dead when she fell into the cave. It was just terrible, terrible nonsense.

Instead of a nonsensical "evil" on the planet that smells blood, they could have just used any of the aliens that already exist in the comics. This episode also doesn't fit in with the previous episodes where she acted like she had PTSD. It seemed like she was in danger the entire time on the planet but then we find out she was "playing house" with the astronaut.

After just a few months she gives up on Fitz & bangs the astronaut? It reminded me of Action Comics #761, when Superman & Wonder Woman were stuck in Valhalla for hundreds of years & he still didn't betray Lois. When she tells Fitz, mr. friendzone runs to rescue the man who banged the girl he loves. It was just an unrealistic, terrible ending to what could have been a good episode.

Just rename the show to Fitz's: Agents of Friendzone.

Fiddler's Neck

Minority Report

Instead of a Malaria vaccine they should have killed all the mosquitoes. Now they have to show one of those 4 foot long corn stalks. Marijuana is legal but tobacco is illegal, lolwut?

I guess Agatha was smart not to trust the local militia. I liked that there island used to be a peninsula, but based on what they showed, there should be more of those islands.

Agatha didn't stay with that dude, because she saw his future with his wife. It's like she didn't learn that they can change the future, that was the whole point of the movie. Akeela hitting Wally was stupid. Another psycho girl who can't stand getting pwned. Cry harder, noob.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Fury of Firestorm

The Flash

King Shark! "Put your fins in the air!" That was really good CGI, so expensive looking. Street Sharks: the TV show in 2016. They said Cosmic treadmill & "Convergence"!! The new firestorm is pretty cool & they did it in a totally natural way. I'm not sure who "anger management Hewitt" was supposed to be from the comics, or his power. Wells is back & he should be a good guy this time.

Iris FTW! "We've lived separate lives for over 20 years, let's keep it that way." Now we have to wonder if Francine was not just a drug addict, but a cheating drug addict.

It was cool to see Firestorm knock that guy out, but Firestorm should have been the distraction while flash knocked him out. firestorm was after all, inexperienced at this. Luckily Flash will be the star again when Firestorm leaves for Legends of Tomorrow.

Come on dude, for a guy named Flash he sure moves slow when it comes to the ladies. Ask Patty out on a date already.

Of a Demon in My View


I like seeing Berlin again, surprised she helped Irisa. That was smart of Amanda to fake their deaths. She's a good mayor. "Other arm." I realy liked how Kindzi lied to everyone, she's so good at it.

She killed her father, I'm glad she actually showed some remorse & sadness before she ate T'evgin's heart. Did not think that was going to happen. They finally explained how he put Kindzi into stasis. I can't believe those little pods can fly up to space. Did nobody in town notice the launch? The Dread Harvest is coming. I'm surprised she has people in cages, I figured she would just let them loose in town, but maybe they need easy prey after being in stasis.

At least Nolan got to have sex with her before he tried to escape but she figured it out when he was too cheerful afterwards. Luckily Irisa found him. Thanks kiddo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015



The Devil Wears Spandex starring Ally McBeal as Cat Grant! "what's wrong with being a girl?" Yeah, Kara, you sexist! Great casting on her parents!! It's only a matter of time before Tom Welling shows up! Superlative-man, I guess they can't say his name.

She is really good as the nerdy assistant. I like this Supergirl way better than the Smallville Supergirl who was basically already a Red Lantern. She just needs to visit Star City so Wildcat can teach her how to fight because that dude gave her a beat-down. Which was a really good fight. Hopefully there will be a fight each episode.

I just wished her heat blast had started out red & turned blue instead of being blue. Too bad about the friendzone guy. Couldn't they have given him a girlfriend so he wouldn't be a loser in the friendzone?

Bewilderment of Heart


That 1st scene of total chaos with people randomly killing each other & themselves was really well done. The amphora worked pretty fast on those people. I was annoyed at David talking to evil David. I never like that device where a character "talks" to themselves. They should have had Gabriel deliver those lines. Everyone else's nightmare was good though.

Poor Lady Riesen & her miscarried baby dream. It's not clear if Claire went across the street or up the road. Now we know what happened to William. Eating rats is gross, even if he isn't in San Angeles. Those 8-balls really tortured him, why did they let him leave? Maybe he killed them & escaped. Maybe he'll kill himself now that he remembers. I can hope. Poor Noma & her wings & Michael really cares about Alex. "Oops."

I liked how Alex was able to turn the amphora into dust. "Well, that was rather quick" It was as if once Alex stops the war, there will be no further need for those things to even exist.

Monday, October 26, 2015

For The Next Millennium

The Originals

I forgot about Haley & the reverse werewolf curse. Just when I got excited thinking she was killed by those hunters, dumb Davina rescued her. Ugh. But Davina's not respected so I guess she's going to use Haley the way Marcel used her.

I like Freja's mail system, much better than owls, but not as cool as coughing baby dragons. Lucien seems cool, his rhyming witch was a little odd.

Man, Camille is being so mean to Klaus. She needs to tone it down. She had her chance to leave New Orleans. 

Did Elijah have to murder those hunters, technically they aren't doing anything wrong. It was unnecessary & their employers will probably notice. Maybe the corporation will be a new force to deal with. They could hire Wolfram & Hart.

The Price of Freedom

She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra shows He-man that Etheria is "no joke" in this episode. The Horde just destroyed the miner's village but they are like "they'll never take our freedom"! He-man is like wow, you guys are hardcore. It was a pretty serious episode for a girl's cartoon.

Everyone starts crying when it looked like He-man died saving the miners, even She-Ra! But they didn't cry long because he's He-man! Then he just goes back to Eternia where life is easy. Thanks for visiting brother.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bow's Farewell


Jeez, Adora nags everyone huh? First Glimmer & now Bow. I guess she's so annoying because she was raised by Hordak. Finally Bow is like "I need a vacation from this bossy lady!"

It's too bad Catra didn't kill all the Twiggets. I know Bow was just doing magic tricks, but Castaspella is the only one who should be doing magic.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time

So many cool things in this episode. Merida!!! The accent's a bit much. The Dark One dagger is a piece of Excalibur! Regina with the double-cross! Yay, the Beauty & The Beast Rose!! Thanks, Blue Fairy.

Captain Hook is threatening everybody. Zelina is so wicked. The dwarves (gnomes) are like: hey, what about us? I liked when she was talking to herself, I want to see more of that.

"3 weeks later" Ugh , a time-jump again? Why do they always lose their memory when they return to Storybrooke. Dark Swan!!

Dark Matters

Heroes Reborn

I hate "found footage" movies & tv shows. Nobody films themselves that much & eventually they have to use footage from a standard camera. So this was getting on my nerves. That hoodie guy at the beginning of almost each webisode was super-annoying.

This prequel series was ok. Her power seemed pretty lame at first but like the Invisible Woman, they expanded it. I don't like that they used just the date to refer to the explosion instead of calling it the Odessa Tragedy or the Evo Attack.

Not a good start. Hopefully the regular episodes will be better.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take

Vampire Diaries

I liked that the vampires were writing in their diaries & that they kept talking about Elena. So glad Damon & Bonnie killed a Heretic. Damon even called Bonnie his best friend. Sorry Alaric, maybe you should have actually gotten drunk instead of drinking tea & being a mythbuster.

I like the new vampire hunter who gives people those cross scars, is it from an arrow? At least it explains the Flashforwards to Brooklyn, NY. Though I'm not really happy about that. NYC is in way too many tv shows.

Ugh, Lorenzo is back. please, somebody kill him already. He has to be the most annoying character on Vampire Diaries ever. So we aren't going to mention The Travelers again, huh? ok.



Mr. Terrific!! How did I not recognize him! Now somebody has to stop him before he creates Brother Eye! I don't think I've ever seen Double Down before, shouldn't he be hunting werewolves? or witches?

Merlin wanted to develop the glades, Deathstroke wanted revenge, what is Darhk up to? Does he even have a plan? I don't understand his motivation.

I've never liked Nyssa & I wish Malcolm had killed her. It would have been pretty ironic because she wouldn't have been able to use the pit. Maybe she should have shut down the pit before they used it on Sara.

Not happy about them resurrecting White Canary. I know she's going to the other show but I still don't like her. I didn't realize they were in the Palmer building the whole time! I was wondering where the new Arrow-cave was.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Devils You Know

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I am liking the flirting between Rosalind & Coulson. So I guess Lash's real identity is someone who has been on the show before because they didn't show us who he is. Interesting.

Why, Jemma? Why do we have to go back? Is that where the Dharma initiative is?

Oh boy Daisy is really starting to act like a child lately. They need to fix that quick. Can't believe they killed Dr. Garner, I thought May was going to shoot Hunter to save her Andrew.

Ugh, Ward escaped again. Seriously? I feel like this he is turning into Sylar. Just kill him already & have Strucker take over.

The Eldritch Mist


Castaspella likes Prince Adam so much that she just kidnaps him. She better not let Frosta know. Luckily Sweet Bee & Teela aren't around, what a cat fight that would be!

Castaspella can't break the spell on the Whispering Woods? At least she can make a huge Teddy bear to hug Shadow Weaver. Their magic duel was pretty funny.

Now I know where that book came from.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Family of Rogues

The Flash

Jump? he should have told her to fall, what if she was too far from the windows for him to catch?

I liked him pretending to be a criminal & how he caught the bullet. Also liked Cisco with his new evil girlfriend.

Heat suit? No sir, I don't like it! It needs to malfunction so Flash can escape the ice on his own by vibrating. That was a terrible idea. No. No. No.

Darkseid has gotten fat! He can't run after Quaid now. "You & me should hang" Do they not have the death penalty in Central City? Captain Cold murdered a man. Patty Spivot is so into him, he can't be that oblivious unless Barry is still trying to escape the Friendzone.

When Twilight Dims The Sky Above


The Votanis Collective somehow has brand new SUVs while everyone else has dirty rollers. Are there car factories in South America? The VC controls South America & Australia is uninhabited, North America is a mess. Now I'm curious, what's going in Europe & Asia?

So those floating Kinos not only help with surgeries, but they also have pain beams & are apparently transporters. They seem to not really make a big deal about transporter tech existing. Where is the Heisenberg compensators?

I can't believe he actually killed the leader of the VC. I did not see that coming. I’ve been upstaged. I like how Amanda told Irisa to bribe a guard. What kind of money is that?? Do they even use that money down there?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Present

Minority Report

Light-up police badges, very nice, although present-day cops have body cameras so it's hard to believe Vega's dad didn't have one, unless it was in the badge & the battery ran out?

We found her dad's murderer. That's good. In the prison Vega did not believe in rehabilitation but then at the end I guess she changed her mind.

I liked that the DIA guy was understanding about her dad's murder. Made sense. lol, they totally ignored Akeela. Did not see that punch coming but that means that Arthur lied when he said it was Vega's name & not the kid.

The Crystal Castle

She-Ra: Princess of Power

She finally found the Crystal Castle she talks about it in the intro to each episode. 

Why didn't the rebellion just operate out of Brightmoon instead of the whispering woods? 

Who was that weird dude who brought Shadow Weaver that Brightmoon toy? Maybe I'll buy the one on Shapeways. Yes, Trolls, nobody likes you.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Page 44


Brian solved this episode's crime too fast. It was a cool idea using the milk cartons but it's not clear how someone else would assemble the cartons. His mouse friend investigation was ok but not as interesting.

He was on NZT, he should not have needed to call Rebecca to rescue him out of the building. They should have spent more time on Rebecca's dad story. There were not enough jokes in this episode.

I think they need to figure out his motivation & soon. He is not an ethical person. He is cheating at life with the pills & has no trouble lying & manipulating everyone around him. It makes no sense that he puts his dad's life in danger because he doesn't want to spy on the FBI. Maybe they should show him learning what the FBI knows before he gives it to Morra.

House of Sacrifice


Yay Gates is dead. He was extra annoying in this episode. Especially calling Alex "kid" because isn't Lady Riesen basically the same age as Alex? It made Gates even more gross.

I like that they introduced demons. I was wondering where they were in all this, I assumed just enjoing the chaos. So Lucifer is killing angels with the bonfire, but why protect the town? Why not let the humans weaponize it? Did not like the card game.

I like that David killed that assassin girl. I did not understand why he was trying to get his loser son to go with him. William is so useless. It would be nice if there were religious characters that weren't annoying wack jobs like William. I'm hoping Noma's wings grow back somehow.

Evil Gabriel doesn't mess around. Sorry General Riesen, your 8ball girlfriend (who for some reason doesn't act like the others) is dead. Now he is destroying Vega too.