Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Season 2 Episode 8

Oh no, Supergirl failed. What happened? She should have flew that thing out into space, she has freeze breath she could have frozen it.

Cisco was still being a jerk, even on earth 3! Give it a rest.

I thought that Lena was helping her mom way too fast considering they were just arguing. I figured she was tired of aliens, she got me.
It's pretty weird that he said "I'm cyborg Superman" like he's some kid. He didn't fly or anything.

Ugh, Alex got out of the FriendZone way too fast. It is so forced & it's ruining every episode. The DEO has plenty of people. Why is the DEO even calling the NCPD? Instead of showing female DEO operatives, they are concentrating on this lame relationship that nobody asked for.


Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 9

They need more Aladdin & Jasmine. I want to see Aladdin be a genie & find Agrabah & fight Jafar. 

I'm not interested in Rumple's mom being the Black Fairy.Was she even in a movie? I'm even tired of that actress they got for the Black Fairy.

I am really sick of the direction they've taken with the Beauty & The Beast story. There doesn't seem to be anyway for them to reconcile. Then everyone helped steal his son away from him. They are supposed to "find a way." The same way Regina saved Zelina. Where is blue even taking the baby? How can they call themselves heroes after that? 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The Walking Dead

I totally forgot about these two. It's good to see what they were up to. I'm pretty sure, it may have taken two weeks to drive to that bridge, but she walked back so it's been way longer than that. Why would Tara lie about being a fisherman? The past doesn't matter anymore.

I like that the girls did exactly what I said people should do: just pick up & leave. It's a big planet, go find somewhere safe away from Negan. I'm surprised people haven't started building artificial islands. or moats. Why aren't there more moats? Sure it would stink but that would help keep the zombies away.

At least now we know what happened to that SHIELD agent from the DEO.

It looks like we will get an episode of Heath & his adventures. Maybe he'll find another city-state as society slowly starts to rebuild. Will they all form a United Federation of towns & take out the Negan empire?


Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 2

The coach was so funny, but he was right, they should not be in school at 9pm.

I like that Lydia's mom mentioned how everyone saw the big werewolf in the library, it's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the town elders try to keep it a secret.

It's weird that Lydia said she loves him, probably as a friend. I like Styles with Malia better. Although she seems to be doing just fine without him. How is his mother alive?? That doesn't even make sense.

It seemed like once Liam & Mason saw his record on the PC, they were able to see the card. I guess the Ghost Riders don't actually erase you, they erase people's ability to remember you? Because once they saw the computer record, they could see the ID card. Where are those member berries when you need them! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Barbarous King

Season 1 Episode 9

It's only episode 9 & they are already repeating themselves. Again, the family runs into some people & they pretend they are strangers & enemies, but the mom knows them. They could have just have the mom say they were headed to Grandpa's to tell him about Aunt Judy. That way they could still have the standoff with one of his underlings.

The murderous shape shifter could have been interesting but they wasted so much time on the sisters again. Then they seemed to have forgotten that time is "acting weird," they didn't even mention it.

They should be introducing a different religion's apocalypse myth each episode, at least the dad getting the blood fever might be interesting.

Take it Personal

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 10

This episode sucked.

As if the confusing memories of his cheating father weren't annoying enough. They turned Power Man into a mindless angry black man who loses his temper & destroys a barn right after the doctor talked about curing cancer & HIV.

Just like in the prison, nobody takes responsibility for their actions. The fight club guys volunteered for the experiments in exchange for time off their sentence, besides they were criminals. They didn't even link the experiments to the search to re-create the super soldier serum.

But the worst part of this episode is the pathetic black lies matter garbage they tried to shoehorn into this episode. Except they had a black cop beat up an innocent black boy. Of course the black boy was super disrespectful to the cop just like in the real world. 

"You'd think a sista in charge would change things but you're blue which makes you just as white as anybody else."

That boy's mom was racist as hell for saying that, it was also stupid. She equated being a police officer with being white. Erasing the 2 black cops right in front of her. It was so stupid. I see now why this show didn't get as much praise as all the other ones.

The only good part is that we found out that Reva was a liar, which wasn't really a surprise that a girl lied to a man who loved her.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Treasure of the First Ones

Season 1 Episode 40

I like how Sea Hawk asked She-Ra if Adora was going to show up. He is not interested in She-Ra at all.

Octavia turned into General Grevious! She pulled out her 4 swords & went after Sea Hawk & his light saber, I mean laser rapier.

"Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection"

She seemed to be taller than Sea Hawk & She-Ra in a couple of scenes but she seemed normal size next to Hordak. I think some animator made a mistake.

I like how Hordak was going to destroy the ancient art of the First Ones because it wasn't treasure & She-Ra was like: it belongs in a museum!

Killer Frost

Season 3 episode 7

Caitlin was seriously losing it as she turned evil, she kissed Barry & she told Cisco about his dead brother. It was getting pretty sad but Barry with the hero speech brought her back. 

I liked how Killer Frost knew how to take out The Flash. It was what Green Arrow did.

Cisco needs to get over it, him & Dante were barely even friends. At least Wally West was fixed & Vibe can teleport on earth 1. 

Not a fan of Draco Malfoy being Anarky. How did that happen? Does he know about Barry or is Savitar controlling him. I like how they mentioned The Flash's hope. He will be a Blue Lantern one day!

That crazy Megatron is faster than Barry! What is he?

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Season 1 Episode 7

I like how they started this episode in the past. How does their time machine not have a cloaking device? This is starting to not make sense. Did Mason think that nobody would notice his enormous time machine in the past? Now the French soldiers saw it as a UFO & they just joked about it.

I think it was funny that Wyatt said no to the history lesson. But I still think Lucy should have told Rufus the history lesson. The little history lessons are part of the show. She should have explained who Nonhelema was. I had to search for her myself.

"Like a Flux Capacitor?
Those aren't real."

That Star Wars reference was so lame & forced, it's like nobody on that show ever watched Star Wars or Star Trek. They both have tractor beams. 

It was smart that Flynn tried blowing up their time machine, but what if he had stranded Lucy in the past? Was he going to rescue her? They have already changed the past so like Wyatt said, there is no fate but what we make.

The Darkest Place

Season 2 Episode 7

Cyborg Superman! Superboy, Superman, Supergirl! Now we need Steel & Eradicator!

It's too bad that the actor didn't portray Hank Henshaw differently than he does J'onn. I had no idea he was supposed to be the original until Supergirl called him that.

Mr. "I'm on Earth as a black man" is racist. M'gann saved his life & those other green martians but J'onn still beat her up & threw her in prison. What a  hypocrite.

Supergirl needs a wrist watch like Jimmy used to have. She just went to Cadmus with no back up. Now Cyborg Superman has her blood & went into the fortress of Solitude. How does Superman not have an alarm system? Is that heavy key still there? That stupid hoverbot should have killed him. 

How did Lillian knew about the solar flare?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Go Getters

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 5

This episode could have been better but Maggie, Sasha & Jesus were being really stupid. It's like they forgot that they watched their men get murdered right in front of them & they can't count how many Saviors showed up at the hilltop. They were being defiant little children. 

Jesus was being the worst. He kept arguing about how Gregory was handling the Saviors but Gregory is right. He is keeping them alive. He is doing what Rick is doing. He kept saying Jesus could be in charge but the real coward is Jesus, because he kept turning the job. He just wants to complain while Gregory is in danger.

Rick seems to be committed to the new life. He really isn't trying anything unlike Stupid Carl though. He not only ruined a car but he's going to Negan country. What did he think he was going to do there? He has only 1 eye & can't even throw a dart. He almost lost an arm, so unless he has a suicide vest, he's going to accomplish nothing except become another hostage & have Negan take it out on Arcadia.

I doubt him & Jesus will be able to accomplish anything.

The Griefbearers

The Exorcist
Season 1 Episode 8

I knew Father Bennett was in trouble. Now he's kidnapped. I hope they don't kill him.

Father Tomas was like "Come at me bro!" to the husband! In the church! He even took off his collar!

I was so annoyed that they made father Markus gay. Is Father Bennet the only good catholic on this show?

They freed Casey but then killed the grandma! Angela has the Pupula Duplex which means she's integrated. When did that happen? Did she make a deal to free her daughter? I did not see that coming.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coming Home Was A Mistake

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 5

I'm really disappointed with this episode & this season. It's everything we've seen before.

Damon is bad & everyone is trying to save him, again. I was so excited to see Matt but he got beaten up, again & the Gemini twins are in danger, again. It's the last season but they are doing the same old things again.

They should have been done with Damon & Sybil, left him in the coffin & moved on to Seline & everyone else.

They didn't even show any flashbacks for Tyler & his funeral. They should have at least talked about him at the carnival. It was just a really boring episode.

Outlaw Country

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 6
Jonah Hex is back! It was pretty funny how Mick become friends with Lapedus in the saloon. It seems like they are trying harder to not ruin the past. Firestorm didn't fly around & Firefly didn't use his gun. Steel kept changing into steel, which he should have tried to minimize. Jonah working with White Canary wasn't bad.
I wish his history book hadn't of changed, it would have been better if Gideon told them what the change was, the whole point of the early warning system is so that there isn't a time quake so there is no way his book would have been changed so soon.
I think they've mentioned Dwarf Star before but I don't remember what it is. When is The Atom going to be back? They should jump back to 2016 & get his suit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Swirl

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 6
They confirmed everything I figured out last week. They finally showed a dream that's like a real dream but it's taken them too long to show something so mundane yet so disorienting.
This show will put you to sleep so you can dream something that is more entertaining than this show.
Tess's mom helped White Ocean steal her baby & the green sneaker assassins hang out with Taka's mom. I guess his mom ate his food when he was a kid so he was pulling the same routine in the diner?
Burton's sex girl is a prisoner of White Ocean somewhere but for some reason never told him or asked for help? He talked to Tess in the diner but somehow they didn't recognize each other? Burton clearly knows invading dreams is possible but he didn't talk to Tess. So dumb.

Memory Lost

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 1

It was such a good episode, especially with the flashbacks like the end of a Saw movie.

"Let's make it 39."

This show comes up with the craziest things. The Wild Hunt? What even is that? I'd prefer more druids or something.

I know it was the 1st episode & he'll be back but that scene when Stiles was telling Lydia to remember all the things about him was still pretty sad.

You'll forget me.
I won't. I won't. I won't.
You will. Try to find some way to remember me. Okay? Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year? Sophomore year. Junior year? Or how you saved my life?You saved my life too.
Just remember, remember I love you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Break, Break, Break

Season 1 Episode 7

They could have made the woman another cop who was still undercover but nope, they insisted on making Frank into a cheating hypocrite. But that wasn't enough, they made the wife go out & cheat with the baseball coach, yes she is cheating because they are still married.

Then Raimy was a selfish bitch, but that seems standard now, she tells him to try harder to fix the marriage even though the wife told him not to visit while he was undercover.

They seemed to move way too fast on the nightingale case, I wonder if the show is going to get cancelled. I hope it does. They have destroyed all the things that made the movie great & turned this into an depressing cop show about a broken marriage.


Season 5 Episode 7

How funny that Felicity had considered getting Vigilante to join the team, they should have mentioned that. He was out of control & blew up a hotel room just to get a bank robber, talk about overkill. I guess he's the DA? Although, I'd like it better if the DA turns out to be Prometheus.

I can't believe Artemis is a bad guy & working with Prometheus! How did that happen?

Putting Quentin in rehab was a good idea. Those were some good scenes & Thea should be the next mayor!

I'm so glad Oliver called everyone out on there hypocritical crap about wanting to let Vigilante keep killing people but they were whining when they found out he was The Hood. This season is so much better. I never thought I'd actually be grateful for Flashpoint.

I'm so glad there was no drama about his date with the reporter who was tweeting at a Russian journalist. She is going to find out what Casey Jones was doing hanging out with He-Man.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Here Is No Water But Only Rock

Season 1 Episode 8

This is a crazy show with no rules, no purpose or goal & that's been ok so far, but this episdode was terrible.

After talking about how nobody could survive the volcano, the dad leaves the shelter to get Dana & they hang out under the RV. I'm pretty sure lava would flow on the ground & melt them to death. Then they decided to make her suddenly claustrophobic but only on her face. She was under an RV, she has been in the RV & never showed signs of claustrophobia, it didn't make any sense.

Then the brother was panicking trying to get out of the shelter for no good reason instead of waiting & he actually lit a fire wasting their oxygen. It was really stupid.

The mom & her hallucaination about the scientist & the bullet & the excaped prisoner she shot was also terrible. She's a soldier & was justified in shooting those criminals, the guilt was stupid.

What a waste of an episode. It would have been better if they just started the episode after the volcanic explosion with them trying to find the mom & spent more time on the road getting to their destroyed farm.


Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 9

Is this the Luke Cage show or the Misty Knight show? They spent way too much time with her & the councilwoman & not enough on him. I get it, she's sad that Diamondback got the drop on her. Unless she becomes a bigger part of this show, I don't really care. They banged once, she's not that important.

Diamondback killed all those criminals but it wasn't as shocking or cool as when Raymond Reddington does it.

I am really sick of seeing that fat pig Biggie Smalls behind all these criminals. Is that supposed to be some kind of statement about gangster rap music?? They tried the stupid BLM crap, but it was the black cop that shot at Luke.

These Judas bullets are really bad. I can't believe they dumped him in a vat of acid. Shouldn't his body just expel the fragments the way Wolverine does? Why didn't SHIELD secure all that technology after the incident in NY?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Watergate Tape

Season 1 Episode 6

I liked how they used the missing Nixon tape being because Nixon was talking about Rittenhouse.

"Y'all ever heard a name like Kanye? 
- Sounds made-up."

I did not expect that old man to be Lucy's father, but it all seems to be coming together pretty fast. They also confirmed that Rittenhouse is real for Lucy & Wyatt. They even exposed Lucy's secret that she talks to Garcia & that Rufus has been recording them.

This all happened after they kept Wyatt on the team. They are going to have to work to get his trust back.


The Flash
Season 3 Episode 6

Countdown to Killer Frost!

The god of speed?! I did not see that coming, I thought they were going to reveal that Draco Malfoy is the Dread Doctor.

I can't believe HR Wells was hitting on that cop lady during Joe's date. Ouch but Joe shouldn't have pulled the lame-o teenage group date.

Everyone wants to be a superhero, meanwhile Clark Kent want's no part of it.

Shade. So really his power is shaking?? Does he exist in the comics?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Battle of Thanksgiving

Son of Zorn
Season 1 Episode 6

This was another funny episode. I hope they do more holiday episodes & make up some Zephyrian holidays.

At first I thought Zorn's enemy was a Skeletor/Vultureman hybrid, but it was a dude wearing a vulture mask. So that's interesting. We need to learn more about that guy. The wolf doctor was good too.

I like how they addressed his no pants thing.


Season 2 Episode 6
Ethan is Parasite!
I liked how they explained his comic book appearance, that was really cool. It's too bad they didn't do it with Guardian. I'm pretty sure he's blue & yellow. They could have had a conversation about Jimmy not wearing black & grey while making a Batman joke.
I like how Winn stood up to Jimmy, that was a good scene. Winn is so much better this season.
I hate that alien bar soo much. Kyptonians can get drunk? I didn't even know that was possible.  M-Gan brings it over practically yelling that Kara is Kryptonian. Does she not have a secret identity anymore?
Way too much time on the lesbian story. I wanted to rip my eyes out, the only good thing is that in the end, Alex got FriendZoned! It made the whole thing worth the suffering! I couldn't stop laughing. Sorry Alex, The Flash had to run to the future & onto another Earth in order to escape the FriendZone. Alex has a better chance of escaping the Phantom Zone! LOLOL!!1!