Thursday, May 31, 2018

The One Who Will Save Us All

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 20

I wasn't watching this terrible show because I thought there was no way they would tie in this bizarre time-traveling bottle episode show to the movies, but they actually mentioned that Thanos was invading Earth, which explains why nobody showed up to do something about a large alien ship floating above American airspace.

It looks like Talbot is not going to be the Red Hulk, but instead is the new Graviton. They even gave him a costume & are making him paranoid. I like how he made Qovas kneel & took over the Remorath ship. I like the way he killed Hale, what a whining baby she's been the whole time.

They just made the Zephyr into a space ship by creating the artificial gravity just like Fitz discovered in the future. 

Jane Doe

Archer: Dreamland
Season 8 Episode 3

This was a funny episode. 

The show is now back on track with the humor now that the everyone is established. Cheryl beating everyone up, including the people helping her. Ray yelling about marijuana. Lana with half an hour of syphilis jokes! Mother with the insults. Pam being a boy is super weird. 

I don't even care about the mob boss & his Chinese whores. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Rage in Heaven

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 9

Normally I'm not a fan of "19 hours earlier" but this episode was great. 

Not only did they pull off that flashback well, but they explained how Bancroft actually died & we found out what his sister does do be a super-rich meth.

Reileen wearing Ortega's body seemed natural, because she sure acts like an incestuous obsessed girlfriend. nobody would behave this way, it's been over 200 years since she last saw him! Couldn't she just let him have a girlfriend, Jesus. 

We got to see more of the city & the flying car & Head in The Clouds is some floating sex dungeon. Bancroft is a sick bastard, ugh who does that. I guess being alive for centuries would make anyone indifferent to the death & suffering of others.

AKA Pork Chop

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 10

This episode was terrible. 

Not only has this mom storyline proven to be incredibly boring, they are now trying to make this murderer sympathetic. Like we are going to feel bad for her? We've seen her murder people & threaten Trish. 

I support the corrections officer in this situation & of course they invent this insane thing that he fakes suicides & kills inmates? Just nonsense. And Arocho is now making another illegal passport for the doctor. 

The best part was Hogarth being robbed by the nurse & the criminal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The Last Man on Earth
Season 4 Episode 11

This episode was pretty funny. I thought they would drag it out for another episode but nope, Karl is dead. & I thought Melissa was going to shoot him but nope, the Rubik's Cube got him.

The group knows that Melissa has been hanging out with Jasper, although he's still annoying, even with her.

It's too bad they didn't find a way of making it funny for Karl to eat Jasper, that would have been great!

Clash by Night

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 8

This was a good episode. 

There was a lot that I was surprised by until Kovacs was telling Laurens his story. I'm glad that he took out that lawyer. Oumou was awful. But now I'm curious about who actually killed him. Normally I don't care about these mysteries, but it seems like the wife did it, with the way she kept telling the lawyer to stop talking.

How does Ortega have no backup, there's nobody else on the force she can call? She should have shot those Reileen clones faster than she did.

How were the clones able to be awake & have a personality? Doesn't her system have to be backed up & uploaded to the clone, in order for it to know what's going on? Or are all the clones automatically loaded, every time the main sleeve is backed up?

The little girl was in her apartment, so Reileen has a clone of the little girl too? That's crazy!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Shifting Allegiances

Season 6 Episode 20

Another good episode, this time it was mostly about being a father. Not Oliver being a father, because he took some big risks letting Anatoli capture him, If I was Diaz, I would have shot him. But the father stories were mostly wild dog worrying about his daughter after he got shot & having ptsd in the field. It was good, but Spartan's advice was bad. It makes sense but it's different for Wild Dog. Spartan has a wife who can take care of his kid. Wild Dog doesn't have anyone. He should probably stop.

Quentin signing the order for Diaz to protect his Earth-2 Laurel was also about him being a dad, I forgot that he worked with Damien Darhk to protect Earth-1 Laurel. So that was good dialogue.

Then they arrested Oliver! 


Archer: Dreamland
Season 8 Episode 2

This episode was funnier, even all the that's what she said jokes that Charlotte Vandertunt kept making. So funny, how Cheryl tried to help Archer with Lana!

So was the Weekend at Bernie's stuff with Berenice. I don't know how all those things happened in the lobby. 

Now I need to research the Spanish-American war!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Paint Misbehavin

The Last Man on Earth
Season 4 Episode 10

This episode was funny too. I can't believe they are making jokes about a serial killer cannibal, but it works. Like when Karl said "what smells so good in here?" and it was Eric'as burnt hair & finger! 

The band-aid stuff was gross, but it was still funny. Tandy confirmed that it's been 4 years since the virus killed almost everyone on Earth! Technically, Karl eating corpses means that he's changed, he could have eaten Gail.

I really don't care about Jasper at all. And I don't care that Melissa knows where he is.

The Guardian

Once Upon a Time
Season 7 Episode 18

It sucks that Nick is dead, he's not wrong, witches are evil. They are going to catch the prince helping stupid Dr. Facilier kill Nick.

I like how the Dark One was not affected by Dr. Facilier & his voodoo doll. It was impressive how Facilier teleported Weaver into his car, but doesn't he have a limited amount of magic?

Jacinda knows that Henry is the dad! I don't know why they introduced this concept of "The Guardian" they should have just used another Disney character instead, not Alice.

I don't know why Rumplestiltskin stopped Alice from taking the Dark One power, it looked like she was doing her Guardian magic, because she pulled it out of the dagger & was controlling it.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Sheriff of Gorn City

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 38

I like how they had all these characters from Gorn City in this episode. The old Mayor, Korac, the current Mayor, Seeka and the cyclops, Meliac. It's weird because even at the beginning of this episode, Gorn City is a crowded metropolis, but for most of this episode they made it seem like a western frontier town. I don't know why Flipshot was talking in a Texas accent, but the fact that he couldn't pull out his side arm was really frustrating. 

I like that they broke up the teams & had Spinwit & Flipshot together, but that was a bad choice, they are both air fighters but they weren't in the air at all. They should have used Kayo as the ajor of Gorn City and Tuskador should have been the deputy. That would have been way better. Now Meliac is the new sheriff of Gorn City. 

I hated how all these random bad guys were riding Terror Treads, they should have been on some weird Denerbrian horse.


The Last Man on Earth
Season 4 Episode 9

This episode turned out to be really funny even though it was about a serial killer cannibal. 

I was wondering how some inmate would have survived in a prison all this time. At some point they should say how long it's been since the plague killed almost everyone.

It was pretty funny how Karl couldn't paint at all. Just terrible art. I wonder if he will get blown up by the Rubik's cube. Or if he will kill Jasper, that would be great, but I don't think this show will do that. Maybe he kills & eats Gail, but I'm sure Todd probably looks more delicious.

Hopefully Karl trying to be good will be funny because some of the other's are just constantly whining.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Four Ways To Sundown

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 38

This episode was terrible. Slushhead's version wasn't so bad, because he was in an admiral's uniform but listening to Flipshot's & Hydron's version of events was really annoying. especially because it was the same short story told 3 times.

I think I know why people don't like this series so much. Not only are the evil mutants bumbling dummies, but so are the Galactic Guardians. I think this was done so that kids would focus on He-Man more, but it ends up making too many characters into incompetent fools. 

The only good thing about this episode is that there were tons of evil mutants in this episode including Crita, Hoove, Lizzorr & Karatti.

Assured Destruction

The Expanse
Season 3 Episode 3

Everyone is together! CrisJen, Bobbie, Holden! It's great seeing them all interact with each other. I know it's too expensive, but I wish we could see a space battle in this war. At least in Babylon 5 we saw multiple battles. 

Bobbie getting ready to fight Amos  was funny, especially cause he was holding some tool in his hand. It was a little annoying when she threatened Alex for calling her darling, it's obviously something he calls everyone. I liked when Alex had dinner with Naomi. She's not in charge anymore & they are all totally behind Holden. Naomi & Crisjen need to talk more.

That sucks that Cotyar killed Theo. Is the fleet admiral working for Erinwright or is he just a non-thinking soldier? I like how Erinwright made Juliet feel guilty when he said that South America was nuked because Esteban was wavering which was because of her. It was really good.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Test of Time

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 37

Treylus is the same age as Master Sebrian? Treylus doesn't expel life energy using magic the way master Sebrian dose.

What is going on? The shield around Primus now has a permanent hole in it? Did I miss that episode? Treylus just flew to Primus in that mutant shuttlepod

There were mutant pilots & mutant ground troops. Staghorn, Quakke, Slushhead, Crita & Butthead.

Tuskador was there but he never put on his helmet, Sagitar & Artilla & Mara were there with Treylus.

I really hated that Master Sebrian used a Voice Decoder to make his voice sound like Flogg's.

The Rankless Initiative

Season 1 Episode 3

This show doesn't make any sense. It's like they didn't think it though at all. The rankless are poor, except for the friend who owns a bar where rankless have money to buy food & drink? Then there's the guy selling Brainiac's parasite probe? Who is buying things? And what are they using for money?

The coincidence that the parasite is found by the bar owner's sister is just stupid. It should have been a random person. Just a regular patron of the bar.

The more we get closer to Brainiac the dumber the premise of this show becomes. Where is the damn time-traveling Legion of Superheroes to fight Brainiac? It doesn't make any sense.

Lyta Zod was pretty good in this episode but I don't care about her & now I don't care about Nyssa Vex either. Is there anyone likable on this show other than Adam strange?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Plague on Primus

The New Adventures of He-man
Season 1 Episode 36

For a girl power episode, this one wasn't bad. The fear gas that Skeletor gave Crita only worked on human males. So Crita, Mara & Drissi were immune. It makes sense that Mara can pilot Bolajets & Astrosubs, but it was a little weird that Drissi the Shephard could also.

Spinwit finally spun the way his action figure does, at the waist. And we got to see Optikk cheering on the bridge of the mother ship. Crita took out Kayo on the Starship Eternia with her gas, before she crippled Primus. 

That fear gas gun is a dark gray but her action figure has a light gray gun.

Quakke & Butthead didn't even do anything. Why would a stupid robot be affected by fear gas? That made no sense. Why did they introduce a new ship, the Colossus?

Not Appropriate for Miners

The Last Man on Earth
Season 4 Episode 8

This episode was funnier. Gail warned Dawn not to get sucked up in Carol's insanity but she did anyway. It almost went a little too far with Carol putting makeup on her daughters but Tandy role playing with Todd was funny.

Jasper driving the limo was pretty funny but i'm surprised that Todd was just telling him that he couldn't do things, instead of explaining it to him. Jasper doesn't know about the world, he should be explaining things. Especially because there are no rules. Jasper witnessed Tandy doing insane things before they moved to Mexico.

The kid still isn't likable though. He can talk, they need to make him say other things. The Rubik's cube is really annoying.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Face of Oblivion

The Crossing
Season 1 Episode 4

She broke some guys arm because he didn't want her to steal his fishing pole? Are we supposed to feel sympathy for her because she's trying to save the little girl? If it wasn't for her, Leah wouldn't be sick in the 1st place. She even kidnapped the sheriff's son. Then there's all the men she killed last episode. She's the bad guy, in the future & now in the present. It's not like she rebelled against other Apex, she only escaped the future to save Leah. That doesn't make her a good person, only a selfish mom.

I like how the sheriff, once he was home with his son, forgot about everything else.

Oh no! Did they seriously kill Emma? That wife had a good story but I thought she was going to have fake documents, not shoot a DHS agent. I guess because her buddy is there, she thinks he will cover it up for her. She's probably right. The camp isn't even official.

Option Two

Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 19

Agents of Low Budget. I liked that Zeke was talking about the multiverse. The Flash has already introduced it, so I don't see why they are having trouble with this on this show. The only people still watching this low-lighting show are hardcore fans anyway. 

Coulson made a comment about bad lighting, but it isn't funny. It's annoying. They don't even have special effects on this show anymore. They were just shooting at fake aliens. They were dudes in masks. It was incredibly boring & the scene where they were banging on the doors, lasted forever.

The only good part of this episode was when they were all arguing with each other at the beginning. Yo-Yo really should have told someone that saving Coulson is what ruins things. Mack is now butthurt that he was wrong. He should trust her. She knows what she's talking about, even if he doesn't understand time travel. He watches Alien movies but not Terminator? Whatever.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Season 1 Episode 1

This was an ok 1st episode. She killed that dude because he tried to have sex with her, which is ridiculous because a girl getting in his car would be looking for sex, just like he said & he kept saying it out loud so she could say "no" at any time, instead she murdered him. Then she attacked the white knight who was trying to help her.

What's insane is that the lady at the store is upset that humans were killing Mermaids right after she said that they see us as prey to kill & eat. Is she insane? Mermaids are not cute girls singing about being where the people are. They are predators that can kill sharks with their teeth.

What's weird is that this show starts with the government, or some other organization, already knowing that Mermaids are real. I don't know how they are going to keep a show going for very long when the government is involved. Usually keeping the supernatural a secret from the authorities is how these shows last.

It's lame that they don't have breasts in Mermaid form.