Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Four Horsemen

The 100
Season 4 Episode 3

Here I thought they would invade the oil rig & live in the ocean away from the radiation but they got sick from the fish. The nightblood are immune! Will they find more nightblood or are they going to turn into the mt weather people & start farming them? That would be so funny. Sorry Luna, you came all this way for nothing.

It's too bad sky rippa didn't kill Indra's daughter.

King Roan needs to kill those anti-tech people, That kid seems to have started a movement. Man, that sucks that the doomsday prepper didn't build a good shelter. How did he not? Usually those guys know what they are doing.

Abby was way out of line & so was Theseus. Raven was right, they can't be wasting meds like that on people who are already dying. What a terrible decision. Stupid Murphy.

The Flying Forest

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 4

What? Alice is dead & buried? Are you kidding me? I can't believe this. She can't be dead. I was sure they were going to find a way to bring her back, but it's been 3 weeks. What is happening!

I'm glad that Quentin got to chop Penny's hands off. That must have felt good.

So Eliot's living in his clone on earth? I was wondering how they were going to handle that.

So Marina went to hell because she clearly wasn't buffy & they sent her back. 

Is flat Fillory seriously the center of all magic in the universe? Does the sheep man not realize what he did? The other gods should show up & get him to clean out his poop.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spectre Of The Gun

Season 5 Episode 13

Really? A gun control episode? What is happening to this show. The vigilantes who are breaking the law all the time are trying to talk about gun control? Who's idea was this?

The Green Arrow murders people with an arrow. As if there couldn't be more evidence that banning guns has no effect, because criminals like the Arrow will just murder with different weapons, meanwhile Mad Dog & Vigilante kill criminals with guns & the cops use guns to protect people. It was nonsense. Meanwhile Mr. Terrific was whining that he was more likely than Rene to get shot. But he left out the part that he was more likely to get shot by another black man. Plus he didn't mention if he was assuming that Mad Dog is Latino or white.

They should have just stuck to the Wild Dog origin story with the daughter. That was more interesting, besides at the end Oliver said the gun registry wouldn't have helped the husband because the criminal used an illegal gun. It was just a pointless argument to make in 45 minutes.

The Man Behind the Shield

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 14

It's like they can't do an episode without ret-conning something! 

Now Fitz actually created the framework as a training simulation, but apparently nobody has ever used it & nobody knew it even existed, until this episode. Talk about stupid, how can they be writing such horrible crap after 4 seasons.

The flashback with flirty Melinda & Coulson was another ret-con because they have never behaved that way with each other.

The only good thing was Mack being the voice of reason & pointing out how technology can be used for evil. It's also ridiculous that there isn't an escape or way to tell that they aren't in the real world like something that is an unnatural color or a totem like in Inception. More stupidity.

The long villain speech with the superior not shooting Coulson was frustratingly awful. just so Coulson can say he didn't think about the dead Russians.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Public Enemy No. 1

Season 1 Episode 15

Once again the timeline was changed. This time they killed Castiel, I mean Elliot Ness, & Al Capone. Now, there won't be Al Copone's vaults with Geraldo Rrivera & The Untouchables movie will be totally different. It will also mean the crime fighting will be different in the whole country with the FBI never looking at taxes. I thing that was a big change.

"Do you really think this childish plucky snark is going to help you? This is the real world."

I'm so glad that Mason tried to tell Jiya to grow up, but he really should have said "grow up"

They shot Rufus! I hope he dies & get's replaced by Jiya.

How Are Thou Fallen

Season 2 Episode 7

What? Simon has 6-pack abs? Are those vampire abs? It was pretty funny because Clary finally saw him as a man & he almost got out of the friendzone, but he's so dumb he screwed it up.

Jace gave him advice on how to pick up girls, by using a glamour spell to look just like Simon, but of course, Simon is so stupid that he tried those moves on Maia, who already liked him as himself. 

Isabel needs to stop being addicted to Yin Fen. I hope she starts bullying Simon into giving her vampire venom & she ends up fighting Clary.

There's an actual angel? I thought Shadowhunters were part angels? What are they? 

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Season 1 Episode 12

I forgot about Cadmus & Lena's mom. I like how they showed young Lex at the beginning & how they embraced the Smallville story of having Clark & Lex be friends before he became Superman!! That was pretty cool! 

Jimmy Olsen needs to stop whining. Supergirl is right & him being Guardian is a bad idea. I liked how they are talking about confirmation bias & the news cycle.

Metallo & Cyborg Superman are back, They are going to have to explain where that fake Kryptonite came from. Then Mxyzptlk!! shows up at the end. 

Oh no, I thought they were going to have a good Luthor, but that chess game at the end sure makes her seem like she's evil & was manipulating her mom!

I like how Mon-El, was like, nobody cares that you are a lesbian, shut up.

Rock in the Road

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 9

Seriously, it's annoying how everyone keeps talking about how Mason is a coward & an idiot but he's kept Hilltop safe, meanwhile Arcadia had tons of their people die once Rick showed up.

So glad the king told them no. He needs to keep The Kingdom safe for as long as possible. Especially because his subjects have no idea what's going on, they aren't going to fight some phantom menace.

But that sentry guy is right, the saviors get stronger, the more they are fed & given things. Although it's really stupid that they were breaking things while they looked for Darryl.

It was funny that Rick smiled when those people by the dock showed up. Where they even near that lake? How did Gabriel know to go there?

Friday, February 24, 2017


Black Sails
Season 4 Episode 3

Oh man, the pirates invaded Nassau in broad daylight! I guess Billy heard what was happening. They killed that fat dude. That was a good ending with his locket falling to the ground. Pretty sad.

I can't believe that Jack surrendered. I thought he had a plan to double cross Rodgers. Did he even have a plan, except save Blackbeard's life? Which only lasted a few hours. It's too bad they shot him, I would have kept dragging him.

I was wondering how Blackbeard was bloody, I didn't realize they were dragging him under the hull against the barnacles. That's a pretty brutal way to kill someone, they drown while they get cut up. Did they really do that?

Chapter 1

Season 1 Episode 1

This was a really interesting looking 1st episode, but I doubt they can continue the cinematic look every episode.

The story was ok, but I don't know why they choose Xavier's son to have a show without explaining who he is. If you don't know who he is, this show doesn't make much sense, especially with all the jumping around. Also, he's mostly important because he created the Age of Apocalypse, and I doubt they are going to do that, so why him?

It's also interesting how much of the design & fashion is early 60s, but that interviewer has a modern tablet. They saved the x-team for the end, but they seriously overpowered that telekinetic guy.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

They Came First

Emerald City
Season 1 Episode7

Woah! After Princess Langwidre was a bitch to Jack when he was just trying to be sympathetic & kicking him out in the Screaming Forest, she gives him a hand job!? I did not expect that. On regular tv too!

The scarecrow really is heartless, once Glinda restored his memory he betrayed Dorothy without a 2nd thought. She should have known when they explained to him how he was transporting child witches & attacked other soldiers. This has to be the stupidest version of Dorothy ever.

The wizard is right, those witches are dangerous, I'm glad the wizard threw them all in the pit.


Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 6

Did they just ret-con Ichabod's origin? I'm pretty sure Katrina kept him alive until modern times because she knew the witness was going to be needed. Instead they acted as if Washington betrayed him.

Unfortunately they decided to ret-con his ability to fight the horseman of death by saying that the philosopher's stone is the reason he was able to decapitate him. What is the point of even having Ichabod on this show anymore? He's been de-powered, has no magical weapons, can't fight & keeps getting kidnapped. All he does is point at the bad guys. He's so useless.

Somehow Malcolm is still alive even though nobody died?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Breakfast in Bed

Season 6 Episode 6

The melatonin monster was pretty interesting and that guy's middle name of Hering was pretty funny.

I really wish the Grimm had chopped her head off, instead of the stupid "accident" killing her. It's the last season, he should be decapitating people like his mom did. They aren't even scared of him anymore, that's how non-Grimm he is.

What happened to Black Claw? Last season, all the Wesen were ready to reveal themselves to humans & try to take over society but it's like they all forgot about that. They don't even mention it.

What was the deal with the fish man in the wheelchair? That was so bizarre.

What Are You?

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 12

I was so annoyed at the idea of them bringing back Enzo. They really better not.

It was interesting to see Matt's ancestors be somewhat magical. But the Bell thing was so stupid. The tuning fork should have hurt the Sirens, not open up Kade's lame-version of hell.

The way that Damon just picked up the Kade-Killing-Knife was also stupid. Out of all the things in the room, he's just able to pick it up? Give me a break. Maybe if he had remembered something that Sybil had season from the beginning of this season, it would have been more believable.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Company Man

Season 2 Episode 5

I can't believe Katie is still trying to whine about being a stay-at-home mom. How stupid can she be? Her teenage son is at a work camp because she wasn't home. There is an alien occupation & she's more concerned with playing GI Jane & being a bartender. If she stayed home & home-schooled Gracie she wouldn't have to kick out that religious freak.

Then after causing trouble for her sister, Katie just shows up, insults her sister & then puts her life in danger by copying info from the computer. She's probably going to give it to Broussard like an idiot.

That fake secret service guy was so annoying, Will should have said "So you lost track of an agent? Are you incompetent?" It was seriously annoying how he didn't answer basic questions.

I really hope that there is another resistance group who are just attacking humans who collaborate. That would make the show even more complicated & show how stupid these resist people are.

Heavy Lies the Crown

The 100
Season 4 Episode 2

I like that Jasper is still angry with Clarke.

That was some good advice from Ja'hah. They are starting to grow up. He called out Raven on her stupid comment. He's not some crazy dictator. It couldn't have been easy to run that space station. Besides, they all knew the rules.

Yes, they should search for another Mount Weather. I thought they would try to avoid prime fire by going out onto the oceans like that night blood on the oil rig. Maybe that's why Azegeda is so important, they could go up to Alaska, I doubt there are nuclear reactors up there.

Those bastards had slaves in farm station? What were they doing? You have to feed slaves, so they must have been doing something worthwhile.

Monday, February 20, 2017


The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 3

Nooo, don't destroy the Mormon world ship. It's their last best hope for peace. I'm surprised that Johnson was listening to Miller. but I guess now that the Chrisjen contacted him, he is being more open-minded. So he sent her the location of the stealth ship. This is such a good show.

So the mutated belters on Eros station are still alive!?

That psycho doctor is obsessed with the proto-molecule, but what is Amos talking about with his pedophile story.

Holden said no to sex, that girl was right. what makes him think that he gets to make the decision?

That is why you never break up a fight like that. stupid girl.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Divine Elimination

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 3

Wow, I can't believe this isn't the season finale. They didn't drag this out at all.

Alice turned Dark Willow after she killed the beast! How did she even do that? I thought she ran out of ram power?

Then he pooped in the magic well. That was pretty funny. Them being cursed to kill each other was pretty funny.

Renard just bit her finger off & killed marina, that was graphic.

I like how Quentin said what I was thinking. What are they going to do after this.


Season 5 Episode 12

Ugh, Felicity & friends is back.

She couldn't black mail that guy over the internet? She couldn't hack in? Russian hackers can hack all sorts of American stuff irl but she can't hack a Russian phone company? What was the point of that.

As if Ragman being able to stop a nuclear bomb at ground zero wasn't ridiculous enough, did they seriously eliminate him from the show? What a terrible idea. What is wrong with this show. 

Wilddog & the captain were pretty cool together.

So the reporter figured out that he is the Green Arrow. If she's smart, she'll figure out a way to get a lot of stories out of this like Lois Lane or Peter Parker. but she'll probably do something dumb.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 11

The intro was so funny with Heatwave doing it.

"Who writes this stuff?"

I like how he gave General Washington the idea for guerilla warfare. I'm surprised that they did the thing they said they wouldn't in the 1st season, which is to go back a 2nd time to something they already changed.

They should have shown how the planet would have changed if George Washington had stayed dead, with the time quake resulting in the British Empire still controlling the US & a French Canada with maybe a different world war & Spain controlling South America, that would have been cool.

I don't like how quickly they got Vixen to not only slut it up, but also be un-emotional after sex. If she was from the 40s, she would not have been experienced & not so quick to treat sex as meaningless, especially because she's on the ship to avenge her ex-boyfriend.

For a second I thought they might actually kill the White Canary, I was surprised when Rip shot her. Then poor Jacks gave away the spear of destiny.


The Flash
Season 3 Episode 12
I'm not liking all the emphasis on Kid Flash, they are turning him into a Mary Sue. Somehow he's able to do things Barry did, faster than he did? It's kind of annoying. Some people may like seeing The Flash as a mentor but I don't.

What a weird power the bad guy had. Did they even name him? The Flash's blood was able to neutralize it, I don't even know how that works. Joe was like, this is Central City not Star City!

Draco Malfoy is going out for drinks with Killer Frost!

Friday, February 17, 2017


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 13

What the hell? I thought the rest of this season was LMD & that the doctor was going to put his ex-into an LMD, instead he just created The Matrix. But he's calling it The Framework. Are they kidding? Do they think the people watching this show are too young to have watched The Matrix?

That was such a let down. The framework was just to keep Melinda occupied but once again they are ret-conning this show as if that was his intention from the beginning. This show gets worse with each episode since they got rid of Ghost Rider.

They should be getting ready for Thor but instead they are flailing about with each episode. They should have just introduced someone else. They obviously don't know what to do without a major Marvel character.

Iron Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Aldertree was giving Issabelle vampire venom! How is that even allowed? He needs to be replaced with Lydia. This guy is just bad news & he didn't even tell her.

I think that Iron Sister was actually part of valentines circle. That rune on her neck looked like the one Hodge had on his neck.

They should have kept Simon living in his house with his mom. It's dumb that he's living with the werewolves. As much as I like the idea of him with that werewolf girl.

Magnus has banged 17,000 people? Alec should be wearing a hazmat suit when he's near him!

The Soul Sword wipes out all the Downworlders, Why haven't they used it before? What is the point of having Downworlders around? The Shadowhunters treat them all like monsters so why not eliminate them all & be done with it?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Lost Generation

The journal! I knew she was going to write it & I knew Garcia was from the future!

I didn't expect them to kill the new guy so soon. I thought they would make the team care about him for a few episodes. Wyatt broke out of prison already, what are they going to do now? Is this the only season? I don't see how they are going to get him back on the team with Rittenhouse & Bobbie tanging over.

Rufus was, as usual, a child. He learned a little from Ernest Hemmingway about being a man. But they couldn't resist madding Ernest into a punch-line. And nerd Rufus was ready to cheat on his girlfriend in the present with Josephine Baker.

The Martian Chronicles

Season 2, Episode 11

Martians! I like how it turned out to be Winn who was the secret martian. It looks like agent qqq is back from spying at shield.

The fight was pretty good, although it sucks that J'onn can't beat a single white martian by himself, it does explain how the greens were enslaved by them on mars.

The problem is that they are talking about the martians as though Mars is full of martians, if that's so, how is President Wonder Woman not aware of the martians over there? How cool would it be if they have another 4 show crossover except this time it's the martians they have to fight!

Sorry Kara, you should have spoken to Mon-El sooner.