Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Original

Season 1 Episode 1

This was pretty interesting but talking to the bots as though they are dreaming doesn't make sense. It's like they aren't really robots.

I didn't expect the hosts to start malfunctioning in the 1st episode. I expected it to be like Fantasy Island, as they slowly started to go bad, so I'm not sure where they are headed with this show. Malfunctions, sentience?

I hate the name "hosts" they should be called "residents" if the guests are called newcomers.

Does the town reset everyday? Makes no sense if people are going to be there for longer than a day.

Wow, Ed Harris is just evil all the time. Are they aware he is in there?

Profit and Loss

Season 1 Episode 5

So much for my theory. Ben is just a white knight trying to save Elena from...what exactly? She signed up willingly & knowingly to be whore. She seems pretty tough & what is he going to rescue her to? Living in the red zone doing what? Managing her brother the cage fighter? Does Aaron think they are going to be grifters again?

I like that Ben killed his rival. Hopefully they thought out how the police work. His dad doesn't work for Spiga & he's going to want answers. The firemen are like the Public Eye from 2099, makes sense.

As much as I like all the future tech they have, they seem to have not thought it through. Like his video obfuscation tech. Is it just his or does everyone have it? If everyone has it, shouldn't that alert the hotel staff to watch him closely?

So glad Kylen asked the question I was thinking. Spiga is a seed company, how are you making mind-reading tech? How isn't there a mind-reading tech company already? Shouldn't all there tech come from other companies? Shouldn't there be a whore corporation instead of it being handled in-house?

Even though a lot of the world building makes no sense, it's still a good show.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Return of the Drinking Buddy

Son of Zorn
Season 1 Episode 8
Headbutt Man is back! This episode was pretty funny.

I like that Layla is back too. I really like that they didn't do the standard stories. They even made the "accepting being a freak" different than the usual sitcom story. Alangulon is still hiding his cartoon legs & he maybe has more than 1 penis?!
Elizabeth spent 1992 buried in the ground as a zombie!
Ram Man & Butt Head both wear helmets so that's where Headbutt Man went wrong. Maybe Dorothy Clementina will learn, Life is hard, wear a helmet. After she loses her flower on a changing table in an airport bathroom!


Season 2 Episode 8

I liked how Hester acted like a psychopath when Julia was pointing out how human she was. Stupid Leo should have used that phone thing as soon as she was hugging him, instead he got stabbed like a dummy. The fact that Aniska had to kill Hester shows how dangerous synths are. The Asimov blocks shouldn't turn off when they become sentient. Maddie should have fixed that.

Sure many of the synths are like children, but many of them are angry murder-bots. What the hell was Maddie thinking. Her mother almost died, she was threatened & yet she still unleashed the code worldwide just to save Mia? That was the stupidest decision ever.

The only realistic 3rd season would be the war between humans & robots. it would be really dumb if they didn't. The 1st season had the underground fight clubs where people beat up synths & the 2nd season started with synths at Hester's job being damaged so there is no way that people wouldn't fight against them. there are already synth-free towns so it makes sense. it's too bad they didn't show anti-synth people. I'm sure there must be hackers who are anti-synth.

The only possible positive is that some of them will die of old-age faster than they should because of the over-clocking.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Protocol 5

Season 1 Episode 7

Marcy operating on herself was nuts but was the hallucination that she didn't see how much blood she lost or that the tech she implanted was real? That sucks that Trevor lost that fight.

MacLaren's wife knows he's lying to her. She is going to find out he's cheating. I think he's not supposed to, according to Protocal 5. Ugh Phillip. I am so sick of junkies on tv. When are they going to fix him. At least Carly didn't endanger the baby when she was getting paranoid. Her husband is going to take the baby away, which is good.

How did they get a new mission? Did they not push the asteroid away or did the anti-matter beam cause more problems? I really hope they don't follow the stupid 11.23.63 method.

What Feels Right

Season 2 Episode 7

That was smart that Qualia had an invisible fence to kill the synths but I'm surprised they didn't fall more at the perimeter, maybe it networked off of them and that's why it spread out so much. I thought Mia was going to let the fence kill Hester, that was a surprise.

Noooo they killed Pete, that sucked. Why didn't he shoot Hester, do they not have guns over there? 

And Hester killed that poor woman, it was pretty sad that she is dead and its all the police woman's fault. It was pretty interesting when she looked at Mia. I hope Maddie finally realized what a terrible idea it is to wake them all up after one of them hurt her & even Mia said that humans need to be afraid. 

At least that silly synthie girl realized how stupid it is to identify as something you're not. Duh.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Helios 685

Season 1 Episode 6

I like that they have an actual major event that they have to prevent because trying to manipulate a lot of little inter-connected things was starting to not make sense.

Especially considering the way they keep saying that no plan lasts once it makes contact with the past.

It also makes it better because there is no really no way to know what they are changing or if it will work. 

I can't believe the engineer didn't turn the key, did she think he wouldn't shoot her? What are they going to do if it didn't work?

Misplaced Affection

Season 2 Episode 6

"I'm having difficulty finding purpose or meaning."

Poor Odi has no purpose. They are like children trying to make all the synths sentient without considering the consequences & nobody is talking any sense into them.

Mattie better be careful or Hester is going to murder her. Hester is even more angry than Aniska.

I guess the police don't usually use the synths to track down criminals. It would be disruptive to their work, but I'm surprised they haven't been doing this the entire time.

Does the lesbian know Aniska killed that man? or is she just another man-hating lesbian, who thinks his murder is ok? How are these people not more concerned that there are murderous synths walking around?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cost Containment

Season 1 Episode 4

I liked seeing the other corporations that exist. There must be many more in order for the green zones to even exist: car, home, tech corporations. Are Spiga employees allowed to buy stock in other corporations? Because they mentioned the stock market so somebody is buying stocks. Is it just America that has red & green zones & the rest of the planet is relatively the same?

I can't believe that they had the Chinese commercial for "feed the children" but for an american boy.

That guy got his dad to have Elena do an outcall! That's crazy. Maybe her scholarship was real but then she got nda'd & then chose to be a whore? Ben didn't expect to see her so soon!

Elena's brother is annoying. How is it that Ben is more realistic than he is? He's so dumb.

Skin Deep


"Can you say Grimm?"

It was funny watching him play with his son but then Eve ruined everything. Then she transformed into Renard, which was a pretty gross scene.

It wasn't as gross as the plastic surgeon, he looked horrible. It's funny because he looked like those people who have gotten too many surgeries.

That Musasat Alsh-Shabab was pretty gross, but man is he dumb taking photos of his victims. I guess he doesn't usually do it so close together so nobody has ever noticed before. He looked like the demon from Shadowhunters.

Wu seemed perfectly normal, did they forget about it?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Room 101

Season 1, Episode 5

What a weird episode.

They could have been kidnapped by other travelers trying to prevent the changes to history, or by the director because of what they did to the other team or maybe there are people from the present who know about the travelers.

I can't believe Carly bit that guy's wrist until he bled to death. That was crazy, & then they were apparently there for a day after that.

Circular Time

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 10

Instead of a crazy dream we got a frustrating Groundhog Day episode. I guess they were running out of money & it was cheaper to film the same scenes 3 times. The Twin Peaks dream sequence was more interesting & had more meaning than this entire season.

James can travel through time & that's what he does with it? It was all so stupid & the fat guy was making himself out to be the good guy. Maybe he was. He helped Tess find her son, Burton was auctioning the kid off & Taka betrayed her to the green sneakers in one of those iterations. It doesn't matter though, because there is no way this show should be renewed.

This show turned out to be super stupid. Instead of the boy having dream powers, he's a time traveling omega-level mutant. They really had no idea what they were doing with this show & it really went off the rails in this episode.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Human Resources

Season 1 Episode 3

I liked the way the red zoners were learning in the future. Meanwhile the Inazi kids were watching their Nazi youth cartoon.

That dude actually ate raw rat? He didn't even cook it! So gross. How did he not go to a doctor after he got back to the green zone. Ii think it would be pretty funny if he gets sick in a future episode & everyone's like "how did the Bubonic Plague get in here?"

I knew Elena wasn't dead. it was way too obvious, I wonder if the ring message was something she had added to the ring.

I liked the extraction of that EV but they didn't really explain why she worth it. Like Demolition Man sex, they were all going to experience the fat guy's meal virtually.  

Stupid Laura, I wouldn't have let the servant in after the whole town showed up. How do they not have a sluice? Do they just open that huge fence in the mornings when she comes to work? why was "miles to go before I sleep" code for wanting to defect? 


Season 1 Episode 4

I was as surprised as MacLaren when that dead russian guy started talking to him.

The show is starting to make less sense. How can the director in the future know exactly where MacLaren is but not know that Marcy is developmentally slow. Also why is that cop investigating Marcy? I get being curious about her, but now it seems unrealistic. It would have been better if he had seen Marcy with Carly.

I like that MacLaren had the FBI arrest Captain Young. It kind of fits in with him not waiting to save lives, it makes sense that he wouldn't want to kill anyone either. It's starting to seem like a temporal cold war. That other team leader was pretty grizzled & he seemed to have no problem with breaking laws & killing people, so maybe they aren't the good guys. Maybe they are working with the Xindi.
Did they name them Carter & Hall on purpose?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Adult Options

Season 2 Episode 4

Trinity is such a bitch. She was so rude to that girl programmer who obviously admires her.

Arrgh, stupid Toby had to be a nice guy, his synthie girlfriend told him she wanted to get intimate & even gave him written permission but like a typical nice guy he wanted "to get to know her." He wasn't even role-playing the right way. If she wanted to talk to him as a human, she would have told him to touch the underside of her chin, so she would "shut down." Standard nice guy mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life.

Maddie is a complete idiot. Aniska murdered someone. Her father was laid off because of synths & a synth invaded their house but like a moron she completes the code so there can be an immediate synth uprising. What does she think is going to happen? How stupid can somebody be?

The seraphim are synth children? Childless people can adopt real kids so what is the point? Is that so pedos can have sex with synth children?

It Begins

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 13

This was the season finale & somehow they managed to make this show even more stupid than it has been. The vampires decided to feed her blood & she drank it.

It seems like someone on the show watched a bunch of other vampire tv shows because they made her act like Damon & had her shove her hand into Dmitri's chest. But she didn't rip out his heart so that was pointless. Then they actually called her a Daywalker. Did they really think that we haven't seen Blade? Why would that even matter, everyone on this show is a daywalker. It's the whole premise of the show.

There was more stupidity when they had the resistance loudly announcing their attack, but somehow there were no ferals around. Then the leader shoots another human instead of Dmitri because he wants some land?

Then the sister, instead of having the vampires exile her brother, bashes him over the head.

It just kept getting stupid & ended with her daughter being a vampire. I can't imagine who would watch another season of this garbage.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Season 1 Episode 4

So Trinity wants to put her daughter into a synth. The show is now turning into dollhouse.

I really like how that ceo, had her. He was like everything on my servers is mine, including your daughter.

Maxie was like, you're not one of us. When push comes to shove, perpetual victims love to point out how you aren't part of their group, no matter how much you've been helping or how similar you are.

Has Niksa just been sitting in the room all this time? They should have shown the machines register a reaction when the lesbian showed & when they were talking.

Laura isn't a very good lawyer, she should have reminded the DA that Niksa murdered a man & that if there are more sentient synths out there, that means there are more murdering synths.

Oh no the ice cream man is going to sell Mia to Trinity!


Season 1 Episode 3

What is wrong with them? They should have helped that junkie get clean.

How stupid is he? Like Maclaren said, the FBI found him in just 1 day of his stupid anonymous tips. He does have a point though. They are there to change the past, as long as he doesn't get caught, I don't see any reason why he doesn't let the FBI & other agencies prevent all those deaths. He should have spread the tips out to other people.

"That's a different bureau."

Even though they weren't going to do much this episode, it was still good.

They need to be more careful They are already getting close to being caught. I did not like how the main office gave them that message through the boy. If it's that easy then they should be getting more messages.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Whispers of Immortality

Season 1 Episode 13

What an anti-climactic & terrible season finale.

They tried to explain all the different supernatural things with science using the multiverse & string theory. So I guess that was good for people who care about that stuff.

The brother & sister arguing was once again really poorly written. Don't any of those writers have kids?

The only positive thing is that the mom is gone, which means if this show gets renewed, she won't be meeting her military friends every episode. Not that it matters because I won't be watching another season of this, there is just no good reason to keep watching this.


Season 2 Episode 3

Odi is sentient. That's weird that his arms are still messed up.

Aniska didn't even react when she heard the EDM & thought about her lesbian, so I'm not sure why the stupid hair tie is going to elicit a bigger reaction.

Morrow is just like Leo's dad, trying to save her child. That's good I guess, but she is definitely an awful person. She blackmailed that dude & was unnecessarily rude to that girl who wanted to work with her.

I'm surprised that Joe is working on the warehouse floor, his job seems suited for synths too. Wouldn't the only jobs that would be available for humans be creative jobs, like the arts, cops & lawyers?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Season 1 Episode 2

This show is really good. I can't believe it's from the same channel as Van Helsuck.

I liked the NDA but it looks like it isn't as precise as the one they used in Paycheck.

The mma guy's storyline is not that interesting to me. It doesn't even explain how the people watching him fight have money to waste watching sports or betting on him. It doesn't explain what they do for a living.

I am going to get really tired of Laura cutting herself. I get that it's an easy way to cope, thanks to that healing foam, but it's still annoying to watch.

Does Ben's phantom mode disk disable video cameras? Because his witch mother-in-law is able to watch video of the quiet room & video of the interrogation room but somehow they don't just pull up video of the supervisor's or of Ben's office?

Protocol 6

Season 1 Episode 2

This was a good episode but I don't understand why that traveler cop was being so difficult. They are acting like terrorist cells which doesn't make sense. They are already changing the past so I'm not sure how the future people even sent that message. It seems like they aren't changing the future.

Jumping into other people's bodies is going to become a bigger problem though. The future must be a huge mess if they didn't have access to the medical records of the office suicide guy.

I wonder if that anti-matter woman is going to be a part of the show.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Season 2 Episode 2

I liked that we saw the detective again. I thought the show was going to concentrate on the tech people & the new sentient synths. I didn't think we would see Odi again either. I'm surprised about that. 

Anita was breaking the law hacking into the bank & Hester killed that guy. It looks like giving these synths sentience is not going very well. They are breaking the law & doing a lot of morally questionable stuff. 

Trinity seems like a terrible researcher. She tried to upload her V into that synth without even understanding the code. She seems like a self-righteous idiot. Her work isn't saving the world either. 

Why would they allow Synthies to wear green contacts that look just like synth eyes? That seems like it should be illegal.

He's Coming

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 12

This episode was written by 3 people & it was still terrible. 

They pathetically tried to make the blood farm like Auschwitz with the stupid "blood is freedom" sign they had on the walls. But there really should be more of these blood farms. The show has shown way too many humans just wandering the cities & countryside free. 

 Mohammed betrayed Van Helsing & it wasn't a shock or a surprise because we don't care about these two. They barely know anything about each other & she was ready to abandon him, so she doesn't care about him either. 

 The only good thing about this episode is that she is finally just biting vampires. Now Dmitri has her.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Vertical Mobility

Season 1 Episode 1

This was a really good 1st episode.

Continuums & Dark Matter's future of corporations in charge instead of governments is shown from the worker's view here. 

I like how there are still suburbs & the highway has video screens so they don't even see the red zones. I was wondering how they were going to show us the red zone.

The office workers weren't attacked when they showed up at the Red Zone club & that callous woman's husband was kidnapped & lost an ear so it seems like the red zones are just like 3rd world countries now. Laura was probably attacked at the red zone.

I liked how they talked about the beaches in Iceland & how New York is probably deeper under water than it is on The Expanse.

Ben set up poor Chad just to find Elena. While laura is about to have his baby thanks to his mother-in-law & ceo Joanna Beauchamp! This guy is playing with fire.