Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All In


I liked that when they stitched into Liam he had some weird tear across all his memories, I think they said it was where the bullet hit his brain. Kirsten found out that he wasn't even British & her dad hired him to spy on her! Ivy Brown said her mom is still alive too, which is weird because Kirsten thought she killed her mom when her dad made her stitch into her mom.

"You sounded like an angry robot."

Camille shows how she's still a slut. Det. Fisher was just consoling her about Liam so she invites him over for a booty call, luckily his wife Stephanie showed up trying to re-kindle their marriage so he didn't realize what she was up to. Of course, she has no concern about Linus.

"We agreed that you're Samwise & I'm Frodo."

I really liked the scene with Linus & his dad. His dad told him that he knows about the Stitchers Program & to stitch into his memories if he dies so Linus can see how proud he is and how much he loves Linus. Then Linus said he doesn’t need to stitch to know that.

Stupid Kirsten tried to threaten Dr. Phlox & he put her in her place. Then he brought in all these armed agents when they stitched into that scientist & fat Tim punched one of them!

Nina found Cameron’s NSA badge & they were even more honest but that was for nothing because Kirsten kissed him.

What kind of crazy app can take a picture of binary & convert it?

The Race of His Life

The Flash

What a great finale! This show is soo good, I can't believe it's only the 2nd season.

I like that Barry finally called Joe his dad when at the funeral he said "dads" even Joe noticed.

I was sure that Jesse Quick & Kid Flash were going to help him stop Zoom but nope, he used a time remnant & he did it without killing, take that Zoom.

Zoom actually said "a Flash of 2 Worlds"

We found out that the man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick who is actually a doppelganger of Henry Allen! Poor Barry had to go out into the hallway, it was just too much for him. Then Barry loses Earth-2 Dr. Wells when his real father just died right after Henry said he was going to move back to Central City & now Joe is spending more time with Wally. So I get why Barry thought if he could change that 1 event he could keep his real father & avoid all the insanity but I read Flashpoint & after that ended we were stuck with all that New 52 insanity. The Legends of Tomorrow really should have shown up to stop him.

Is Flashpoint how they are going to explain the JSA, Supergirl & bring back Dinah Lance?

Monday, May 30, 2016

He Stilled the Rising Tumult


I knew the drones thing was a bad idea. That father in the building could have just bought a drone & flew it to his daughter's house. Why isn't everyone buying drones & just flying them in? They should have mentioned something about shooting drones out of the sky.

Katie is a terrible mother. She was responsible for Thomas, but his father took him away, she's not responsible anymore. Katie should be taking care of her own son, instead she ignores him and puts her life in danger. Then her son he is running around the city unsupervised following her.

That was dumb that Jake thinks he's in love after 7 days. The national guard is here, maybe there will be another food drop.

Kissing the Machine


I thought Dylan being the mole was too obvious, I also thought Jules being the mole was too obvious too. I was hoping it would be the girl they started using as an extra. That would have been a great surprise. To have somebody that was only in the background suddenly become important, instead they made it Jules. At least the hunters ripped him apart.

Mole storylines are pretty boring. There was a mole in almost every season of 24 & now this show has one too.

Brother #4 explained a lot about the aliens but he never said if the Hirogen on Earth were slavers or the slaves. He at least explained that they were not the Exalted.

Abbie loves Flynn so much she's banging everybody, even 6 other people & her sister, once removed.
Now it looks like Allison really is a mole. How could Truss be so dumb as to believe that.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


12 Monkeys

I like that the primary this time was a serial killer. It shows how random it can be & how some of them go the wrong way. Jennifer Goines isn't so bad now by comparison.

I'm getting the impression that they started time traveling to stop the plague but in doing so discovered all these unknown properties of time, like Primaries, etc & they caused/created the 12 Monkeys who were more interested in exploiting that, so the release of the virus was just to create time travel. Like the whole show is some big causal loop.

They saved Victoria & prevented the paradox so that red sky got a little less red.

How do they have all this information on that primary, how did they even know he was a primary?



I have not read the comic book because it was written by Garth Ennis so that was enough for me to stay away.

This episode was really boring, there were only two interesting parts. When Rudy kills all those people on the plane & when the preacher beats up those re-enactors at the bar.

It turns out that Cassidy is a vampire but they never explain that, they sort of show him drinking blood in that juvenile Ennis way, by Cassidy pouring blood out of a bottle stuck in a dude's chest & surviving falling out of an airplane. He doesn't have a daylight ring so his entrails should have caught on fire after he landed.

Raina is another boring unrealistic SFC.

Whatever that force is that kept going into various religious people & making them explode killed Tom Cruise but apparently turned the preacher into Purple Man.

We'll see if the show gets more interesting, but it will probably get cancelled. I haven't heard anyone talk about it, except fans of the comic. Garth Ennis & his juvenile humor may work in comics but it doesn't translate to tv.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Fear The Walking Dead

I can see how people would lose it during the zombie apocalypse, i'm surprised it didn't happen earlier, but it seemed to happened too quickly & too many of them at once. Daniel lost it, talking to his dead wife & setting everyone on fire, even himself. Chris turned into a killer and threatened to kill a little boy. and Nick became a believer, except he thinks he's invincible. It's too bad he didn't get eaten just as Madison drove away, that would have been shocking.

What didn't make sense was how easily they all left each other. Travis decides to leave his girlfriend & her kids to take care of his son. I can understand why he did it because Madison made it clear she wasn't going to help him & he needs to be a father, but he didn't even tell Nick to tell her. He's still a coward.

Madison had no problem leaving with Strand. She didn't go looking for Travis, Nick did. She's a terrible person & not just because she murdered Celia. She also left her son Nick to go with Strand.

This show needs to start killing off the family & have new people join the group.

A Darkness Surrounds Him


I haven't read the comic that this show is based on. The first few minutes were really gross, not only did Joshua eat a huge smashed-up bug,  a few minutes later he is chomping on his own finger. It was disgusting.

After that, the show stopped making sense. Joshua's mom went & got the town pastor, but she didn't restrain the kid. That was really dumb. This episode takes place over a few days but the kid is never restrained so he can't keep harming himself & he's left alone in his room. It was really stupid.

It looks like people don't remember after they are possessed & poor Kyle is falsely accused of beating his wife, but really he was trying to exorcise her. I'm not sure how because he was clueless about how to do it until the pastor asked him about his mom.

After 11 seasons of Supernatural, this show better have an idea of how things work or it will get cancelled like Constantine & Damien. Kyle's blood hurts the demons more than holy water, but they are trying to suck his soul out of him. That also doesn't make any sense.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Two-Faced Jack

Wynonna Earp

I like how there was actually two crazy doctors, 1 human & 1 a revenant. I don't like that the past few revenenats she's killed have also been part of the 7, that should have been a separate story-line than the Revenant of the Week.

It makes no sense that Dolls was going to send Doc Holiday to be examined by black badge. Doc Holiday is immortal because of magic, science won't be able to explain that. I thought he was fired from Black Badge, I guess I remembered it wrong.

Dolls pretending to be dead was a surprise, did he really do that or is that related to his weird eyeballs & need for medicine? Is he a zombie & that's why he's interested in the immortality?

The Bloody Crown

The Originals

I like that even at the trial Klaus was defiant & insulting about them & Davina.

I wish the Marcel fight with Elijah & Kol had lasted a little longer. I really like when they throw each other around. But It's ok because Rebekah came out of nowhere!

I like that Freya used the spell that was used on her. Smart, because there was no way they were getting out of that. Two of them bitten & Rebekah cursed.

Ugh, stupid Hayley is going to save them? I guess it will take her 3 years to do it so that they time jump with TVD. This explains how nobody has seen Klaus in all that time, he's in a wall.

Marcel almost killed all the vampires that Elijah sired too, not just Strix but every other vampire that could have been sired too. Those sire lines are still intact.

Marcel is a pretty bad guy, Vincent wasn't really thinking things through when he gave the Lucian potion to him. Marcel was way worse for New Orleans than Klaus was. Klaus didn't curse the Werewolves or stop the Witches from practicing. He made a big mistake.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Scandal of Altruism

Orphan Black
Oh no! I can't believe they got rid of the original! And stupid Sarah destroyed all the samples that they took from her! Are they going to kill Cosima? This was so shocking & it's not even the season finale & they did this.

Then the drive destroyed all their data, how do they not have backups? or anti-virus? This is why Adama didn't want to network the systems. How could Scott not make backups?

So Beth killed herself to keep the clones safe? That didn't work out, thanks Sarah.

"Clones are irrelevant. You're betamax."

Evie is savage, she even killed Delphine.

Felix pretending to be a cop with Krystal was funny.

Perverse Instantiation – Part Two

The 100

The Matrix is back! 1st on Agents of Shield & now here. Clarke turned into Neo & entered The Matrix. She's the virus & Alie turned everyone into an agent. Then Raven got her an "exit."

Lexa showed up with two swords!! Slashing everyone!

I'm glad that Clarke stuck to her guns, she didn't give in to save her mom & she didn't give in to save her people either. Even though it took her a long time to pull that lever, she at least considered the consequences unlike Octavia.

Stupid Octavia, she's such a child. She killed Pike but next season when Clarke desperately tries to unite the planet to deal with those reactors, the grounders will turn back to how they were. She'll never admit that Pike was right. She's so dumb she even put her own life in danger when she slashed his leg as the chipped people climbed the tower.

The de-chipped people had all their pain rush back to them, that was terrible. I thought they were going to make Jasper kill himself, that would have been so stupid.

How are those reactors still a danger? It's been 100 years? The whole planet won't be irradiated. They have 6 months to work with the ice nation & go to antartica? Isn't a copy of Alie still in space?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

What a great season finale! So much Back to the Future, they went into old episodes & a time ship shows up just as they are about to leave!

The Justice Society of America!!! OMG that is so awesome, I'm surprised they didn't do The Legion of Superheroes, I guess their names are too silly. Was that Hourman? He was wearing a hood but I don't know their civilian names. Mr. Terrific is on Arrow & Jay Garrick is on Flash, now they need someone from Supergirl! Dr. Midnight? Stars & Stripes? Powergirl?!

”Do something, Robocop”

I'm surprised Firestorm & The Atom got new powers, it's going to make next season more difficult. If The Atom can shrink things & Firestorm can transmute things, that's going to be the 1st thing they should be doing.

OMG I am so glad glad they killed Vandal Savage. They actually did it too. They didn't seal him in carbonite or send him to the Phantom Zone. Heatwave actually set him on fire! White Canary snapped his neck & Rick pushed the knife further into his chest. So savage! This means there won't be a Vandal in the future with Superman like on JLU.

Lost in the Flood


Finally Green Arrow was shooting arrows with abandon. While jumping, while running, even while twisting in the air to shoot behind him! I get that he has a limited supply of arrows but they need to do more of that.

"I'm sorry, did I leave you with the impression that I'm a rational guy?"

Who is this Anarky guy? He was able to infiltrate the Convergence dome by himself & actually killed Ruve Darhk. This guy is even able to fight team arrow.

Now stupid Darhk is going to bring about Judgement Day but he hasn't even confirmed if his daughter is alive or not. I can only hope that he kills Donna next episode.

I used to like them but lately the show can't help but make the Smoak women be complete bitches. Felicity goes nuts on Olvier for keeping things from her, but she's A-OK with the fact that her mom forced her father to leave when she was 7. Then Donna tries to get Lance fired but she's A-OK with Felicity lying to her about felicity working with Arrow. Of course they barely care about the fact that thousands of people died in a nuclear explosion. It's more important for Donna to make Felicity's father leave again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Guest


I like the the way they did this episode with Kirsten telling her sister about the zip couch case & the old The Producers scam. At 1st I was wondering why Linus was in the hospital, then they showed us later that it was because of his father. 

I was not impressed with Ivy Brown. She was a difficult person & they gave her some pretty lame lines. "You speak for the dead," like Kirsten is some kind of zombie Lorax.

"I'm clearly upset & you want to reference comic books."

Umm actually, Cameron was talking about the TV show, not the comic book. Lina was being a fake geek girl again, it's like the writers didn't consult her 1st two appearances. She was still being annoying.

I can't believe they killed Liam. That was unexpected, they made it seem like Kirsten was going to try dating him. I guess Dr. Phlox did not want any of that. But that means they will be able to stitch into him next episode.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

As much as I'm sick of Quake being the focus of this show, I guess it's good that she'll be a bad guy next year, but it shows why the ratings are bad & why Agent Carter was cancelled. They should refocus the show & have more comic book villains. They should do what JLU did with their Legion of Doom, get the lamest & most obscure comic book villains & make them cool.

Finally Ward is dead, I don't know why he can't live in space or travel into an astronaut on the ISS but who cares, I'm just glad he's finally gone.

There sure was a lot of Matrix stuff, Ward & Daisy fighting in the concrete room with Matrix sounding music, Hive dressed like Neo, Daisy running off the wall & then her flying away at the end.

They killed Lincoln, which might have been an emotional scene but the characters treated Lincoln with such hatred in almost every episode, that it's hard to feel like anyone cared about him, even Daisy. They even treated him like an idiot even though he's a doctor. 

These "who is going to die?" stories suck. It sucked on Arrow & it sucked here. You just kept focusing on that instead of the story. A death should be shocking. Also the shotgun-axe was so stupid. He didn't even hack into any of those putties.

Monday, May 23, 2016


The Flash

I like that Barry was acting like a born-again religious person who now has faith in the Speedforce. It makes sense, if someone were to talk to a universal force, that's how they'd behave. 
I thought it was weird that he's the one who came up with the idea of using the earth-2 people's erratic frequency "Higher frequency!" to stop the Metapocalypse.

It was a really good episode with Barry trying to do the right thing. Evil Black Canary was here with a way better Canary scream than on Arrow. Black Siren was put in the accelerator prison.

After they made us think that Henry was going to date Dr. McGee next season, Zoom pulled a Killing Joke. He kept going on about how Zoom & The Flash were the same. 

Then he killed Flash's dad! Noooooo! Why did they do that? Was that really necessary? He was already fighting Zoom & probably would have gone to Earth-2 anyway. Why!?! 


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I liked Lincoln & May in this episode. They had a good talk & he realized he doesn't want to be an agent.

Daisy is still annoying. I'm not sure how she got out of the cell but her pity party was boring. So was Mack hugging her. When did they become friends?

Why would Mack give back the rosary? Like Yo-Yo said, he should know better.

Fitz & Simmons were terrible. She wants to take him snorkeling while he's thinking sex-stuff. Sorry Fitz, she only does that with her astronaut boyfriend. You get to be a tourist with her & you'll have to use a condom, unlike the astronaut. 

Are those real islands? They should have used a comic book location like Madripoor.

The guy from Spartacus is also annoying. They froze Hive in Carbonite for nothing. When are they going to kill him?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bunker Soldier


This episode was pretty good & moved at a good speed. I liked the space ship & their weird probe.

I thought Jackson was the mole, but then it turned out he had no idea that the Romanian was Brother #4. I still don't think it's Allison. I think she decided to go undercover or is just trying to learn more about her alien heritage, I don't think she's the mole. It's probably Briggs because he's always talking about it.

Jackson is such a hypocrite, how did he even get that job? He should just quit.

I liked the idea of a guy hiding in a prison. Prisoners are always turn to religion, maybe if they were truly religious they wouldn't be in prison in the 1st place. I didn't like how the prisoners didn't attack them during the riot, I guess they were busy trying to escape.

Like a Sheep Among Wolves


How can Lex complain because people got food. It's like he doesn't understand basic economics. Dr. Lommers is right, now there is more food in the Cordon. If they drop in even more food, the stupid gang won't steal it, because it will become worthless. Either way, making people starve & wait was the wrong decision. She obviously has experience & he's so dumb.

I was just enjoying how Katie had figured out that the Doctor is probably responsible for the virus when she suddenly turned into a bitch. She had no empathy for Jake. The man just burned the body of a little girl & watched his co-worker blow his brains out. He also risked his life with those gang members & she had the nerve to talk down to him. He's been burning diseased bodies every day by himself while she's been playing with the kids & she has the nerve to belittle the pain he's going through.

The tech company people made no sense too. I get that those two guys are mad at her but I don't believe for a second that they wouldn't go get the food. That was just dumb.

What is that Police chief up to? Does he not trust Lex or does he not trust Dr. Lommers?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bodies of Water

12 Monkeys

I like how time on this show doesn't have a lot of rules constraining it like LOT. This is more like The Butterfly Effect, where they can change the past & the future. The only paradox is when two things touch each other, not causal loops.

"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!"

Jennifer was pretty good this episode. She even quoted transformers!

"She's got the touch, she's got the power."

The men were funny too. Deacon seems to be warming to Cole & Ramse, he must realize that they are both necessary.

"Hey look it's Time Jesus"

It's great how they can show Ramse & Cole be like brothers with just a few words.
"I can feel your breath on me."
"You like that?"

Aaron??! There is no way he can be the witness, I wonder though if they will bring him back somehow. Time evolves, so it's possible. Is Olivia paralyzed now?

An Untold Story

Once Upon A Time

I was just complaining about Violet & it turns out she's from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court! That was great!

I was hoping Henry would bring magic all by himself because he's The True Believer. That was the whole point of Peter Pan trying to brainwash him. instead Henry gave that lame speech to people. It was terrible. I can't imagine people listening to him. I couldn't even watch.

I like that they split Regina & The Evil Queen, then I was disappointed that they had Regina kill The Evil Queen but thankfully they brought her back! If Orphan Black can do it, they can too. Plus Doomsday is going to try to take over Storybrooke. He doesn't seem like much of a bad guy but if he has other people with him it could be good.

So disappointed that they showed Esmeralda in the background. They need to give her & The 3 Musketeers a story. I really hope they put The Evil Queen in a different dress each episode next season. It was so boring how Elsa & her aunt wore the same thing all season.