Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Dying Shame


I like that Kirsten can understand other languages when she stitches.

So somebody is using a boy version of Cameron to communicate with Kirsten but she should be suspicious, they even admitted that they are trying to trick her into trusting them. She needs to tell Cameron because soon he will have no choice but to let Maggie know what is going on with her, especially now that he saw her bedroom wall.

"Chippy McChipperson"

Not sure why Cameron was being weird about going to Nina's apt but now he has the answer to life the universe & everything.

"On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 42"

Linus caught Camille lying to him, I'm surprised she was honest with him, she's such a good liar, she could have told him she's doing undercover work or something else.

The Singularity

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Yay, Hydra is defeated once & for all, now they can move on to comic book bad guys. I've never liked those Nazi losers even after the ret-con, they were still a dumb religious cult. Zombie Ward must feel the same way because he used the money to buy a town instead of saving those stupid hyrdra cult members. He should have bought an island like a real super-villain, there must not have been islands on his forever night planet.

I guess her name is Tremors, not sure why it isn't Quake like the comic books but whatever. She is totally mind-controlled now & even rested her head on zombie Ward! If she gets her memories back she is going to be so angry.

I liked seeing Simmons shoot zombie Ward, but of course it's minutes after she's crying about her astronaut boyfriend, meanwhile Fitz has to have a cringey discussion about sex before he sleeps with her.

Coulson was being a real nasty hypocrite this episode. He gave Lincoln a homicide vest! Then he made more snarky comments to The Calvalry. He was being really emotional.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Back to Normal

The Flash

Jesse Quick was such an ungrateful bitch. Her father saved her life & then she has the nerve to say that she's just as scared of him as she is scared of Zoom? I'm pretty sure Dt. West has killed people, Iris doesn't say absurd things like that.

Zoom stabbed Killer Frost! He's being really evil & crazy now, but his SpeedForce lightning is still blue. He's still dying, how come nobody has mentioned that?

"Why hide the girls?"

Crazy Harrison Wells, I can't believe he wants to make another particle accelerator explosion?!

I was wondering what they were going to do next season for bad guys, because the accelerator Metas & the Breachers were all dealt with, but now it looks like he's going to create a bunch more just so Barry can get his SpeedForce back.

Maid of Orleans


They went into a South American jungle to find the terrorist's drug suppliers but those "rebels" had terrible Spanish accents & even what they said in Spanish was bad. I can forgive Flynn but couldn't they have found someone who speaks Spanish?

I liked that tough guy Dylan fell into a trap.

The girl they found in the jungle didn't make sense either. Her friend was murdered & she barely reacted. She was walking around with a gun & they treated her like some innocent child.

The flashbacks to Allison as a child learning that she is an alien could have been better. Her father didn't even start by telling her he was an alien, he just cut his hand open. John Conner told Miles Dyson they were from the future before the T-800 cut his arm open.

That weird alien she found in the jungle didn't look anything like the ones we've seen so far, hopefully that turns more interesting.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I To Die, You To Live


Those stupid kids. They actually had a spin the bottle game during a quarantine? Where were their parents? It was like that party scene from The Leftovers.

It's a good thing that granddaughter used bleach on the plate & table but I would have broken the plate too.

Those computer employees are dumb, 'Let's wear bodysuits that leave our mouths exposed,' duh.

I thought 48 hours was the time period, if that is so, then shouldn't they just start the clock again? Or are they assuming that the transmissions are going to continue because of that party so there is no way to re-start the clock. It wasn't just the party with the blonde, people are still visiting each other & shopping. they are going to run out of food soon.

Those kids have no clue about what's happening of course they aren't frustrated or angry, it's like he's the only cop in the cordon. Why don't they call it the containment zone or quarantine zone, cordon sanitaire is so weird for Atlanta.


12 Monkeys

Cole may be right that not killing Jennifer changed the future but I don't think being a pacifist is going to be the right way to prevent the new pandemic.

Jennifer is crazy pants, but it sounds as though she likes Cole & can see the future. I wonder if she has also time traveled & is nuts because of it.

I was surprised that they just burned the virus like that in the open air because Dr. Railley is not immune. Is that even hot enough to destroy a virus?

The new timeline is going to be interesting, not only is Ramse's son alive but Dr. Jones is married to Colonel Tigh!

"Well, that's going to make it awkward tonight, when you come to bed..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Once Upon A Time

I liked that Zelina got to see that Regina did care about her & that their memories were restored. Also, that Regina is now being supportive of her dating Hades, he seems to be really sincere about her. Zelina was great in this episode, I hope she still gets to be sarcastic now that she is slowly being redeemed.

The Red Queen should have gone to hell. When that flame sprung up & surrounded her, I was sure it would pull her down, instead Cora got to go to heaven even though she is a murderer & her schemes led to the deaths of tons of people because of the way she raised Regina & Zelina. That was a huge mistake by the show.

At least we got to see Prince Charming fight his evil twin, it would have better with swords. I wish they had Cruella use her animal powers more.


Fear The Walking Dead

I don't know what Strand's plan is but I don't think he's thinking things through. Unless his friend is at his house already, other survivors will go there too. He needs to figure out what are valuable resources. Immortan Joe knew, but Strand doesn't. He was smart enough to cut the rope. I didn't expect him to do that but it was great. That should teach that dumb mom who's the boss.

Now that Chris put someone out of their misery maybe he'll realize that it's necessary & forgive his dad.

This show somehow keeps moving fast with Nick figuring out that silence & smelling like zombies makes you invisible to them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Blade

Wynonna Earp

I liked the forgiveness theme of this episode & how Waverly admitted that she wanted to be the Chosen One Earp who could use the Lawbringer, but letting that revenant travel like Mirror Master was weird. 

I knew having Bobo was a bad idea, they just went to the trailer park & asked a revenant. She should have shot him but she couldn't because now she will be going back there to get more info. Having the marshall get possessed is also a bad idea, it's too much like Supernatural.

They didn't explain how Doc Holiday is basically immortal, did he make a deal with the devil? with the stone witch? is he the cause of the Earp curse?

Transgressive Border Crossing

Orphan Black

More flashbacks, except this time they are really tied into what's happening now.

Sarah has a cheek maggot! Kira might have one too & they can't remove it or it will kill the host.

Mika has been hiding all this time & the entire show has basically taken place within 6 months or something.

Poor Felix, he felt so left out that he's trying to find his biological family. Those things don't usually work out but hopefully it will. He seemed really mad about being alone.

Helena is having twins, which is cool, but it made Allison sad because now there are two clones who can have kids but not Allison. She has those adopted kids, but it's never the same. Sorry Allison, clones being sterile is a feature not a bug. But at least she gets all the best lines:

"That's different. Helena's trained to kill people. We're manslaughterers."
"I'm completely overbooked, I have no time for Neos"

Monday, April 25, 2016

Somebody That I Used to Know

The Vampire Diaries

This was a pretty good episode but the ending was terrible.

They showed how Bonnie slowly started to fall for Enzo. Kat Graham is a great actress but really it made no sense. She was hiding in some cabin playing guitar for 3 years? She didn't go to New Orleans or go on the run with Stefan? Just lame.

It sure looked like Damon was jealous of Enzo with Bonnie, I wonder if they had sex when they were in that Kai prison dimension & that's why Bonnie is so mad at him. Because it makes no sense for anyone to be that mad just because their friend went away.

Then at the end suddenly there were tons of vampires for Damon to kill. That made no sense either. The souls released from the Phoenix Stone went into available dead bodies. Most of them went into dead humans, just like Rayna said, so they should have all died already the way that bus driver body died. Only a few would have jumped into vampires, the only reason a vampire jumped into Stefan's body is because he just got stabbed by the sword. As much as I like watching Damon decapitate people with a Wet Floor sign, this new reveal is just dumb.

Semper Fidelis


I like how everyone is pointing out how Daredevil's beliefs doesn't reconcile with each other. He believes in the law but he's a vigilante, which is illegal. Then he thinks because he doesn't kill people because of his catholicism, that it's ok, but he's still a criminal & Elektra is right. He enjoys being violent. He's not only doing real gymnastics, but mental gymnastics to think he's better than The Punisher just because he doesn't kill criminals.

I don't know why he was shocked when Karen agreed with The Punisher's methods. She's a victim of a crime & she's seen the crime photos, not just of The Punisher's kills, but of their victims.

Daredevil's hypocrisy was on full display in this episode to both Foggy & Elektra, when he can't get it done in the courtroom, he takes it by force at night. Instead of preparing for trial or setting an alarm clock, he missed the opening statement. It's a good thing Foggy is a good lawyer, even Karen pointed out how she's done more work on the case than Murdock has.

I don't like how he could tell the train cars were empty except the one with sand, that didn't make sense. I can't believe Elektra was so stupid to think she could threaten a witness, didn't they meet in college?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last Refuge

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Wow, they all just murdered Pilgrim! "They may not be heroes" is right. Even young Rip got stabby with Pilgrim. He used to be pretty violent. That explains the reckless things he has said & done on the show.

I like how now Heatwave knows about time travel like Rip & contributes to the discussions unlike before. I also like how they traveled to White Canary's past with her young dad. So funny.

Atom was pretty funny, I'm surprised they didn't show him with his fiance but that would have been too much after seeing Jefferson with his dad. Those were some really good scenes.

The time setting thing sucks, because now they have to hurry. Is this show only supposed to last 1 season?


The 100

The start was a little silly with the horror movie theme, but then it turned out to be the mountain man Emerson kidnapping everyone. It looked like he killed Jasper & I was ready to freak out but he stuck them all in the airlock. (why are they still wasting energy powering the airlock?)

I can't believe that was Bellamy & Wanheda's plan, shouldn't they be better at this by now? Luckily she remembered the words that Sinclair said. I was also sure it was going to be "Blood must have blood" but I guess that was too obvious.

They killed Gaeta, it was pretty sad they way he kept repeating "stay in the rover" as he died.

"Sure, follow the creepy music."

That sucks that Ontari took the pill from Jaha, how could she be so trusting. Jaha & Emori just betrayed Murphy so she should have thrown all 3 of them in jail. It's not going to work if she tries to make all of the clans take the ALIE pills. Roan is going to have to stage another coup or go to war because it looks like Luna is far away.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Midnight Stitcher


They are starting to do more sci-fi cases by having a MI-6 agent use sound waves to mind control some actress to kill a movie director. It was interesting but they should have explained it a little better in their board room.

"Lord of the purity rings."

Kirsten was really stretching it thinking that some random jumper was connected to her. Dr. Phlox is going to be really mad when he finds out they stitched , just the 4 of them, especially because Kirsten almost died. That's why they have a med team.

I liked the mental block in the jumper's brain.

I'm glad they revealed that Camille was back to being a spy again & not a cheater, but it looks like she might go all the way.



This was a really good 1st episode.

They introduced a lot of interesting people, the pregnant teen mom is already being stupid but Aeryn Sun is in charge! Kai is there being angry.

The people getting sick are pretty gross & some are dying at different rates.

Normally I don't like when an episode starts with some scene then rewinds to show how we got there but it was really good on this show. Day 13 is going to be a very very bad day.

They are doing what Fear The Walking Dead didn't do, show us how things go wrong on a government level. It started with just a doctor using a pen & then everybody gets sick.
It's in Atlanta so I'm curious how they would close "The Underground" or whatever they call it.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Team

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

"I've met gods. Gods bleed."

Ok, I was wrong, the Secret Warriors were pretty cool together. Melty man pulled a Neo & stopped all the bullets, then yo-yo girl punched all the bad guys. Elektro manipulated his electricity into a lasso. It was pretty cool. Plus all the spanish.

"No eres espía, aprendes español"

Then it turns out that evil Alveus infected someone & I thought it was Daisy when she was like 'let's go down this secret elevator & down this corridor,' but then they tricked me when Lincoln lost it in the white living room. She totally played him though, I guess that will teach him to control his temper. I thought Quake was going to fly out at the end, not destroy the base.

Where were all the ATCU guys? What does squid head want with $900 million anyway? Is he going to hire more hydra guys?

"I knew it would come to haunt me, but I didn't expect it actually coming back to haunt me."

Versus Zoom

The Flash

Vibe is opening up breaches! In the St. Perez! I like how he was discussing Anakin going to the dark side in the prequels but totally serious!

He was wearing the Tachyon device that let him travel to Earth-3 but he didn't even mention that he met Supergirl!! Arrrgh, would it have really been that hard for him to have joked about Earth-3 & said, "I'll explain later," the only thing he said was "How long was I gone?" that was really disappointing.

Maybe they couldn't mention Supergirl in this episode because it was more like Watchmen than Flash. Hunter Zolomon is actually Jay Garrick's son! What!? And his mom was murdered by Jay! I can't believe they turned Jay Garrick into a murderer. That was not in the comics. I can't believe Jay shot her with a shotgun!!

The only reason Barry is going to escape the friendzone is thanks to time travel & parallel earths.

Thursday, April 21, 2016



This episode was a little better. The audio theme continued with the record store case & even the wife's sonic toothbrush. Thankfully they introduced the main purpose of the terrorists. Hopefully these guys have a better goal than real terrorists or the ones on Colony.

Looks like Flynn is starting to realize that his wife is an alien. She lied to him this whole time. Is she having sex with that guy in the hotel shower? Is that why they didn't show her?

What did Allison pull out of her eyeball? I thought they were indistinguishable from humans except for when they shed their scales so why would she be wearing contacts, unless she was molting from her eyeball.

What was the point of stealing Allison's scales? Is it so they can track her? I'm really tired of Flynn being disrespectful to his boss.

Better Angels


She gave that speech about hope to everyone & I kept waiting for her to say it but she didn't. How hard would it have been to make her say "all will be well?" Is there nobody on their staff who knows who St. Walker is?

It was a good finale, with Supergirl fighting Kryptonite-Alex. Then Supergirl beat up Non & blinded him. Martian Mahunter ripped Indigo in half! It was like a Mortal Kombat fatality! 'Finish her!'

General lane was like "You try moving a 1 million ton alien spacecraft" & then Supergirl was like 'challenge accepted'!!

Why did they de-power Supergirl? On this earth Supergirl can't survive or fly in space?? Was that just so they could have Alex rescue her? It's like they are turning Alex into the next Felicity, 'She's so strong.' She did hold Maxell Lord's hand when she thought she was going to die.

"That was either my eulogy or your dictated suicide note."

I hope they keep Lucy at the DEO, she was not happy about Hank being put back in charge. Where are all the other Kryptonians & the aliens they released?

The cliffhanger was interesting. It could be Krypto or Kara Zor-L or maybe her mom, Alura!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We All Fall Down

Fear The Walking Dead

I like when Ruben Blades, was like 'we'll stay on the ship with you (so you don't leave us here).'

When the stupid mom was talking about how she took care of kids for a living, all I could think was 'yeah, but your kid was a junkie' then I thought 'Nick seems to have adjusted to being sober,' then a minute later he starts looking for pills.

Stupid junkie Nick, it's his fault that little girl ate the pills & died.

Those people were doing just fine until they showed up with their stupid LA air about them.

I can't wait for Strand to use them as fodder when he get to where he's going.

Leavin' on Your Mind

Wynonna Earp

This episode was much better than the last two. They confirmed that Purgatory is actually a city & the Revenants actually had a plan. They also toned down the campy violence.

The body swapping was a good idea & it didn't bother me that it looked like Supernatural posession.
It's too bad they didn't give us more scenes with the bar owner, his death seemed to hit the Earps a little too hard considering we barely saw him.

Doc Holiday revealed himself to Wynonna, so I guess he'll explain how he's exempt from this curse.

I'm curious about this Stone Witch that they introduced. Is she evil or does she help anybody. Is she the one who put the curse on the Earps?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

The Originals

The fight between Lucian & Elijah was pretty good & so was Freja using a Devil's Trap & giving him the old aneurysm spell. I like that the chains & the log were Egyptian.

I knew Aurora didn't care about Lucian. After a 1000 years he hasn't met anyone better than Aurora? It was so pathetic how he kneeled when he offered her the magic potion. At least he was smart enough to have a video recording while he left them alone. Did Klaus smirk at the camera?

Even though Camille won't shut up about dark objects, once again she didn't have any on her. She should have a satchel filled with them at all times. She even stabbed Aurora with a regular old needle.

Now how are they going to cure her? Klaus's blood may not do it.

Why doesn't Vincent renounce ancestral magic & use Expression like Bonnie used to?

Ruby Slippers

Once Upon A Time

It was smart that Belle did a sleeping spell, but I'm not sure if her father is in the underworld, besides I'm sure Rumple will still be able to wake her himself.

Where is Mulan? I think because she's not magical in any way, they can't do anything with her, just like Prince Charming. They only have swords.

As if it wasn't bad enough that they made Hades fall in love with Zelena after only 1 day together, now they gave us this terrible forced relationship to pander to people who don't even watch the show, just like they did on The Vampire Diaries. Little Red Riding Hood knew Dorothy for only a few days & suddenly she can give her True Love's Kiss!? So stupid.