Monday, October 31, 2016


Season 5 Episode 4
This was an ok episode but I really wish they had gotten rid of Diggle. They should have killed him last season. Breaking him out of prison is a bad idea, now he's a criminal & so is the Green Arrow.
As much as I liked seeing those guys work without the Green Arrow, Felicity was still being annoying & now that they had to leave Wild Dog behind, maybe he'll learn to listen to Oliver. Wild Dog is really becoming annoying. I thought he was going to work harder at being a team player. Maybe now that Church has him, he'll learn not to be so stupid & arrogant.
Mr. Terrific needs those T-Spheres fast or he is going to keep getting beat down. Ragman seems to be the only superhero on the team. At least Green Arrow is using his zip line arrows all the time now. They need to come up with more trick arrows, isn't there a list of all the ones he's used in the comics?
How did that plane pull them out of the prison?

Suckas Need Bodyguards

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 6

This episode wasn't that good. The only good thing is that now they have evidence to imprison cottonmouth.

The interview with the council woman was great, she did not know how to respond. How did she think that nobody was going to find out? When he got arrested at the end, she was like a deer in a headlight.

I can't believe Cottonmouth shot Scarfe. That was a bad move. I'm surprised the cops didn't just kill him, even if Scarfe was dirty. Looks like Power Man was right though & they are going to release him.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Party At Castle Varlar

Season 1 Episode 4

What? Robin Hood is James Bond

I did not recognize him at all until he started speaking English. How funny that they ran into James Bond. I do not remember those tunnels in Skyfall, but I was totally bored by that movie.

It's funny that they changed history & it turned into a James Bond book. I'm surprised that they just used their real names. Hopefully after doing that, they should remember not to use their real names anymore.

It seems like maybe our timeline that Lucy remembers is the wrong one & Flynn is trying to adjust things to make it correct. Maybe he's fixing history.

A Clatter and a Chatter

Season 1 Episode 5

So the west coast is now 15 miles inland! Banshees & Jubokko are real. I've never even heard of Japanese vines before.

They barely reacted to all the people who probably drowned seeing as how 15 miles of coastline is under water now. The characters really need to start questioning how all of these myths are becoming real. Also I hope the show has some kind of explanation for it.

I like that Aunt Sally is dead. She was the stupidest person on this show. Constantly getting herself into trouble.

Wayne Brady is Judge Dredd! It was really dumb that Booner let Aunt Sally & the Fever head guy into the compound endangering everyone. It was really stupid. It also wasn't clear if they banged.

I didn't like that other people were calling them skinwalkers & I'm getting tired of Karen knowing every military guy in the apocalypse. It's been 2 episodes in a row of that.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bleed Over

Season 1 Episode 4

Once again Rainy is being annoying & bossy. She was also rude to Gordo for no reason, as usual. He's not white knighting or in the friend zone. He is a married father, we was being a concerned friend.

That girl was annoying, vanishing & lying to the police just for attention. What a terrible selfish girl. Her mother was abducted & she just wants attention. I guess I shouldn't be surprised,  her mom was cheating on her dad so obviously being a selfish girl runs in the family.

At first I couldn't believe Frank would be so dumb as to run up on that car, but then I remembered that he was at the park where his wife & daughter are & he knows that the timeline is not set. So the bad guy could change the timeline at any point especially with talking to his daughter everyday. At least they were able to get a description to Frank.

New Rogues

Season 3 Episode 4

Mirror Master!

That was cool, but he wasn't wearing green or orange. He could have been wearing an orange shirt & a green tie. When he comes back he better have a costume. Captain Cold, of course they don't know that he died.  I'm not sure if that infinite reflections thing would actually trap the Mirror Master.

Sure Barry needs to get his own place, but where does Iris live? It would have been better to build a set for her place, so that Barry & Joe could still live together.

They replaced Dr. Wells but it looks like Jesse is just going to guest star once in awhile. I hope Wally doesn't seek out Anarky. Those alternate Harrrison Wells were pretty goofy, I wish they had chosen the Steam Punk Wells instead of the Stucky Bowl Wells, did he wear that hat on that show?

Top's name was really lame, is she from the comics?

Friday, October 28, 2016


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 5

I'm glad someone realizes that this Ghost Rider is a murderer. Robbie sets people on fire! I don't know what they were thinking putting that aspect in the show. I much prefer Danny Ketch Ghost Rider & his penance stare. Plus Quake was a terrorist that they were chasing at the end of last season & now they are working with her? It's like they didn't think these things through. As the head of shield, I would have both of them arrested & put someone else in charge of Coulson's team.

The prison break was ok, but how was nobody keeping track of Eli? That was the whole point of going in there.

It's a little annoying how they spend so much CGI on Ghost Rider, but Deathlok has been forgotten. At least there are less of those ghost people, but it seems like this Darkhold book is probably connected to the Doctor Strange movie.

Welcome to Earth

Season 2 Episode 3

I forgot that everyone knows that aliens are real & exist on Earth-3. That there is a bar where aliens go seems like a good idea, but it is a bad idea because although the DEO didn't know it existed, somehow Mon-El found it in a day?

Thank goodness that guy told her not to write bias garbage masquerading as articles. It's ironic because the show was pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, but then again, it's a show not a news organization.

He's not the last martian? I remember reading a comic where he met a martian but she was pretending to be green. we already had white martians on the show so i wonder if they are going to do that story too.

"You should see my other plane."

So funny how they had Supergirl do the Wonder Woman spin! How did she not realize that those fire balls were nothing like her heat vision? Why didn't Supergirl not react to him having the same last name as her?

Ugh, so they are going to turn Alex into a lesbian. There just can't be a show without a lesbian these days.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Taste of Zephyria

Son of Zorn
Season 1 Episode 5

This one was pretty funny, with all the weird stereotypes & him using the sword to cut the table.

It was pretty funny seeing some guy dressed as a cartoon guy on a show with a cartoon guy. I don't get why everyone at the restaurant had purple hair when Zorn has red hair.

That yearbook girl was right, Alan was being pretty rude to his dad. He should have been more interested in his heritage, especially if he plans on sleeping with that girl, she's going to see his cartoon legs.

His belt killed somebody!

Nothing Matters

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 6

The new arrivals at the hospital were begging not to be sent out of the hospital after they had tried to take over & banished that kid. What a bunch of hypocrites & idiots.

The doctor licking that blood was really, really stupid. Van Helsing cured her, the guy & her neighbor, but now they are implying that the Van Helsing cure is either not 100% or it's temporary. It ruins the whole point of Van Helsing & the show itself. So stupid. 

The little uprising was destroyed & they killed one of they few people on this show who can act. I don't know how much more of this terrible show I can keep watching.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Street Rats

Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 5

How did Jasmine know that Alladin was the savior? He just has magic? They should have made his magic show up as blue, even if he is the savior. The Genie better show up. I really hope they have been working hard on making the Genie funny.

Alladin defeated Jafar so easily, there has to be another fight. Now I have to re-watch the 1st episode.

Captain Hook kept those scissors from the Hercules movie, so he can stop her from being the savior & save her life. I understand, she keeps lying to him & seems to be pushing him away.

So funny seeing The Evil Queen & The Wicked Witch of The West having a spa day with Goldilocks & the 3 bears!

Through My Most Grevious Fault

The Exorcist
Season 1 Episode 5

They started doing the exorcism. They should have talked about their plan & what prayers & what they were significant. That would have been cool to learn. Instead they just went into that room. It's pretty weird to hear these half-remembered prayers that I used to know by heart.

I like that Casey is fighting the demon now, before she was into it. The stupid sister called the police, I understand why she would do that but if she was paying attention at the hospital she would know that they didn't help her. But I think she knows now that Casey is faking it. I wonder if the show will remain realistic & they will put her in a mental home or something. The demon could end up killing someone.

Looks like I have to watch the movie, because apparently the mom is playing the possessed girl from the movie.

Oh no!! Bad father Tomas! I don't know if he was just hugging Casey or if he did more, but then he went to that girl's house & not only broke his vow of celibacy but did it with a married woman!! He sinned so much, is he even going to be helpful now?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 1

I figured they were messing with us by how they had Rick think of each person & their life but when he did it with Carl, I knew he was thinking of what might happen because there is no way he would keep going if his son was dead.

I can't believe Rick was so stupid to threaten Negan after he killed Abraham. He is so lucky he didn't have to cut off Carl's arm.

"Maggie, I'll find you."

I didn't really feel sad about Glen until Maggie started to grieve. That fantasy at the end was pretty sad, especially with Glenn's son that he will never meet.

It really seems dumb to me, that the bad guys just left them alone. I'm still not impressed with Negan. Yes he was evil, but he's too cartoonish & over the top. And these guys all follow him? There were hardly any girls there. In the apocalypse, there is no way he would have an army like that. I found the "claimers" & basically everyone else to be more believable than Negan.

Despite all those lights & noise, somehow no zombies were drawn to that gathering?

Rio Sangre

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series
Season 3 Episode 8

Santanico is back!! There are only 2 episodes left, she better be in both of them.

"What are you? A rag-tag band of humans & Culebras fighting for truth, justice, the Mexican-American way"

I can't believe she assembled Carlos to find Lord Venganza. He was pretty funny, though. Their plan didn't make any sense, especially with the double cross but it doesn't matter because El Rinche double crossed everyone so that was cool.

It's too bad there weren't anymore Xibalban demons, it was just a regular Culebra with living tattoos. He was pretty lame & so was the prison run by inmates. That makes no sense, besides it was already done on Prison Break, especially with T-Bag in this episode. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello Brother

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 1

I guess with it being the last season I have to accept that the doppelgangers are not going to end up with each other & I'm stuck with Steroline & Delena.

“To be honest, I’m just glad the whole vampire craze is over.” 

So are they finally embracing Judeo-Christain myths, because Damon implied that the girl in the water was from hell. I really hope that Enzo's clues were just so Bonnie could find them & not because she is some Greco-Roman monster.

I can't believe Virginia bit her tongue off. Maybe this time we won't hate Katie but who knows. Is Camille going to date Alaric? Where is Matt?

The Justice Society of America

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 2

The JSA totally beat up the Legends. It was pretty funny but it did get a little annoying at how rude they were to the Legends. Especially Vixen who was being condescending to the Atom, but she's nothing without her amulet. I know they are at war but it was stupid of them to not utilize the abilities that The Legends have.

Obsidian! is Green Lantern & Jade going to appear? Why is Dr. Midnight suddenly black? And they really didn't show his powers in this episode.

How funny that Prof Stein sang Edelweiss to the nazis!! right after he quoted Back to the Future! but he totally choked when things went sideways.

So Nate is a hemophiliac, are they going to put him in a metal suit to be the new Steel? Oh no Reverse Flash killed Hourman. Who is that Nazi hulk?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Near Far Problem

Season 1 Episode 3

Raimy is quickly becoming the unlikeable character on this show.

She yells at her dad, calling him Frank, even though she has all those happy memories of him raising her, but she keeps treating him like he's the dirty cop from the original timeline.

He's doing his best to raise his daughter in both timelines & she doesn't listen to him & seems to care more about her mom than her dad. She's pushing her parents apart because he went to save the student instead of taking care of her when she was a kid.

She's also a horrible person to her neighbor & is stalking that dude at his bar. She's so dumb she should go to the memorial to find out if anyone knows anything.

At least we're done with this bad guy. The show seems to be screwing up how the changes to the timeline work. If that guy died in the past she would not be injured. They should have thought that through more.

A Matter of Trust

Season 5 Episode 3

More trick arrows! Green Arrow at least put his guys out into the field. It's going to be like Batman & The Outsiders.

"He hits you guys?"

Rag Man is pretty funny. It was pretty cool to see them working together, but that black canary girl didn't really do much. Mr. Terrific!! with the Fair Play jacket & mask! He needs to start using his T-spheres. I thought Deadshot was alive because of Flashpoint, but Spartan is going nuts.

"I think it's cool."

That was funny because Green Arrow was Casey Jones in TMNT: Out of The Shadows. I did not expect Felicity to admit to Rag Man that she killed his family & his town. Speedy was so naive. Stupid Wild Dog, creating meta-humans. Is Samson from the comics?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fever of the Bone

Season 1 Episode 4

So glad Devyn and Brianna left that stupid cult & Aunt Sally was left behind. She's so stupid. She got infected with those flesh eating worms, there's a reason EMTs use gloves.

How could the mom be so dumb as to risk damaging their RV to go through that fence. They should have picked up bolt cutters when they were in that department store.

I also didn't like how the mom happened to know the same guy the military jerk knew. 

Dana talking about guns didn't make any sense. She made such a big deal about picking up a gun & yet in the last episode she picked up a gun with no problem after her dad told her to leave the building.

Just to Get a Rep

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 5

The speeches were good but there wasn't enough fighting in this one.

"I am the gun."

It was cool watching him go after Cotton mouth's men & get back what was taken. It's too bad he  wasn't wearing a yellow shirt with that suit. At least he started breaking bones. That's what he should be doing so more of these go back to Raleigh.

That exploding Chitauri bullet looked really lame when the guy exploded. They referenced almost all the other things, Hulk & Thor. Night Nurse mentioned Daredevil & we saw those Hammer weapons.

Friday, October 21, 2016


The Flash
Season 3 Episode 3

Magenta was a little annoying, she almost killed a bunch of innocents to kill that foster dad. I don't think I've ever read a comic with her. It seems like she's a Magneto-girl? She was able to lift an enormous ship over a hospital! She is way too powerful to be unsupervised. Earth-1 needs some Sokovia Accords.

"I'm always going to worry, I'm always going to be cautious, I'm always going to love you."
"Dad, I know."

Dr. Wells is back!! Of course he knew the timeline changed. Makes sense that Earth-2 wasn't affected so I guess it makes sense that neither was Earth-3. Jesse Quick, there may be way too many speedsters. She even has a costume already.

Barry couldn't go on a date without being The Flash for a few hours? & did Joe really have to show him that video? That could have waited.

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 4

This was a good episode.

Simmons was pretty funny. She knew that Aida was an android & just handed that girl the flash drive because she's the boss.

"We should start a club."

Funny, that they both died. Lot's of jokes & references this episode. They need to do keep doing that.

Yay! they gave Ghost Rider his chain!! ugh, those watchdogs are so lame. The fireworks scene was dumb but the care chase was pretty good, not as good as fast & the furious, of course.

So Quake & Ghost Rider are joining SHIELD, now they just need to bring back Deathlok.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Atomic City

Season 1 Episode 3

It was really pathetic how Lucy called that slut fascinating. Judith Campbell was just some slut spreading her legs for the president, some gangster & apparently also that general. Who knows how many other guys she was slutting it up with. It's funny, that they didn't criticize JFK for cheating on his wife because then they would have to acknowledge how Judith Campbell was also wrong.

Once again they just ignored Rufus when he whined about being black. It's hysterical. 

At least they didn't change history in this episode. It was interesting learning about all the atomic tests. I was wondering what the bad guys were burying in the desert. That was a pretty smart way to keep it from the team. They made the same joke from Legends of tomorrow with corrected nuclear bomb to atomic bomb.

"It worked in Back to The Future."

It was a funny line but also sad. I guess we have to wait to find out how Wyatt's wife died. Obviously they had an argument & there was some tragedy when she left by herself. Why is Dr Leekie working with Flynn?

The Last Children of Krypton

Season 2 Episode 2

Even though I like the dark scary movie Superman, this friendly, happy Superman has been awesome. #2muchfun!!

"Are you crying?"

The fights were pretty good. I like how Supergirl burned off Metallo's hand & arm! I don't think Martian Manhunter is stupid enough to give Superman all the Kryptonite. So funny to see Winn worshiping Superman. So weird that Cadmus is basically Terra Prime. I can't believe they did the CRISIS scene!

"I don't need you to like me...jerk...guy."

Where is Cat Grant going & why on Earth-3 would she make the photographer/art director her interim replacement? That was really dumb, if anything, they should have made Jimmy go to Metropolis with Superman. I forgot he was even on this show until he showed up at the end. That's how unimportant he is. Cat not being around is a really bad idea.

Is there an asian Metallo in the comics?