Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stop Me Before I Hug Again


This episode started out with a pretty graphic crime so I was surprised but then they tried to keep it light with Brian retreating to some childhood tv show like Barney/Beekman's World.

But the word replacement became really hard to follow along, I wasn't sure if hugging meant strangling or murdering. I liked his list of crimes he has committed.

Now that NXT exists in this show, they went a little sci-fi with the doctor doing some kind of Inception / Eternal Sunshine thing.

The worst part of this episode was that Rebecca would notice that the button is damaged slightly differently. There is no reason why anyone would take another super zoom photo of a coat button.

He Blinded Me... With Science


Brain Stew!

Blaine was just riding the bus wearing a picnic blanket, nbd. I like how he showed his underlings some genuine gratitude, it made them uncomfortable.

I have to agree with Ravi, she looked so weird to me with normal hair & skin. she's like superman I almost didn't recognize her. Rita did live with her so i guess it makes sense she recognized her.

"She looks like Groot."

How weird that the DC comic book show is talking about Marvel comics.

I can't believe Vaugn actually left his daughter in the room to be eaten by a zombie. He was just getting mad at Major for sleeping with her & then he abandoned her. That was awful & I'm pretty sure she got scratched.

"He's got a zombie on the side...maybe I'm the zombie on the side."

Once again everyone is dangerously close to finding out everything. Just when Liv was going to confront Drake about him working for Mr. Boss, her ex Major kidnaps him because Max Rager knows he's a zombie!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Castle Leoch


I knew she shouldn't have been drinking so much. I know she was nervous but she needs to remember when she is & how to be a lady. She probably should have been more honest about not knowing anything, now she has to remember her tipsy lies.

I like that the witch was explaining to Claire how the lord was acting as the judge helping disputes like Reign & Game of Thrones.

Jamie was a White Knight for Mrs. Fitz's slut granddaughter. It was pretty dumb, was he trying to impress Claire? Or does he do that now because of his sister?

Well, it looks like she won't be going to the mini-Stonehenge any time soon.

Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind


Brain Scones!

So much happened in this episode!

I like that this week's criminal got away with it. Liv was so funny on super positive brain.

Mr. Boss figured out what Blaine was up to & I thought Blaine was going to turn them into zombies somehow, but he's immortal! Did he know that before they slit his throat?

Liv's boyfriend is actually an undercover cop! What! I did not see that coming.

Major totally exposed Rita on purpose to Liv, but it wasn't that enjoyable because Liv was waiting for Drake to come over for a booty call. Why is Liv even bothered when she's banging the zombie cop. Such a hypocrite. I bet if Major knew about Drake he would have kept Gilda's secret.

Friday, July 29, 2016

You Don't Know Jack


Juliette is out of control, didn't Nick listen to her at the jail? She doesn't want to go back to normal. He should have forced her to drink it or tricked her. Not happy that Grimm was unable to fight her magic. Did he shoot Monroe?

I'm not sure how Jack The Ripper was able to kill Henrietta; They made her seem really powerful. I was hoping we would see more of her. I wonder if it is a crazy Grimm spirit. At least they remembered Trubel.

They never said how long that suppressor potion would last. Does that mean that Adalind is no longer a Hexenbiest? She just made herself really vulnerable. Is there some way to reverse it?

May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Second Chance

Duval punched his dad in the face. He was not happy when he figured out that Wendy Beauchamp was a girl that Sheriff Pritchard cheated with. Not only that but Sheriff helped Shelley Johnson cover up a murder that she committed.

He had to go get Gracie who was hanging out with some 20 year old shooting a gun. That seemed to come out of left field. He told Duval that he wants to fix things, it's episode 8 & they need to do more on that & less on the COTW. They need to have an episode with the Sheriff telling Duval what he did wrong before it gets cancelled.

Finally some new technology. A hologram projector to impersonate people, that seems like a terrible idea. Why would they invent that? Also the forced call answering, it was pretty cool, but there are so many scenarios where that would also be bad.

Toto was being more annoying, they are really making him act like a child. That AI is being really scary because it argues with him & doesn't do what's told, maybe it was programmed that way because he's a child? Either way, it's like Skynet waiting to happen.

Mary is cured. That seemed to happen really fast. Now they have to explain it to everyone & find a way to replicate it without bringing everyone back from the dead & turning the show into Resurrection.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Talent For Trouble


Ugh, Orko. 

He's so annoying, at least him & Madame Spazz were stuck in a concrete block for most of the episode.

I like that there were a lot of bad guys in this episode: Catra, Mantenna, Grizzlor, Leech & Shadow Weaver & Hordak.

Too bad the Manitsaur didn't look like the toy.



Snyder gave them a lot of answers about their new world. It sounds like a lot of what he said was real but he could have been lying. Of course if he told them, why doesn't everyone else know, how is keeping that stuff secret benefit their "hosts"?

I forgot that he was trying to get their son back. Katie was sacrificing their son just so the resistance could kill a collaborator. how stupid. He's right, the next guy would be much worse. Why isn't their son with them? I don't remember if they explained that.

Now the resistance guys thinks that Katie is a collaborator & Will doesn't trust her either. He hid Snyder & didn't tell her. I liked when she went up against that resistance red hat guy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Most normal people would be horrified that Mort was making his own Bride of Frankenstein but not the crew of the Lexx, they were like nbd, we'll help you run your funeral home.

Then Kai gave the weirdo some proto-blood & Deedee came back to life. But that's Assassin proto-blood so she killed Mort in the name of the Divine Shadow! He didn't even get to have sex with her, the cop did.

Finish The Song


I felt bad for the poor sheriff who strangled that angel as an act of mercy, he was pretty distraught about doing it. I was hoping the angel would touch his forehead & relieve him of that guilt using angel magic or something.

I was getting really annoyed when they kept showing those old west scenes that we already saw in old episodes but then they kept showing them & finally revealed that he was in Hell reliving the worst part of his life. That was pretty good.

I'm not sure why they need the old cowboy to kill the Preacher but I liked that they got on the shuttle where Walter White got on the shuttle. That was funny.

I can't believe Emily fed the Mayor to Cassidy. That was awful. Did she do that just so she could pursue Jesse because Tulip said she was done with him. Emily is an evil heartless selfish bitch.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Iron Hans


I can't believe Juliet burned down the trailer. As if sleeping with Renard wasn't bad enough, now she's destroyed centuries worth of information & rare items. I don't see how they are going to redeem her after this. I don't have much sympathy for her now. If she had gotten training from Henrietta this wouldn't have happened.

Arrrgh, Adalind & her babies.

"Who haven't you slept with."

I'm surprised she doesn't kill it, isn't it half Grimm? The wesen council should show up, kill her & it for that very reason.

At first I thought it was going to be one of the boys who was killing people but it was that weirdo sister. Glad that hiker had a knife. A boy scout is always prepared!

When Lapidus's son was like, "I'm not scared of you" I wish Nick had said "you should be."



I like that Zora was able to hold her own against SuperShock for a long time. Stupid Krispin couldn't shoot the drainer, the cyborg guy should have that attached it to his shoulder instead of whatever lame Predator gun he had. Retro Girl 2 did pretty well, it seemed like she could have killed SuperShock.

I couldn't believe that Diamond was telling him that he was The Ghost then I realized he really was sacrificing himself. A full redemption story for Diamond, that must be why they mentioned him being cocky. I'm guessing SuperShock's aura kept Diamond alive in space, but what the hell was that final scene? Is Diamond in a simulation or is someone manipulating time? That was really unexpected.

"You're going to be alright. I'm gonna put it back in."

I can't believe she's alive, I guess it's a good thing she swallowed that junk from Queen Noir, it much have helped her heal. It didn't help The Ghost though.

What were those weird waves SuperShock was sending through the city? I'm surprised he didn't kill anyone else at the police station. Man, he was seriously nuts. PTB was right, Retro Girl 1 should not have kept that secret. I understand not letting the public know but she should have gotten a plan together in case they needed to take him out. Where is Batman when you need him?

I really hope there's another season.

Monday, July 25, 2016

In The Dark

The Last Ship

I liked that the show messed with the lighting when Sasha had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Just before they figured it out, I wondered if those 2 Chinese ships were confused, it's a good thing they didn't go dark.

I really liked how the 3 captains exchanged their silent fatherhood looks when Takehaya was holding his son for the 1st time. He had to take care of his son so I knew he wasn't going to double cross them when he was on the bridge but I'm not sure it made sense that he could pilot through that minefield unless it was different from the other one.

Sounds like there was a green mist that the Chinese spread over the Japanese that stopped the cure from working.

That stupid reporter. What was the point of his report about the president, as a dad he tried to save his son & failed. Any father would have been distraught. Is Jacob working for one of those regional governors? Because he should be reporting on that turmoil instead.



While I liked seeing that female sheriff again, I'm surprised that they made the antelope spirit inhabit her. Don't enough people know about Wesen? Is the council going to get involved? Or the FB-owl?

Juliet could have been an awesome Hexenbiest, because she was human her whole life & having so much knowledge, instead she's like a child who was told that she has to get braces. When she beat up some innocent guy in a bar for no reason, I became even more ok with her being beheaded.

Renard better figure out what he's doing. Not sure why he's being evil, at least he isn't bleeding. Then he told Wu that Grimms should be chopping Wesen heads off.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We Were Family

Dark Matter

Terra Prime!!! Earth! so exciting, is it going to be Blade Runner earth or Star Trek earth?

I like that they are re-visiting 1's story, I thought they were done with the Derek Moss story, I guess not.

Stupid Prince, he's always a bad guy. I'm glad 3 pulled a Han Solo & killed him. They were on a space station 3 should have done some research to confirm that story instead of just believing it. And those bad guys didn't have to kill that father, it was so pointless. 

i didn't like that android isn't as special as it seemed. that was a bad idea, she should have been the 1st to gain sentience. that group even looked like the group from humans. Is she going to turn into 

Another dumb junkie, at least he fixed 6. Is Nyx telepathic or a pre-cog? This show has some crazy science because the crew barely reacted when 5 said it was a key for "pockets of inter-dimensional space-time"!?



This episode wasn't good at all.

They kept calling that kid's dad a jerk, but the dad was right. The Company took his son & not only was the kid almost liquefied, he was being used as a backup hard drive. But Da'vin still acted like the father was bad just because the dad was trying to keep his son safe. It was really stupid.

Delle was there, which should have been good but it's like every show has to have some kind of pointless lesbianism so she "hate flirted" & then kissed Dutch. Because Dutch couldn't carry Delle another 3 feet to the terminal? I'm afraid this show might have spent the time between seasons on tumblr.

I had a feeling the school principal might be a hologram but I wasn't sure. Now I need to re-watch to see if the kid brother hologram was actually responding to the older brother or not.

So the transmission Kylen sent killed all those kids, because it overloaded the system so the pods ran an automatic decontamination? Shouldn't those things have a life sign safety protocol?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slain Dragons


I liked the Diamond flashbacks. It was good to see him back then & after he lost his powers.

I like that Retro Girl 2 was so upset that she didn't even want her powers anymore. That seemed like a normal human reaction. At first I thought Calista was in the precinct because the drainer would make SuperShock weak. I also liked when Pilgrim showed Diamond that he didn't have his powers back, that was pretty funny. I liked that the coroner was excited about the  zombie kid.

SuperShock is out of control, I can't believe he's killing powers thinking that they are hiding The Ghost. And he's being so brutal about it. This is not like Justice Lords at all. At least they went after bad guys.

So what is happening to Deena, that goo she swallowed from Queen Noir might kill her. I'm surprised that The Ghost allowed himself to be arrested, maybe he's afraid of SuperShock?

Don't Look Back


I liked how Adam's flash drive immediately emailed a bunch of press releases. I also like how the show handles text messages & computer screens.

That SARS cure came out of nowhere.  Not only does Horatio have a disease that can kill at a specific age threshold, they had a cure for SARS & now a cure for cancer, diabetes & gun shot wounds! Adam should have bought stock in the company. The Wolverine serum explains why Chuck didn't die.

I'm surprised that Horatio Corp actually went through with it & released them, with new identities & everything. I didn't like that they separated Franny & Harrison. 

I don't know if there is going to be a 3rd season but they shouldn't have jumped 6 months later. The kids leaving for their new lives would have worked as a series finale if it isn't renewed.

So Acid Burn is still alive but where has she been the past 6 months. Was she wearing a bullet proof vest? Did it take 6 months for the disease to spread where they were or did they release it in each the city the kids were in, are they carriers like Thomas?

Friday, July 22, 2016


Sleepy Hollow

What a mess of an episode. The only good part was the Headless Horseman.

He showed up & started slashing with his axe while holding his skull then he slashed up Pandora & even shot at her with his shotgun. She impaled him with a bunch of spears for nothing because he still hacked her to death. So long Pandora.

Betsy Ross was alive in the catacombs for nothing. What a waste, they should have brought her to the present, she should have stepped out of that governement car at the end. They could have had him explain the modern world to her.

They especially should have brought her to back to the future because they killed Abbie!

They are going to pair up Ichabod with some random person who has the eternal soul of a witness? That doesn't even make sense. The witnesses never go to Heaven? They didn't even say Heaven even though the show has had demons, angels & the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse but saying the word Heaven was too much for them?

Then they had someone else tell Ichabod that he loved Abbie, which was ridiculous. He doesn't love Abbie & he never acted as if he did. He was always in love with his wife Katrina & with Betsey.

It was a really bad episode. They fast forwarded to a few weeks after she was buried so they could set up another season which was totally unnecessary. They should have ended with a happy ending.

Horatio Rising


I like how neither the government woman nor the corporate guy cared about Adam exposing what they did. It really showed how naïve he is. They totally called his bluff. He should have just released the videos & gotten people to surround the town. Instead he got caught.

I liked the Harrison & Franny scenes.

Who is the Acid Burn girl? I like how they just introduced her out of nowhere.

Renee & her doomsday preppers are getting annoying. That guy shouldn't have let her back in, he should have taken the cure & kicked her out. That stupid criminal ruined everything, he's such an idiot.

Chuck is still alive, at least he's not trying to be in charge anymore. maybe he's learning. How is Ronnie healed?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

El Valero


This episode could have been good if they had shown the preacher beating up those Quincannon guys. That would have been great.

They decided instead to make this a stupid Ennis humor episode. His childish sense of humor doesn't translate to tv: the preacher shot a man's penis off & then the guy calmly walks over to the other men who barely react? So incredibly stupid & so not funny. So weird that people went & tailgated the standoff.

They explained that Quincannon was serving the "god of meat" because he doesn't believe in the Abrahamic god thanks to his entire family dying in an accident. That Donnie guy had the right idea on how to defeat the preacher. At first I thought he killed himself but he knew to go deaf, something Jessice Jones was too stupid to realize.

"The greatest power ever known and you've had it all this time; Right there at the tip of your tongue & what good have you done with it?"

As much as I hate characters talking to ghosts or hallucinations, this time it was ok, because the preacher realized that he was wrong.

The sad part was at the end when Tulip fed that poor rescue dog to the vampire. That was messed up.

Dog Day

The Last Ship

This was a great episode.

It seemed like this episode was just going to be them shooting machineguns in the jungle but then Wolf had a machete fight with a pirate. Green was so angry that he drowned a pirate in a puddle. Then the XO guy shot at his own helicopter!

In the middle of all that action they still were able to throw in some emotional scenes when they killed Cruz, & when Chandler showed up to rescue Slattery & the doctor was not cool with having to kill that pirate & he was still bothered by it on the ship

I thought the pirates had setup booby traps but they were using tunnels just like in Vietnam.

Now they have to get to the bottom of the cure not working without Dr Scott.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Path To Paradise


What a disappointing series finale.

The show was cancelled, there isn't a 2nd season. They should have killed everyone when they tried to escape. Or Dr. Lommers could have ordered that bad cop to kill everyone. Or there could have been a sudden outbreak. Or a sick person could have escaped the Cordon.

The only people that died were the stupid old couple, that nobody cared about anyway & the white cop who was trying to save lives. Meanwhile the gang member was somehow turned into a good guy & Lex's racist dad showed up to work with the stupid blogger.

I'm so disappointed, almost all of the main characters lived & Lex joined them in the cordon. It looks like Dr. Cannert is coming up with a cure for the virus. Then Lex secretly recorded Dr. Lommers who was so arrogant she confessed. So everyone will be cured & the bad girl is going to jail. I guess it's an ok happy ending, but it was so anti-climactic. They should have watched Harper's Island to see how a tv show can be really dark.