Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
Season 1 Episode 1

This is off to a good start, but I didn't like how the Red Queen was basically powerless against Jafar. Is she just an evil queen or does she have magic?

That sucks that when Jafar showed up on Once Upon a Time they used a different Jafar. After only 1 episode & Sayid is a way better Jafar. Who is this genie? I guess he's not the one from the movie but Cyrus did mention Agrabah. Is he from the tv cartoon?

Mallow Marsh! That was funny.

The knave of hearts? Isn't that Will Scarlett? Why would he agree to have a wish if she told them that they were all warped? Besides none of the genies wishes were warped in the movie.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 3

I liked Nate high on that drug.

"Prison Break. I'm in"

I see why Professor Stein said he is leaving the show. They keep making him the punching bag. They had Dara be the captain & not him, They somehow made the muslim into a victim, pursued by Cadmus now they actually had Vixen use the word mansplain about him on the show. 

Then Professor Stein turned out to be right, it was psychological because Vixen wasn't trusting the totem. It was all in her head.

Then they rescued Zari & put her on the ship, I don't know who she is supposed to be, but it just means there will be muslim talk all this season. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Far From the Tree

Season 3 Episode 3

This show tries to push it's SJW nonsense so hard that they ended up making the woman president of Earth-38, build a wall against Mexicans. They have Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, as the president. How do they forget such an important part of their show? 

And of course all they do is blame the dad, even though the mom also was against Maggie being a lesbian. The mom didn't even show up to the shower, she didn't even try, but the father gets all the blame. At least I can look forward to Alex calling off the wedding because Maggie doesn't want kids.

This is all because there was a story with J'ohn J'onzz having a story with his father. You can't have a positive story about fathers on a show these days without them trying to remind you that there are bad fathers out there.

No Stone Unturned

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 7

The Scorpion-Mobile was upgraded with a glue gun. She used it to glue some cop cars chasing her & also to glue Marble & Granite so they didn't throw Rafferty off the dam.

Minerva Stone will not be ignored! She doesn't like being rejected & was going after every man who was ever a little mean to her. She was using her plaster gun to turn those men into statues, she let them live though. She should have killed those boys who sprayed her with acid when she was a kid. 

I wish she had fought Medusa more instead of those two guys. She killed Medusa! Medusa fell off the side of the damn but it was still Black Scorpion's fault.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Star Trek: Discovery
Season 1 Episode 6

Ugh, this weird mind meld that never happened before & never will again because Discovery is yet another prequel. I'm surprised that Sarek didn't logic his way out of that decision. That the Vulcan only parameter was illogical. Lame, he just had an emotional reaction.

I like that the captain was sleeping with a phaser by his bed, but it was stupid that the admiral complained about that, instead of him choking her. She was going to relieve him of command because he's precautious? They are in a war! That's a stupid reason. Him going into klingon space, is why she should have given him a formal reprimand. But taking away his command because he has some PTSD? That was overreacting and so much projection from her. It was really stupid.

The Vorlon knock-offs suck. Never even heard of them before.

Those work out shirts were really stupid. Disco? They couldn't get a font that spelled Discovery? Why is the replicator judging everyone's food order? What if I want to order some candy or donuts?


The Walking Dead
Season 1 Episode 8

Wow I really thought that Rick & everyone were going to get double crossed or outsmarted again. He's been so dumb & trusting last season. 

I was waiting for the double cross all episode & I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Negan to outsmart him. But it looks like they actually won a battle. Against the main outpost! 

I was also afraid that grey haired Rick was him in the hospital & the zombie apocalypse was all a dream, but I guess they wanted us to know that he wins? But they also had him crying, so it's going to get bad before it gets better.

I like how he said it wasn't about him. The priest should just shoot Negan, he has a gun.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

eXit Strategy

The Gifted
Season 1 Episode 4

Polaris was being stupid. Sorry, not everyone is responsible for what is going on, he was just a prosecutor.

Poor Blink, she is so confused because of that memory. She is going to freak out when she learns the truth. Angry Richter needs to learn how to control his power. Chameleon didn't get that they could see him.

Matt Donovan is some dude named Pulse? That power made no sense. He can disrupt systems? That was stupid. It would be better if he was Leech or someone else. What a waste of Matt. He should have been a cooler mutant. Fail.

Luck Be a Lady

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 3

Why were they calling her Hazard when Jinx was a way better name? Or was that the joke?

Why didn't Barry just tell her to not break the law? She stole money from the bank, that's illegal, Winning money at the casino is not illegal. I really like how Joe was not happy about Cecile being pregnant. How old is she? If she's in her 40s that is bad. Why was she happy? It's going to have developmental problems.

Sorry Kid Flash, the name of the show is Flash. Jesse Quick is on another earth. You are going to have to wait until the Crisis to take over. Go find an earth without a Flash.

I hope they put Iris in another wedding dress, because that one was nice but it was kind of boring.

Him slipping on marbles was funny

Friday, October 27, 2017

Out of Thin Air

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 6

The Scorpion-Mobile was upgraded with a crystalizer. It's a piercing dart that turns fuel into a solid crystal to stop cars.

Another villain from the original movies except the original actor was replaced by the original Batman! Breathtaker is resurrected by Dr. Phoenix. This time Darth Vader is giving the cops a gas that gives them nightmares.

I like that Black Scorpion's nightmare is the "Clark Kent problem" where her partner likes Black Scorpion but not her.

She almost killed Breathtaker! She was ready to kill him, probably because of what happened to her dad. Technically he was already dead so would it have been so bad if she killed him?

The Bathtub

Stranger Things
Season 1 Episode 7

They did that stupid thing I hate. Altered States has a sensory deprivation tank in the movie & that's what Mr. Clark just happens to be watching when the kids call him? That's not an Easter Egg, that's insulting the viewer's intelligence. Like we needed to be reminded.

Eleven in the Upside Down was like Under The Skin. Poor Barb is dead, that sucks. Where are her parents, nobody seemed to care about her.

I guess the sheriff was trying to get captured because last time the just put him back at his place.

Steve is suddenly a good guy? He's defending Nancy & willing to fight his friends? What was that all about? Why would he do that after he saw her with Jonathan & got beat up by him.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

One for Sorrow

The Exorcist
Season 2 Episode 4

Bag head girl is not real. That's sad, that means that Andy might be crazy, I didn't think he was possessed. Was Grace ever a real child or was she his imagination?

So Hope is an ex, that took forever for them to explain what that relationship was. They are each "the one that got away." Then a boy Light's Out showed up at her bed.

Why was he so stupid to give that nun water.

"Yeah well, I'm terribly charming"

Poor Father Markus can't hear god anymore, is it because he's gay or because he was excommunicated?


Season 6 Episode 2

The end of this episode was so dumb. Diggle has a kid, what, it's ok for Diggle to leave his kid without a father but not Oliver? Besides, the Ggreen Arrow is white, not black. Diggle can't even shoot arrows.

Also the digitally altered picture of the mayor was lame. It would have been better if he had pulled an Iron Man & didn't have a secret identity.

Why is the FBI investigating him, the president pardoned him when he saved the earth from aliens.

Felicity & Mr. Terrific, two people who can hack satellites, nuclear missiles & make paralyzed girls walk, are talking about basic languages like Python, SQL & Java? Really?? It's like they didn't even talk to any of their own IT people.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Something Inhuman This Way Comes...

Season 1 Episode 5

This show is so terrible, I'm only watching it in case it ties in to Thor: Ragnarok.

Karnak has some of his powers back because he orgasmed? Really? It was cool how he punched the bullet down, but he wasn't perfect. Then he apparently lost his powers as the day went on? It was so dumb that the evil pot grower didn't shoot Karnak & the girl while they slept.

Once again they are showing how the royal family are actually the bad guys with their oppressive regime, while Maximus is the good guy liberator. Who thought this was a good idea?

The family is almost all together. Now they need to find Crystal. Conveniently Louise can sneak them all on board her company's manned mission to the moon? I thought she was on a leave of absence?


The Gifter
Season 1 Episode 3

I like that Polaris can fly on this show, but what was boy-Dazzler's power? Eclipse was right, it was dumb. I liked that they created the Aurora Borealis.

I can't believe that Dreamer gave Blink her memory! What a terrible idea, now Blink think's her & Thunderbird are a couple. I remember when she was in Exiles she was with Mimic.

I get that the father felt bad about that healing mom & her daughter getting caught, but that was stupid that he gave up freedom for his family for some strangers.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mixed Signals

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 2

Wait, Barry really is back to normal? It can't be that easy. He was crazy when they got him out, his love for Iris is not enough to counteract 6 months in the speedforce. They better address this point & do it soon, because it's really bothering me.

It was cool how he disarmed the grenade. It was so funny all the tech that vibe huilt into the Flash suit, like Spider-Man homecoming's suit & how it all backfired. That was great.

Iris was right. I also thought it was crap how last season he just went into the speedforce without talking to his fiance & abandoned her. He should have listened when she  told him what street to go down, he usually does, so it was dumb that he didn't.

Is that Metron??


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 2

That was funny how Professor Stein said "Whoever built that ship ought to be shot" because he played the designer in the movie. I don't think they made any The Phantom jokes, but I never saw that movie.

Vixen could have at least left Steel a note telling him that he was going back to the past. She needs to go back. He should have known that.

It was annoying how the time bureau woman was able to fight the White Canary, who was trained by the League of Assassins.

I like how they weren't scared by the main villain they have to defeat this season.

Monday, October 23, 2017


The Shannara Chronicles
Season 2 Episode 1

So much stuff happened in this episode that they are setting up for this season. The seer kid is now evil & raising the magic lord. Then he turned those dudes into mordwraiths with snake eyes. The sword fight was good! In the 1st episode no less. It would have been better if Will fought a little better, I know he was in hiding, trying to be a doctor, but he could have learned to fight.

I like that Eretria admitted that she loved Will.

The Crimson hates magic? That's weird because I thought humans hated magic. Mareth is allanon's daughter? how? that must be pretty recent & I thought they said nobody had heard of him for a long time.


Season 3 EPisode 2

Who is this fear woman? They called her Psi but I don't know any DC villains like her. I remember Psycho Pirate but he's a dude & I don't think he's just fear. I wish Supergirl had said something different like she knows it's not real or she needs to accept fear & go on anyway or something.

Why hasn't Mon-El contacted her? How hard is it? Couldn't he go to Mars? Where M'gann is?

Lena Luthor was right, I really liked how she switched to boss & told Kara what's up! As much as I dislike this Jimmy Olsen, she was wrong not to CC Jimmy on these meetings. He should be worried about his job.

Who is this super strong mom?

"I saved your life."
"Yeah but so has everyone else here"

Omg really? Kids? Alex go away. I can't wait for Maggie to leave her at the altar.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


The Exorcist
Season 2 Episode 3

I like that Father Markus & Tomas are being real friends, even though Tomas was totally wrong for not verifying that the girl was actually possessed. They are man enough to understand that it's a learning process. 

I also liked Father Markus's speech about human evil compared to demons. They are really powerless when it comes to people choosing to be evil & do evil things.

Ok, this Hope lady seems like an ex, because he joked about her moving in. She's right though. that's a lot of teenagers for a single dad. 

I like that feeding the integrated the holy communion can still kill them.

On no, crazy dead birds flying into the house. Things are starting to get serious.

Choose Your Pain

Star Trek Discovery
Season 1 Episode 5

Pike and Archer on the list of successful captains!

Saru was in charge! He was making all the right decisions & tough ones too! "my first duty is to the ship!" He's like, I don't care about the Space Tardigrade, there are over 100 lives on this ship.

Of course a teleporting Tardigrade that lives in the vacuum of space is only believable because I watched the Moya for a bunch of season.

Like I mentioned the 1st time they showed the doctor, it's Rent in space. Statmet is such an annoying character. At least he listened when Burnham was talking about the Space Tardigrade. He was being a little human when he let cadet Tilly enjoy the science. That helped a little, also how he took the Tardigrade's place to save his husband. But then Stamets was lookiing at himself in the mirror all alone. 

Is he really with the doctor or is he imagining that? Mud? is that the same Mud from TOS? Is he supposed to be related to him? That was weird. Where was the Klingon woman cleavage & since when do Klingon's have peacock fighter ships?

Saturday, October 21, 2017


The Orville
Season 1 Episode 6

The Krill aren't Space Vampires they're Narn!

 The lunch scene was pretty funny.

"What happened to automatic fire suppression?!"
"That's the panel that caught fire!"

After a funny episode it got serious & dark at the end with all the Krill dying & then Teleya telling him she would make sure they would hate him. The union wanted a Krill bible, Ed got them an entire ship & some kids! 

As soon as he saved the kids, I knew he made them all enemies. Sure, I guess there's some logic to saving them, it worked on Space: Above & Beyond, when they spared the babies, but did he think those kids were on the ship alone? Just like on his ship, the parents are on board. He killed their parents. 

Make Way for... Medusa

Marvel's Inhumans
Season 1 Episode 4

This episode had horrendous writing. The scenes with Medusa & Louise were terrible. It was obvious that the show was going to make them be friends but their conversation was so unrealistic & forced. It just didn't work. The things they said made no sense.

Bblackbolt & Medusa are together, I don't know what they are going to do now.

Maximus keeps making Attilan better. He got rid of the genetic council, which means now citizens won't be subjected to their whims. How is he the bad guy? I like that he's working with Desmond on earth.

Karnak is somehow having sex with a taller girl who threw herself at him? Give me a break.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Season 6 Episode 1

I like how the Green Arrow jumped off the bridge using an arrow in a guy as an anchor to save Wild Dog!

Black Siren! I thought we were done with her too but she is back, which is good. She is going to be a good villain. Way better than stupid Prometheus with his magic ability to be 10 steps ahead. It was so unrealistic.

Oh no, everone knows that the mayor is the Green Arrow! I don't see how he can admit it, because the Green Arrow was killing people last season. Unless he blames those deaths on Prometheus? but I don't think that will work.

That scene where the kid pointed at Oliver was so terrible.

The Flash Reborn

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 1

He said Reborn!

I really was hoping that those symbols were a weird language that he invented or learned from someone or something in the speed force. Because "this house is bitchin." wasn't funny & was too short for all the symbols he wrote.

I've said it before but Vibe is way too powerful, he can enter people's minds, create portals, see things, jump dimensions & I don't think he even does vibration anymore. Why was he complaining about Peek-a-Boo when he does basically the same thing.

I liked that saving Iris brought him back, but he seemed to either be lying that he doesn't remember or something happened to him. It was just way too sudden how he was back to normal.

Who made that samurai robot? It was so weird.