Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Curse of the Earth Totem

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 12

They really need to get rid of Amara. They talked about how time will solidify but she's been on the waverider for months now. That is basically an anomaly by now. Just replace her with modern Vixen or Bumble Bee from Superhero Girls.

Why do they even need a ship, if they have fitbit time portals? Just steal more of them.

The karaoke was funny, but they need to put those two on the waverider & return Isis to her dystopian future. 

Ugh, the Atom was so dumb, even if Nora recognized him, Damian Darhk was still there, he should have left as soon as he cured him.

After watching Black Sails, making Black Beard into a coward wasn't funny.


The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 9

I was ready for an emotional episode with Carl dying, but instead they kept cutting away from his death scene to show Morgan being brutal, so neither scene was as powerful as it should have been. It was really disappointing. because Carl started out as an annoying kid, but he turned into a good man, not just a teenager, but a man. He should have gotten a better episode than this. I also would have preferred more flashbacks of him & his dad. I'm glad that they didn't blame Siddiq for what happened.

Henry killing Gavin was good. It seems physically impossible for such a little kid to reach that height but whatever. Morgan ripping the intestines out of that guy was pretty shocking.

I knew the saviors used the zombies as wall for their truck to get out.

So those visions of an old Rick weren't flashforwards but instead were Carl imagining a bright future? That changes everything, because now it's possible that Rick bleeding to death under a tree is the flashforward.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eloise Gardener

Once Upon a Time
Season 7 Episode 7


I like how Ivy pretended she didn't call BCW to take away Lucy. I liked how Alice was trying to sell a Mickey Mouse watch. I really liked the huge garden gnome!

Ok, so it wasn't really Rapunzel, but it was still cool to see. I guess this season takes place after the movie? I didn't think it was Gothel. I thought it was like an adult Rapunzel. I did not expect her to have a baby like that. So that's who Cinderella's step-mother has been holding captive all this time? How did she do that? Does she have some kind of magic? 

Now it turns out that Captain Hook & the Gothel are Alice's parents? I thought it was Wish Hook who was her dad. I don't remember if fat Captain Hook mentioned being a father.

Lots of people are waking up from the curse. I feel like Henry is going to be the last person who wakes up!

Under the Night

Season 1 Episode 1

I like how they had so many people on the ship to show how enormous the Andromeda Ascendent is. So many people for just 1 episode. It sucks that we may not see the bug navigator again.

I don't get how a ship can be frozen in time in the event horizon of a black hole, I thought those things sucked everything into them. They made it seem like a kitchen sink & he got stuck in the drain catcher.

His 1st officer was right, use the nova bomb or put all the Nietzcheans in the brig. The systems commonwealth made an agreement with the Magog? They eat sentient beings & they just rape each other. How these savages have space travel I don't know.

Then the Eureka Maru shows up & has a Magog on it!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Exorcism of Marcus Moon

Ghost Wars
Season 1 Episode 4

I tried watching another episode but this show is so boring. Roman is so low-energy, which makes sense for someone like him, but he needs to be complemented with someone more high energy & this show doesn't do it. 

Having the priest try to do an exorcism, after watching 2 seasons of The Exorcist (which is a great show), was just sad. It was terrible, not exciting, not interesting & not scary. 

So far the ghosts only make you hallucinate, but now in this episode, the ghosts possessed that boy & were lifting him up in the air?

Then the mom started making out with the priest? She's banging that fat guy? Give me a break.

Just the Way You Are

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 16

Lol, Fat King Darkspur kidnapped Glimmer to marry her. Thank goodness nobody wants this fat king as an action figure! Why on Etheria didn't she use her powers to escape? That was so dumb, we've seen her use her powers a lot lately. The writers should have used Nettossa or Peekablue or Flutterina for this episode.

They spent so much time as Adora & Adam, I was afraid they weren't going to change into She-Ra or He-Man. I'm just glad Acrobad didn't show up as part of that circus. 

I didn't know Glimmer likes Prince Adam. When did this happen? & what happened to Horde Corporal Romeo? 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Curse of Copperhead Road

Ghost Wars.
Season 1 Episode 3

I didn't even recognize Landis as the one from last episode who slept with Billy. I thought the show was turning into an anthology where we would see different people in town dealing with ghosts. If she is claustrophobic, why is she taking the elevator & not the stairs? That wasn't a very big building.

This episode was really boring. The ghosts weren't scary at all. The other ghosts were dead for a while & were angry, these ghosts were brand new. I get that they were mad, but they knew the protocol, if anything, they all should have been mad at the boss, not her.

What a bizarro thing, that she didn't call the police, especially when she was leaving at the end. "Move him to the coolant room?" That's called tampering with evidence.

Poached Eggs

The Magicians
Season 3 Episode 7

I like how they are using more characters on the show. Todd was with Fenn & Frail Human in the square of time. Harriet likes Katie but doesn't like Julia or Alice. So they had to break out Katie so she could ask Harriet to send them to the underworld & Penny is going to turn into a book and get swallowed by a dragon so he can get to the underworld to retrieve the suicide key! So nuts.

Luckily the Blue Fairy helped Alice live long enough for Julia to get her magic back thanks to Micro's wife. Poppy sleeping with Quentin really seemed to come out of nowhere.

Oh boy, the people of Fillory are not happy. I wonder if they are going to get violated. Eliot said things took a dark turn with the floaters being impaled on spikes so who knows.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Ghost in the Machine

Ghost Wars
Season 1 Episode 2

 This episode wasn't as boring as the last one. 

The stupid doctor blamed Roman, but it's not his fault that she didn't recognize that the body on her table wasn't even human.

The dude at the bar was super-annoying. Billy was talking to Roman & that loser kept interrupting. The mayor was being a b¡tch to billy for no reason & like all women, used her children as weapons to hurt him. He can't even visit his nieces? 

But it started out with the mayor being a lesbian, of course. I give up. They are just throwing lesbians at us in the 2nd episode like Black Lighting did.

Wake Up Call

Once upon a Time
Season 7 Episode 6

I liked all the references to other Disney movies. Lady & The Tramp when Henry mentioned the dogs in the alley of the Italian place & his Tron Legacy lunchbox (has it been 10 years since that movie came out?).

I like how Drizella & her mom were like Regina & Cora. but I didn't expect Drizella to kill her prince just to blacken her heart. When Snow White killed someone, her heart wasn't completely black. I guess the situation is important too?

So the Evil Queen can't let Henry kiss Cinderella or True Love's Kiss will break the spell & one of them will die. Hopefully it's Lucy, that kid is so annoying & such a terrible actress.

I cringe every time I watch Henry chase after Jacinda, it's so pathetic. Before Regina was awoken, it was very weird the way she & Henry were acting with each other & I'm surprised he didn't think she was hitting on him. What? is Alice the girl Weaver's looking for? That's a lame side story.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Here I Go Again

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 1 Episode 11

I didn't expect the Atom to call it Cause & Effect! That's what I was thinking about. Everyone else calls it Groundhog Day. It's not as good as the time that Dark Matter did it, because Isis is just such a b¡tch & I really like that White Canary called her on it. They tried really hard to make her likable, but it didn't work. I wonder if the writers got feedback that everyone hated her, because I sure do & this episode did not make me like her. It was wasted on her.

But then it turned it out, it was all part of her stupid simulation to change future history & Gideon stuck her in it. It was a lame cop-out. It would have been better if it really was a chrono-repeater & Agent Gary was funny.

I'm glad that White Canary also pointed out how Isis should not have put Helen of Troy on Themyscira.

What? That ending was unexpected. Suddenly Kid Flash & Rip Hunter! Are they going to replace Captain Cold with Kid Flash?


Once Upon a Time
Season 7 Episode 5

Good, a Princess Tiana episode. It looks like they changed her origin from New Orleans to some other realm.

So Drizella knows who she is & is pretending to be ditzy Ivy? That was a pretty good reveal so was that Prince Marius was a frog the whole time. Wreck It ralph! That was a pretty smart way to include him on the show. They really should do more stuff  like that.

I have no idea about this missing girl & the criminal, but that tattoo looks familiar. They found a picture from storybrooke of Regina & Henry. That was good.

One day I have to try some beignets. When they had that Lucy say "your famous beignets" it was so unnatural. That girl is so annoying. She doesn't talk like a normal kid & she doesn't understand basic life.

What a white knight episode. so horrible. Regina actually tells Henry that he shouldn't date Ivy, the single woman and Regina actually says that he should date the single mom. As if single mom's are better than single women!? The insanity.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yo Way Yo

Season 4 Episode 24

This was a surprisingly good series finale. The Lyekka threat seemed to come out of nowhere, but looking back you can see she was a threat for a most of this season.

I can't beleive 790 had the Lexx blow up the Earth!! They actually did it. It was nuts. The Lexx ate Denmark, Lyekka ate most of Japan & then the Earth was just destroyed! They full on destroyed the Earth.

It was pretty funny how the president & Bunny knocked that silly doctor Longbore off his rocketship with paintings of himself as a bodybuilder.

Stupid Prince finally made Kai human, right before Kai died! I didn't even notice how his death this time was just like his 1st death in the 1st episode. I thought maybe all three of them would save the day but nope. Kai detonated the Higgs-Boson & died saving the universe from Lyekka's people. And Xev & Stan were really upset about losing Kai.

I thought they were doomed, because their moths couldn't catch up to that rocketship filled with hot girls, but then the Lexx gave birth! And it looks like Xev & Stan are finally platonic friends. So a really good ending.


Once Upon A Time
Season 7 Episode 4

Finally! They finally gave Beauty & The Beast the happy ending that I've been asking for.

They went to the edge of the realms & lived for years in a little cottage, just the two of them living quietly without any drama. With their son Gideon visiting. Until Belle died of old age. It was great. It's too bad the entire episode wasn't just that. I'd rather watch that, then the stupid Lucy trick or treating.

I'm no longer looking at these people as the real Cinderella & Alice so the show doesn't bother me as much. Watching Henry be an awkward white knight shows he really was raised without a father. He's irritating to no end.

I would love it if Ivy sleeps with Henry! That would serve Jacinda right for being a bitch to him at the beginning of this season.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The Punisher
Season 1 Episode 12

I thought it was bizarre that the FBI would shoot Micro in the back. It was a smart plan to make Russo & Rawlins think he was dead so he & his family could go into witness protection. It was pretty funny the way Micro had Madani's password. I'm glad that the wife had a normal reaction to seeing her husband alive then get shot, again!

It makes sense that Frank would retreat into memories & fantasies to get through the torture. I like how he pulled the reverse interrogation again to get those two comfortable to admit what they did on video.

How did Madani not bring an ambulance with her?? She knew Frank was being tortured. That was just bad writing.

Madani did not expect to hear Frank say that he was the one that pulled the trigger. I like that Micro forced Madani to help him. They knew how DHS worked & set up all the cameras, they should have hidden more weapons for him though, if Billy had not gotten annoyed with Rawlins, he'd be dead.

The Garden of Forking Paths

Once Upon a Time
Season 7 Episode 3

We got to see Tiana, but she didn't call herself a princess & made no mention of being from New Orleans. So I don't know what they're doing with her. We already saw her in the 1st episode at the ball so they need to give Tiana her own episode to explain what she's doing in that realm.

That little girl was such an ungrateful brat. Her mom got her a condo so they can be together & Lucy has the nerve to say she didn't want to be with her that way? There wasn't even a crime committed, just a compromise to stop fighting each other.

Henry is such a pathetic white knight. They really need to dress him as one, because it's cringe-inducing watching him chasing after Cinderella.

I'm glad I watched Once Upon a Time in Wonderland before I kept watching this season. Because this Latina Cinderella has a dead Anastasia.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Perils of Peekablue

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 15

I like that She-Ra used her sword like a sword. Then she even got frustrated & threw her sword at the ground! That was great. I liked Hordak's colonial cannon arm.

Poor Peekablue needs a weapon, she's really defenseless. She-Ra was there & the Horde Troopers still kidnapped Peekablue.

In this episode Glimmer couldn't use her powers to escape that claw robot but suddenly she can make herself & others invisible!? I'm going to ret-con Glimmer's powers & say that because she is young in this cartoon, she has slowly been learning how to use her powers over the course of the series. Tthat is why she didn't use these powers in earlier episodes.

I don't know why Adora left Keeber in charge instead of Netossa or Spinerella. I get they wanted a father/son reunion, but they could have had it by making Keeber help Spinnerella be the temporary leader while Adora got kidnapped. or Netossa. It's annoying how they don't use the other characters when it would be so easy to do so.

Danger Close

The Punisher
Season 1 Episode 11

Yes! The skull!! Unlike the other shows that refuse to even come close to wearing a costume, the Punisher actually spray painted the skull on his body armor himself!! That was pretty awesome. It's too bad he didn't tell Micro what the Dark Knight said when he returned about having the target on his chest.

Everyone knows he's the Punisher now & he's alive. Stupid Zach called the tip line. What for? Was he still being an angry asshole. Now he got his mom kidnapped. I'm glad she ran to the kitchen to get a knife & told her daughter to get upstairs. 

The reunion between Micro & his daughter sucked. I don't know if it was the director or the actors, but that was not a believable reaction after a year apart. Stupid.

That Rawlins guy is bad, but he was basically like "you want me on that wall" so he kind of had a point. This is still a good show.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Past Life

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 10

This season has just sucked. This episode tacked on more stupidity to what has been a stupid season. The Kree cut off Yo-Yo's arms? Not her legs? It makes perfect sense to cut off a speedsters arms & not her legs. 

Kasius talking to Sinara's dead body wasn't scary, & him wiping her eye makeup off her face just makes it all look even stupider. And Kassius had to take Kree-PCP to beat Mack? Whatever. Mack should have used the shotgun axe to chop off his head, instead of another stabbing in the back. We already saw that with Kassisus's brother. 

It's even worse than I thought. Flint didn't gather time travel rock from space, flint was able to create time travel rock. How ridiculous. 

They talked again about the time loop and stupid Coulson kidnapped Daisy even though she made her decision. He's dooming the earth & keeping them in the loop. It was so stupid. Maya & Flint should have vanished as soon as the team went back in time & broke the time loop but they didn't, so the loop is still active. Or these writers are complete morons. What a stupid episode. This show deserves to be on Fridays where nobody watches. Spider-Man Homecoming did what this show should have been doing. The DC shows know to use small time supervillains every week, but this show can't? How is that possible?

Romeo and Glimmer

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 14

I like that Entrapta was using her hair to pull the lever on the energy trap machine and that Hordak scolded Imp for a change.

They were being so nice to Corporal Romeo just because he's some elf guy? He's part of the Evil Horde! Sure, heal his wounds, but they had him in a normal room without an armed guard. That was so dumb, we know Brightmoon has guards. So it was just bad. Then they have glimmer being naive. She used to lead the rebellion.

I think it was dumb that Romeo didn't know the true nature of the Horde. That makes sense for Adora because she was kidnapped & raised that way but it's dumb for some random elf guy. Besides, he's just a Corporal, he's not even important. Why would they lie to him. They had General Sunder realize the error of his ways, they could have done the same with this dude.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Best Laid Plans

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 9

This show just keeps getting worse. The zephyr has been abandoned on Earth, exposed to the elements, aliens & "gravity storms" (that's not how gravity works) for over 70 years, but it still has enough structural integrity to fly into space?! & the maneuvering thrusters still work too.

Now they are trying to give Enoch jokes & none of them were funny.

Deke, instead of killing Daisy & saving the earth, took down Sinara. Then suddenly, Kasius also has someone who can see the future. Then why didn't he use that person before?

Well they went with the more difficult solution with Flint, he's going to somehow isolate time travel rock. Dumb. That kid has no experience with his powers.

What the hell is Gravitonium & why are they talking as if we've encountered this before? Maya is alive & back from Tahiti but she's a mess now.

I see why they moved this show to Fridays & why the ratings are down.