Friday, June 30, 2017


Season 1 Episode 6

Charlie was still annoying, but they managed to make her less grating. She's still terrible though.
I can see how she can predict things & see things but is she also some super hacker that she put those words on the car exam screen.

I can't believe Luke is a pathetic white knight who let himself get expelled from college to protect his stupid girlfriend. She will be banging some other guy in days, while he just ruined his life. I also hate that dialogue between him & his dad. How on earth does his father not force him to tell the truth knowing that he could just confess. That was a really stupid plot point. They could have just had him move back home to help with Holden while staying in school.

His slut mom going to bang the preacher meanwhile her son is a drug dealing white knight, maybe try being a mom.

So Willa's dad is Frost. How did she not know who her father is? She's so close to Arthur but doesn't know who her father is?

Return of the Dead Guy

Season 3 Episode 10

Brain scrambled eggs

Seriously Ravi? You are going to get shot trying to defend Don E, there had to be a better way to handle that situation. It's a good thing Blaine & Liv are out side getting angry & going full zombie. So Blaine is a zombie again, when did this happen? I mean, it's the obvious explanation for his not being dead but they didn't show him turn again.

I thought the daughter was being held hostage but she & her friend are zombies, that must be what's on the flash drive. The dominatrix must have beat someone too much & they went full zombie.
Peyton as a dominatrix was pretty funny, but Ghost Drake was really funny.

I like that Liv got jealous of Major's new girl because, of course, she's a hypocrite.

It wouldn't be a modern show without some kind of stupid lesbianism, they couldn't just have Liv say she's straight, nope, she's "sticking to men."

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Clutch of Greed

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 2

I did not expect Ferdinand to kill MK but I understand especially when he said it was like two revenge fantasies at once, but that was surprising.

I like how Kira knew it was Sarah, but I don't like how she could feel that MK was dead. She's the offspring of a clone, she's not magic.

I like how everyone is basically telling Sarah to grow up & accept what is happening. They were being reasonable with the deal they gave her & she still tried to run. When is she going to realize that a big corporation like that could have imprisoned them all months ago. She's such a child.

Helena is out of control, that poor OB/GYN got stabbed in the face!

Twenty-Sided, Die

Season 3 Episode 9

Brain Shepherd's pie.

Wow I did not expect Ravi to reveal his real identity, at the human meeting. Although that is easier to remember than a lie. It was a smart move, but he should have said the vaccine was further out. Now the question is, why hasn't he been working on a vaccine? It's a great idea & he should be working on one, he should call back his old boss from the CDC & get her to work on one.

"Liche Please."

That Blaine's blue juice really makes them go crazy on the memories, Don E almost brought about discovery day & those human dudes accidentally prevented a zombie apocalypse.

I can't believe there was shooting attempt at the dinner, things are starting to get real. Ugh Stupid mr. Boss is back.

A great episode ruined by Clive making some racist comment about white people. It doesn't even make any sense. He ran out the building looking for his white ex-girlfriend & the secret door had more to do with the dead guy being a geek, not white.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 4

Oh no Ramse is dead? He asked to remain dead so maybe he will. Obviously, they can go visit him in the past, but he's dead in the present & Cole shot him. That was terrible. Ramse can be so stupid sometimes he even killed some innocent doctor who looked like Cassie.

I wish Cole had beat up Olivia at least a little. He shot his brother because of her. So glad that Cole was smart enough to give him that false lead. That flashback to when they were kids was weird though, I don't remember them being 5 years apart in age like that. I liked the bakery puns.

I liked how Jennifer had her daughters ready to shoot Olivia. I remember seeing that temporal map, but I forgot when they showed it to us.

Fancy Meeting You Here

Season 1 Episode 5

Luke seems to be cool, but that drug-using girlfriend is just a terrible person. I like that emotionally he's still a young kid. He actually brought a flower to the date. It's good that they stopped him.

It was so stupid how he pushed Jamie away, she was being very understanding even after he ran off the stage. At least he remembered Willa.

 "Right now?"

I can't believe he interrupted his chance to sleep with her to go meet her grandfather. I can't believe he destroyed that machine. He doesn't even remember everything correctly for him to want to destroy it. She remembers more & wants to go back so it can't be that terrible. Why is she calling her grandfather, Arthur.

That Monte Carlo girl was so annoying. I'm not looking forward to seeing Charlie on the show again. her snarky smug attitude makes me want the bad guys to kill her as soon as possible.

What is "The Bridge?"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Feast of All Sinners

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 13

That sure seemed like a series finale.

I like that Klaus was honest with Marcel & Elijah. That was a good speech he gave to Marcel. He has really become a better man. It's too bad that they didn't put the hollow in Hayley, because she hasn't grown at all. She's still the spoiled idiot. Ugh stupid Hayley. Hopefully all the other moms at Alaric's School for Witchcraft & Wizardry will get sick of her & murder her.

I did not expect Marcel to compel Elijah, at 1st I thought Elijah wanted to die. I didn't like that Vincent made it sound like Marcel has even more magic powers. I was hoping they would remove his powers in trying to defeat the hollow.

I hate the hollow so much. What a stupid thing that they can't destroy her soul. Other souls are gone, but her they have to split in 4? That's lame. At least they used more dark objects.

I liked all the clips of them being a family. They all seemed to get a happy ending I guess. Maybe now they'll start using Skype.

Sword & Staff

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 6

I liked how this episode had Skeletor actually think about all his failures for once. Usually it seems like it doesn't get to him or he is a crazy person who considers everything a victory. It was pretty funny that those dumb mutants thought that weird cyborg dog was going to be a problem for him.

I like how this cartoon has the action figure variants in the show. Disks of Doom Skeletor came about because of that weird crystal. I also like the explanation for why the moon of Mordor looks how it does.

Skeletor was doing some pretty cool acrobatics in his fight with He-Man.
Also appearing: Quakke, Sagitar, Flipshot, Hydron & Meliac

Monday, June 26, 2017

Eat a Knievel

Season 3 Episode 8

Chili powder fried brains 

Noo, they killed Vivian? She was so good, I really liked her character. She figured out that Major was human & just talked to him. She was so reasonable & she kept AK47 in check. I can't believe they blew her up in the helicopter. Now that angry dude is in charge.

Wow, an assassination attempt, that was unexpected!

What made them think that Liv could pass as human & with such a lame disguise. All she did was tan & dye. Duh. Now Ravi is stuck in that meeting all by himself. He doesn't even have a disguise.

I'm really hating the romance between Liv & Justin.

Last week it was open-relationships, this week obvious cuckolding. Thank god, the husband killed the black guy, he should have killed his wife too.

What is going on? Is Blaine immortal? Does the cure make you immortal? I liked how he just dropped his dad in the well without a speech.

Those of Demon Blood

Season 2 Episode 13

This episode was terrible. What exactly are the Shadowhunters? They don't seem like angel cops anymore & clearly nobody is scared of them. Some lone girl was able to kill & mutilate 5 Shadowhunters? Meanwhile Clary & Alec were barely reacting to the deaths of these men, their fellow Shadowhunters.

Jace is supposed to be their best fighter but he got beat up by some girl in a bar? So stupid.

The GPS chips was such a stupid ide. It was just awful, were they trying to do a metaphor for something? Because if they were, it failed miserably.

I don't know what happened to her whip or why she was using a staff but thank goodness that Izzy murdered the witch with a sword.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'ma Friend You

Season 1 Episode 6

Maybe I should just list the things that got this show cancelled: The super-nice Emily is beat up by the abrasive secretary for being helpful. They bleeped the word shit, but it's a network show, they never should have said the word shit in the 1st place. The hot dog guy gets beat up because he calls Jackie & Emily sexy ladies & offers them a hot dog.

Then those idiots try to be meta by saying how hard it is to separate the artist from his work. They don't seem to realize that it's going to make people avoid these actors in the next show they do. I know I plan to avoid anything they do after this.

How did the secretary only get a scratch, when her car exploded? She's not the Crimson Fox because she was watching the Crimson Fox on live tv at the beginning.


Season 3 Episode 3

Camille is being really childish, she came to work hungover & was being sarcastic to Cameron then she blamed Linus for what she said.

That plastic surgeon was ugly but she should blame the butcher who made her that way, or even better, herself. She didn't have to get plastic surgery. All these girls & none of them taking responsibility for what they did. Girls blaming others for their own actions seems to be the them for this episode. 

What was the point of the locked computer showing up with the dead guy's name? We already know that these are training sessions so obviously they are choosing dead people who fit some kind of algorithm.

So Cameron & Kirsten can't have sex, I guess it makes sense considering she didn't really have emotions until recently. It's still not what I expected. They really should push forward with her mom story line in case this show doesn't get renewed. I don't think it's that popular.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 3

Oh no, Ramse is being crazy again. He thinks killing Cassie is going to reset time so that his son doesn't die? How stupid is he? He needs to kill Olivia before she kidnaps his son. What a moron.

Ugh, I really really hate when they have someone hallucinate somebody & talk to them. There's got to be a better way to do that. I've never been a fan of Deacon, I guess he was in there for those 4 months that we jumped through in the 1st episode, maybe longer.

Omg, somebody knock out Hanna. She threatens a man's life to save Olivia from a little torture? So stupid. Olivia can stop the torture by talking. Thanks to her, Cole sent Olivia to eat rats in a box in darkness all alone for 3 months. Take that Hanna.

The Ultimate Challenge

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 5

It sure seemed like Adam was putting the movies on Drissi until Seletor showed up.

"Maybe some of me is rubbing off on you."

How did He-Man get from that asteroid back to primus? The way of the magic? I guess the sorceress saved him?

"The name is Flogg, not flush"

So many Mutant Troopers in this episode. Also Kayo, Vizar & Nocturna too.

Also appearing: Lizor, Crita, Hoove, Slushhead & Mara.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Few Who Dare

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 1

Donnie made the right call to stay free, that way he can get help & save his wife, but man I can't believe they stabbed Helena's baby with a stick. Noo!

I guess it makes sense that Rachel is giving Cosima the cure. Westmorland & the rest of the Neolutionists probably don't want their clones to die. So maybe the truce is real, Art is not a clone so he better be careful. I really hope he gets to beat the hell out of his partner for threatening his daughter.

Who is the weird person helping Sarah? I hope it's a boy clone. It sucks that they are all gone, except for that pervert.

Dirt Nap Time

Season 3 Episode 7

Brain Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches

Liv was pretty funny with the puppets & Clive telling her to put it away.

Really? Major just told his mom that he could maybe get back together with Liv & they just slept together a few days ago & now he's suddenly ok with her banging the black guy? What are they doing? There are other ways to keep them apart. The show would still work if they were together.

I guess those human guys are smarting than Filmore-Graves gave them credit for. & stupid black zombie just gave them the video evidence they needed. Why is Major still working there? They are going to find out his secret. He should quit or ask to work to work with zombie teens or something.

Woah, that dude shot Blaine. Looks like someone super dangerous is on that dominatrix video.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Attack on Onnor

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 4
I like that Nocturna, Kayo and Vizar were in this episode. Hydron said that Flipshot called them to defend Levitan.

"Your friends from Opal got your message"

I'm pretty sure Grot is a hippo-man. He's a farmer but somehow he's strong enough to knock down a Terror Claw & swing a tree around at Hoove. He seemed ok but isn't he technically a mutant? are the mutants slaves on Primus? Maybe Flogg is actually a freedom-fighter trying to free the mutant slaves!

It's funny how Lizzor, Laratti & Hoove sit in those seats on the mutant mother ship, almost like stasis chairs, until they are needed.
I'm surprised that Werban guy was riding a Bolajet. I always consider those things to be military vehicles.
"Well aren't you just soo smart."
So is Skeletor's new havoc staff all tech-based? Because He-Man just splashed some cactus juice on it & it shorted out, but Skeletor still had magic enough to teleport out of there.

My Friend, My Enemy

Season 1 Episode 51

This episode had a terrible message.

The Doomberry pie was killing Hordak but then She-Ra saved his life. Hordak & The Horde have been oppressing people on Etheria for decades, since she was an infant & instead of letting him disappear, she saves his life. Not even Hordak's old buddy Noah cared about him. It's too bad nobody witnessed this so that a villager who loses their parents to the Horde can blame her for helping the Horde occupation of Etheria. Does she not understand what it means to lead a rebellion? She-Ra cried for Hordak after lugging him up a mountain. That doesn't make any sense.

I did not expect Skeletor to show up. Plus he's working with Catra to take out Hordak. Catra could have just let the rebels win, but I guess she wanted Hordak dead, not defeated.     

What is up with the crying, I think it's been 4 straight episodes of somebody crying about something.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Voodoo Child

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 12

So good to see Hayley get stabbed, too bad she's still alive.

Vincent & his book are back. I thought they forgot about it. At least they figured out that The Hollow is possessing Hope. Now they can do something.

She really did take out all of them, but I guess they tried one at a time in order to give Vincent the opportunity to work his spell.

They are killing a lot of witches. They haven't really gone over why these witches are aligning themselves with The Hollow. Is it because The Hollow hates Werewolves? Because that is a curse, she didn't create them because she hates Vampires. Besides, The Hollow demands child sacrifices, why would they sign up for that?

They better not kill Freja, that would be a terrible decision.

Some Like It Hot Mess

Season 3 Episode 6

Brain Pasta? She just threw random things into her spaghetti.

I like that Peyton realizes the dominatrix case had a wasy too easy confession. It was weird when it happened, but I assumed the guy who confessed was her ex-husband or he was paid to take the fall by one of her clients.

Very nice lawyering Peyton, don't trust lawyers.

I was hoping the amnesia would last longer than a day or two. It would have been funny to see blank Major for a week or so.

What does Blaine even want with the blue memory juice? It's not necessary.

Don E, is pretty smart, the way he was going to pocket all that cash from 1 million to 100k & then split it 50%!

Who stole the cure? Don E? Major's mercenary friend? Blaine? I knew there was no way they would make her human, the show would end.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


12 Monkeys

Seaseon 3 Episode 2

Jennifer was right, that was really inconsiderate & mean of them. They didn't care about her at all. I started to feel bad for her, she was a POW in WWI & had to learn French & was homeless. She had a pretty rough 5 years there. Even with recording an album!

Her doing Jaws, E.T. & Alien on stage in French with just cardboard was really funny. Especially when she was doing 12 Monkeys to a small audience & her saying that smart people will understand it.

I really like the way that they are dealing with paradoxes, no time remnants on this show, just Magdalena resetting the timeline. It's how I used my Silverhawks Flashback, except the one from the future would kill the one in the past. I like the way they are doing it here too, it prevents the existence of parallel timelines.

Ramse had to kill his own son? I would have strangled Olivia.

Spanking the Zombie


Season 3 Episode 5

Chicken-Fried Brain Steak

This episode was so funny with Liv eating dominatrix brain. Then it got sad at the end when Major was about to take cure 2.0 with Ravi & Liv saying bye to him.

Now his mercenary friend knows that there's a cure. That's bad.

Major asks for a less silly name, meanwhile that Filmore-Graves guy's name is AK Fortisen.

I liked that Liv is over Drake & finally was with Major the way she should have been. So glad Peyton wasn't in this one. Where did Ravi's boss go? She just vanished? I like how Clive said she was going to Warg!

The anti-zombie people are right though, logically they make sense. I'm glad the Filmore-Graves woman said "these are our friends" but it didn't change that guy's mind.