Saturday, June 30, 2018

Think Fast

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 22

That scene with The Thinker invading Argus & using all his powers to fight the soldiers was awesome! It was like watching the beginning of X-Men 2 or a scene from Daredevil. It was just so cool.

They keep expanding Barry's powers. Not only can he bring people into Flashtime, now he can give people SpeedForce power? Can he do that in the comics? I like that it only lasts 1 second in real time. I'm surprised that Caitlin only got a concussion, I expected them to get hurt more. I like that Iris did not want to turn Marlyze good because she got stabbed by the kitana, I totally forgot about that. Plus they gave her a scar, I'm sure we won't see it again, but it was a good scene.

Diggle, throwing up was funny, but how did The Thinker know the password to get into Argus? Why does Star Labs not have any security? Is it no longer a museum?

The Guns of Nordor

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 47

I liked that the Galactic Guardians used some actual strategy to trick the mutants by having some of them be a diversion. There were a lot of Mutant Troopers in this one. These were the ground Mutant Troopers which are gray, not the space Mutant Troopers which are pink.

I hated how He-Man was using his sword as a gun, he was just shooting lasers & laser webs with it. It was really frustrating to watch, especially when there were scenes when he could have used it as a sword. He at least used it to block Quakke & his Meteor Mace.

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Riddle of the Sphinx

Season 2 Episode 4

I like that Black William is now in danger. The Cylons can kill him for real now but he is smart enough to know how to play this game.

Ugh, so safari girl is this season's Mary Sue. Not only was she talking about making sure that dude was human before she banged him (which didn't make any sense), she survived an attack by a bengal tiger without safety restrictions & a fall down a cliff and now she can speak Native American. I'm waiting for her to fix the Millenium Falcon & use The Force without training. Why is she even in there if she hates her father so much.

I thought that William was doing market research & was maybe going to blackmail the rich park-goers but after watching him with his father-in-law it looks like they are doing a cross between Dollhouse & Surrogates where they would be programming sick people's personalties into a Cylon, which makes the name "Host" more accurate. That was smart of him.

I don't know why Elsie is trusting Bernard, he's clearly malfunctioning & now there's some secret programming that made him kill the technicians.

Shelter from the Storm

Season 3 Episode 18

Man, that elevator scene was awkward. Kara had to pretend to not know anything about Supergirl & Lena. Lena told her how Jimmy did not check the vault & how he told Lena that Supergirl asked him to do it. Kara was so mad & so betrayed. To be fair, she was being a little crazy about the Kryptonite.

What was that weird magic bullet that Alex shot out of her gun? That made no sense.

The way Brainiac was talking about the other Legionnaires made no sense, that's not how time travel works. They should have left a different Legionnaire with Supergirl instead of Mon-el, that would have been interesting to see a new character.

Stupid Alex endangered Ruby just like Lena predicted.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Long Morrow

The Crossing
Season 1 Episode 8

They brought the doctor back. I hope she realizes that the Apex is not her friend & that she should do everything she can to cure herself. She should also try to find out what the genetic marker is that allows Apex to exist.

I'm surprised that Lindhower doesn't want to use the Apex to cure diseases, but I guess he figures that any genetic material will lead to the creation of Apex.

I was wondering why they framed that guy, then when his wife showed up it all made sense. I am really surprised that the 1st group wants to kill everyone in the 2nd group. She made her husband film that video but hopefully that's how he doesn't die.

Life Sentence

Season 6 Episode 23

What the hell?! That's the season finale! I did not expect that. It was great though. This season has been awesome & the ending with him in jail is an example of how good this season has been.

I liked that White Canary showed up and that her & Black Canary were civil to black siren. I liked that Mr. Terrific was fighting & Wild Dog's phone call to his daughter and all the conversations Green Arrow had with everyone before he was arrested.

They should have killed Diaz though. Unless he comes back as a meta-human. Green Arrow's secret identity is out now! I remember pre-flashpoint his identity was well known but that was before he was a werewolf.

They killed Quentin! that's Terrible, but maybe it's to continue Laurel 2's redemption?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Season 3 Episode 17

That was unexpected. Purity was able to regain control & she killed Pestilence. But then their powers went into Reign, so she's even stronger now. How is Supergirl going to beat her now?

At least we know that the Legion changed the future now, eliminating Blight & saving Saturn Girl's sister. So Supergirl's method did work after all.

They were being really harsh with Lena. She was trying to fix Reign & do research. It's not like they could have healed her any better. I like how she called them out on their secrets, but now Lena is almost part of the team, she knows that Alex is DEO & then Jimmy told her he's Guardian. But he shouldn't have told her that Supergirl asked him to check the vault. Then Lena said she knows how to make Kryptonite!! OMG, that's crazy! Supergirl is going to flip when she finds out.

Ne Me Quitte Pas

The Originals
Season 5 Episode 3

I didn't think we would get a full flashback episode, I thought they would just casually tell us what the family members did. I don't like how almost every vampire has a daylight ring, but it makes sense in order to keep their existence a secret.

I also think it's bad that Klaus was so rude to the girl who made his brother happy. He should have been more appreciative of the fact that Antoinette was taking care of Elijah.

I am also surprised that Klaus wasn't more open with Elijah. Klaus has changed and being alone for 7 years means he should have been a better man than before, so that part of this episode bothered me. They made it seem like Klaus hasn't changed at all, which just isn't true.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Virtù e Fortuna

Season 2 Episode 3

We already knew there was a feudal Japan park last season, because they showed the samurai suit in the season finale, so that wasn't a surprise. The India safari park would be an interesting park but it didn't make sense that the woman wanted to shoot the guy because they were talking about how they aren't Cylons and the cylons don't do that. She could have just shown him a photo to see if he knew what it was.

I don't get why Delores wanted the Confederados to die outside the fort. That was stupid. What a waste of an army. Just because she thinks not everyone deserves to live? They are toasters, they can each be re-programmed to be what she wants. Bernard did it to that 1 guy in minutes. It doesn't make sense to kill them. With each episode Delores is shown to be nothing more than a mindless murderer who I hope will be killed by Maeve this season.

I like that the writer started finishing Paulo's lines back at him. They keep providing evidence that the Cylons are just toasters, not real at all.

Designated Survivors

The Last Man on Earth
Season 4 Episode 15

This episode was pretty funny. I wasn't happy about Mike being alive, but it turned out to be pretty good. I liked how he was in his truck looking out the window, like he was when he was in the space station.

I like that they talked some sense into Todd. They didn't really talk about how he found them, but that heat signature he found didn't look like people. But next episode should be interesting.

Monday, June 25, 2018

28 Pranks Later

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 6 Episode 15

Cookie zombies! 

I didn't think that they would use the word zombie because it might scare kids but they did. Some of the pranks were funny, but some weren't. Ii didn't think that Fluttershy would help out considering that she didn't enjoy Nightmare night. I guess she made an exception to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson.

I need to dress up as a Pony cookie zombie now.

No Easy Way

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 46

They were making a big deal about a new moon, but Nordor was a new moon. They expelled that land mass & it orbits Denebria, they don't seem to care about that.

I've been calling them Primus soldiers or Primus Guards, but Artilla & Spinwit called them Primus Troopers. So I guess that's what they should be called.

The Sorceress & her advice wasn't that insightful, but it worked. They used that dumb colossus ship. Does it even count to say that the other mutants were in this episode? They are basically always on the bridge at their stations.

How dumb that those scientists would plant those vine monsters all over the planet without studying them longer. They should have figured out a way to replicate the plant's pollen to keep mutants away.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Of Two Minds

Season 3 Episode 16

Oh no, it sure seemed like Lena Luthor was making headway into fixing Reign but then Purity & Pestilence showed up at L-Corp & it was like nothing happened. They have a little Legion of Super Heroes but they still got beat by those 3 girls. After that non-fight on Agents of Flashlights, I better see a big fight out in the desert.

I don't know how they are going to have Supergirl win at the end, because she keeps getting beat with these girls one on one. It would have been better if they escaped her somehow & then the season finale has Supergirl fighting them all at once, instead, they've done the opposite where Supergirl can't even take on 1 of these world killers but somehow in the last episode, she's going to beat all of them.?The writers have really screwed up.

I'm glad that Saturn Girl mentioned how she's from the future & Supergirl's method has already failed. I don't like how Brainiac is somehow not smart. It's not funny. He should only have trouble with human emotions & unpredictability, not basic facts & history like the existence of social media, especially if this was their mission.


The Expanse
Season 3 Episode 6

This episode was so good.

This random assemblage of people who have been working in the solar system are basically a super-team and are going to stop the Earth-Mars war! They sent the message to Juliet & the president arrested Errinwright & man what a great scene when minutes after he said "I care about Earth & Esteban only cares about history" the president says that his legacy is now no longer the war. And that line about the mop. OMG.

Bobbie went to fight the proto-hybrid, and the Rocinante ran out of ammo to take out the proto-missiles so they are contacting Fred Johnson!!

Meanwhile, Cotyar sacrificed himself, again. I get not having something profound to say before you die, but I wish he said some kind of message to her or anyone else. 

What is still happening on Venus?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Interview With a Mermaid

Season 1 Episode 3

Ryn wants to search for her sister, but she agrees to waste time at the party, as though that's going to help her? If anything she should have beat up all the party goers after searching the motel, instead she was drinking.

Then at the end they made a big deal about her getting in bed with Ben and Maddie but she just went to sleep. I can see that maybe they sleep together for warmth or protection, but if they pull some bi stuff, I'll move on to another show.

Those idiots seriously approached a military base looking for Chris? I'm surprised they weren't arrested.


Season 2 Episode 2

The show isn't really exploring what it means to be sentient or the difference between being awake & dreaming or other worlds. It's too bad, because that's really interesting. Instead it's delving into William being an investor in Westworld. Which just doesn't make sense.

Logan invested & made it into a full park before William ever went there, but in this episode William convinced his father-in-law to keep investing in it? Plus Logan was in a room of Cylons, that were fully indistinguishable from humans. That would have taken billions of dollars just to do that. This show really isn't for sci-fi fans. 

The best part is watching Delores repeat the same lines. She's a toaster but people still feel sympathy for her. It's ridiculous.

Delores is raising the dead, but she is barely awake & can't even control the damn tablet. She needs the tech guy. I'm surprised Maeve is letting her run wild in Westworld. She should realize that it puts her daughter in danger.

So some weapon that William built, yawn. This show is so over-rated, hopefully this season gets better somehow.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Waxing Gibbous

Season 8 Episode 6

This episode was funnier. They also explained why Lana got involved. I like that she's a treasury agent. Although I'm surprised that the prostitute put her hands up without realizing what kind of agent Lana was.

They made a big deal about the mobster's dead goons being murdered & assembled into the last supper, but who cares. It's not like they were dismembered. It wasn't really shocking.

I am really hating the Cecil Vandertunt because he's just like a grown up Gene Belcher, they should have at least given him a different personality.

I'm also sick of the "So what are we doing?  Are we just - jumping right into this?" because they don't just jump right into it. It's not funny at all.

Harry and the Harrisons

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 21

Barry had a good idea to use organic material to blow up the satellites. I was thinking analog weapons, like Bbattlestar Glactica, before they even mentioned girl-Starbuck. I was wondering how knock-off Witchblade was going to shoot her metal up into space, but instead Amunet gave them a hand grenade. How is that 1 thing going to take out 6 satellites?

I wish Amunet had created a floating platform, or a chair or covered herself in a full suit of armor. I know the spinning cloud is cheaper cgi, but it looked terrible & didn't make sense as a flying machine.

Snake Eye is just weird. I don't remember if he always shot venom mist. The German Harrison wasn't that good, but the other 3 were good.

They should have thought of Marlize before. Like how is she going to retain her intelligence? Is she going to be in the pocket dimension when the bomb goes off?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Ties That Bind

Season 6 Episode 22

Team Arrow failed & this was still a good episode. Oliver was trying to be a family man & he spoke to the other guys & asked for their trust & listened to them. He even told Spartan that he listened to him, when they had their big argument.

I liked that him & Felicity were talking to each other like adults. and that she asked another married woman for advice instead of a single girl.

Diaz is out of control. He murdered 2 more members of the quadrant. How are they in charge of anything.

Mr. Terrific is so much taller & stronger than Diaz, how on earth did he get beat up by Diaz. They should have had Diaz stab Mr. Terrific while he was on the ground.

I can't believe he told Agent Watson that he's Green Arrow. I guess the FBI should be involved rather than Argus, Diaz isn't a meta-human.

You're in the Army Now

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 45

Adam on trial for being a traitor is a good idea. Really, there is no reason for him to have this stupid secret identity. They didn't do a good job of making the reveal shocking because they showed Adam in the courtroom the whole time.

What was surprising is how many galactic guardians were in this episode. It started out with Spinwit, Artilla, Sagitar & Tuskador, but then Kayo & Nocturna showed up. I wonder if kids were watching & wondering who those two were & what they were doing there. Flipshot was running around & there was even a Primus Soldier guarding the Titus Observatory. It would have been cool to see a Titus Guards from the mini-comics.

Flogg had Karatti, Slushhead, Butthead, Quakke, Hoove, Lizzorr & his Mutant Troopers attacking the recruits in Terrortreads. 

It was weird that while Mara was at the trial, Drissi showed up when Adam was exonerated. But they were both silent.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

The Crossing
Season 1 Episode 7

This show is like Siren. They are trying to make the monster sympathetic, but it's not working because Reece is a monster. We have already seen that the humans are trying to escape Apex. Apex, kills humans indiscriminately. So Reece is not a good person, she only saved 1 person, Leah. She doesn't care about anyone else.

This show has also made it impossible to throw in a twist to make it seem like humans are the bad guys because they already made it clear that is not the case. They showed the Apex trial where Apex are in charge & Mendel's disease killing everyone. They showed how everyone is afraid of Apex & how Reece isn't scared of them.

The show thinks just because Reece is "the mom" that automatically makes her character sympathetic (it doesn't).

Roy the White knight, is annoying, how naive is he? Hopefully we'll see more of Mayor Vanessa Conway now that Emma is dead & his ex-wife is banging some dude. I guess we're done with the doctor, another mistake by this show.