Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Greatest Magic

Season 1 Episode 65

I like that She-Ra used her sword like a sword & didn't change it into anything lame. But this wasn't even a She-Ra episode, it was all about Trolla & the stupid Trollans.

This was even worse than a Madame Razz episode, at least she's part of She-Ra. This was an Orko episode. They didn't even give us a lame excuse for Dorko being on Etheria, He was just there at the very beginning like it was perfectly normal for him to be in the Whispering Woods. 

I don't even understand the point of him being there. If they wanted boys to watch, they shouldn't have used dorko, they should have had He-Man or Rokkon or Stonedar or Rattlor or Multibot.

The least they could have done was make Dr. Zoog part of the Evil Horde, but they didn't even do that.

Chip Off the Ol' Block

Season 1 Episode 6

I'm ok with Liam acting like a young kid because he is young. Shooting your professor is hard & so is dealing with the end of the world & having a new girlfriend.

Jillian on the other hand was unreasonable for getting mad at him especially after he told her that people were shot & she already knew the reporter got hit by a car. The pentagon is involved & she still got mad at him.

Grace was being ridiculous again about WW3. If the planet is destroyed it doesn't matter if there is a world war or not. It's like she can't see the forest for the trees.

When the Russian cold war re-started, I seriously thought that Jillian had blabbed about the asteroid & global panic had started.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


The OA
Season 1 Episode 3

 That is a really weird setup that Lucius Malfoy has set up in the basement, especially with the little river of water. That was a strange idea. I can't believe she didn't let him die of the tomato allergy. She could have broken the needle so it wouldn't work. Instead she let herself get distracted by the dead girl. Then she does the impulsive push down the stairs. It was so terrible.

The other people in her prison are annoying, the people in her circle are way more interesting. I wonder if when she gets her eyesight back, everything from her capture will look different. At 1st I thought Homer was lying to her about his son because Prairie was right, how did he know it was a boy.

So are those other 3 people still stuck in that basement? Why is she still telling the circle people her capture story 1 little bit at a time & not the police or her parents? Is Hap a cop or something?

In Medias Res

The Last Ship
Season 4 Episode 1

The disease jumped into food? Is it just food or all plants? That is going to cause even bigger problems once plants & trees start dying. There won't be enough oxygen. How are they going to solve this? I guess they won't be focusing that much on a scientist this season like they did before. Maybe they will put together a group of scientists.

Well, it took 4 seasons but they just had to put a damn lesbian relationship on the show. That is not why anyone watches this show & they should know better. I wonder if the ratings will drop because of her. 

That sucks that Chandler can't just live with his family. How are they going to make it ok for him to leave his kids again?

Just how many languages can Sasha speak?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Season 3 Episode 10

I really hope that Ivy was working with Blair the last few episodes ever since she was confronted by Maggie & Fisher.

I can't believe Stinger was shooting in the same room as his wife. That was really stupid of all of them. Switching the bodies was really weird.

This episode was going really well until the last 5 minutes when Kirsten got amnesia from the stitch. I got so mad because it was like the series finale of Chuck. That finale of Chuck was infuriating because the man had to win over the girl again. But then the very last minute of this episode made me calm down because someone was forcing her to pretend to have amnesia. Which makes sense because when she had temporal displasia she didn't remember meeting Cameron as a kid, but this time she did.

I'm not sure who though, maybe Dr. Phlox because they showed him in the previously segment. I'm not sure what the point of that would be but it's still way better than them pulling a Chuck.

For One to Live

Somewhere Between
Season 1 Episode 1

How did this show even get made? 

I don't see how this is going to last more than 1 season. It has a super flimsy premise. It's basically 7 days. The daughter Serena is a spoiled, awful, little girl. How do they not know how to write a kid? She was so rude to her mom & is even a bad student. I didn't even care that she was murdered.

They also didn't really explain how Garona traveled into the past. It didn't make any sense. It's not like the lake is a time portal, so I guess it was some kind of magic. What happened to the version of her that was already living in that timeline on that day when she returned? She woke up at the lake, not in her body. It's like someone who never watched a time travel tv show or movie came up with this idea to save their daughter.

What is up with the private investigator? Is Nico also aware that time reset? If they make the mom cheat on her husband I'm going to stop watching.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nowhere To Go

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 13

That was a great season finale! 

The Dwarf Star Conspiracy came back to haunt them & this seemed more like the Double Deception than the last thing. I can't believe those other small corporations betrayed the Mikei Combine to side with Ferrous Corp.

The Zairon alliance with the Mikei Combine was great. It's like the Dominion War. The space battle was pretty nuts, I really liked that piece of debris flying at the space station, it was right out of Attack of The Clones.

Also the black ships came out of the breach! It was like an episode of Babylon 5 with The Shadows coming out of Thirdspace!! 

This show has really gotten better. They are going full sci-fi now. I can't wait for next season!!

New Beginnings

People of Earth
Season 2 Episode 1

This episode was pretty funny. Don in the bathroom thinking of ways to tell Kelly that he was an alien was pretty funny.

I wonder if Eric the cube is part of a sentient AI. That would be really cool. Apparently they are part of the Alpha federation which merged with the Trinity federation. It was funny how the Daft Punk guy thought that the grays were extinct.

The fried food talk was funny too. I hope FBI girl doesn't ruin the show. I can't believe they all sort of know that aliens are real & nobody knows where Gerry is.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sexy Beast

Midnight, Texas
Season 1 Episode 4

The succubus was good, but she should know better than to leave evidence lying around. All of those supernatural creatures should know how to keep their existence a secret. Just because the veil is starting to break down doesn't mean that they should start behaving crazy.

We are back to the murder from the 1st episode. With a dead sheriff, I'm really surprised that there aren't already state police showing up to take over the investigation or at least a new sheriff. Instead the biker gang is still running around & so is dumb Bobo.

Olivia & the private investigator story was really stupid. She leaves for hours but he doesn't escape? He doesn't even get up from the bathtub? That didn't make any sense.

Dirty Little Secret

Season 2 Episode 10

Of course someone pees on the Preacher. Garth Ennis & his adolescent humor, just like the inbred descendant of Christ, which makes no sense. Christ banged some married woman & Peter killed her after she gave birth, so Humperdoo didn't have any relatives to be inbred with. Just more dumb Ennis humor.

I like that Herr Starr said what I've been saying this whole time. Jesse's friends aren't really helping him at all. They are just along for the ride. They don't care about his quest. I didn't expect Herr Starr to tell Jesse to take god's place, that was surprising considering how ruthless he is about being in charge.

I can't believe that grail girl screwed up so bad. Denis is going to be a problem if Cassidy doesn't do something soon.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Flowers for Hordak

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 1 Episode 63

This episode was supposed to be funny, but Hordak isn't really that tough of a bad guy so the contrast of him with some carefree hippy isn't as different as it should be to be funny. It's probably funny to younger kids. Watching the Horde Troopers doing a conga line was a little strange.

I like that Perfuma used her powers to get out of her cell & put flowers everywhere. Also that the show is finally trying to stick in more of the Great Rebellion in each episode. Mermista & Glimmer were in this one. It is a little strange that they present Perfuma as if she's been part of the rebellion this entire time, the same way they did with Mermista. I would prefer introduction episodes.

The problem with Perfuma being a ditzy hippy is that I don't see how they will use her again. Why would anyone choose to rely on an airhead to fight an evil occupation.

Keeping the Faith

Season 1 Episode 5

I like that they used Liam & his memories of the 1st episode to remind us that the professor was a suspicious character. I guess it's obvious if you think about it, but I don't watch shows like I'm a detective. It was pretty clear last episode but I think it would have been better if it was some random guy. I liked that liam actually shot his professor. I didn't expect that. Of course, the Russians.

Omg can Grace get any more self-righteous & annoying? She had the nerve to call Harris a barbarian. He should have dumped her right there. Then they let the Russians get away with the EMdrive prototype. Stupid Darius should have kept the lockdown going.

I like that the probes were from China & Iran. Do other countries have probes out in the solar system? Is that true or is this set in the near future?

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Seeds of Resistance

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 14

It's too bad they didn't show more of the Primus rebellion that He-Man inspired. I guess you have to take their word for it that all the human farmers were able to defeat the mutants.

Even thought it was pretty cool that Master Sebrian knew he was being tracked, it was really strange that out of nowhere Master Sebrian suddenly has the power to talk to robots over wi-fi. Watching Skeletor dance with Crita was pretty funny. He really seems a little crazy on this show.

I think it's stupid that they retconned the Zeps to be vulnerable to that particular water & not water in general. Doing that makes it harder to believe that the humans were able to defeat the mutants & their Anadroid army on other parts of the planet.

After Images

Teen Wolf
Season 6 episode 13

Oh no, people are finding out that supernatural creatures are real. Unlike Sunnydale & Mystic Falls where there was an organized group of humans who knew & kept it secret, Beacon Hills has nothing like that. This is going to be a good enemy, better than weird fear spiders.

What? Malia has feelings for Scott? When did this happen? Wasn't she going to move to Paris. Sorry Stiles, Scott's on his way to steal yo girl.

I thought that Brett was dead last episode. How dumb that he didn't go home or to Scott's house. OMG, that girl who played his sister was a terrible actress, just horrible.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Final Gift To You

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 12

They are burning though all those prophecies really quickly. They've already done the Dwarf Star Conspiracy & now the Fall of the House of Ryo while the season isn't even over yet. But future 5 was super old when she was talking to future Android. So it doesn't make sense that she would remember such small events unless these things are going to have far reaching consequences next season.

I didn't expect Misaki to betray 4. but it makes sense, she didn't like him & he didn't do anything to win her over. He didn't last very long as emperor. He got so distracted by the blink drive that he was making all these bad decisions. I don't even know what his stupid war was about. He turned out to be really incompetent.

It's bizarre that 2 has a clone-baby. That is super strange. I don't even know if that's possible. The robot uprising has already started. Was that in the list of prophecies? Stupid Shaw.

The Human Strain

Season 1 Episode 4

So it wasn't Darius who re-directed the satellite. That was interesting. There is a 3rd player on this show. It obviously isn't going to be another country because these days everyone is so super offended by everything. So it's either another corporation or some other arm of the government.

What is Harris doing with such a judgemental naive child? Does Grace think that we don't torture people? That difficult things don't happen during war. Does she not know what a drone strike is?

Jillian was also being dumb. That team leader was right, can Bono fix an engine? She was dumb, the smart people will have children who will become artists in the 2nd & 3rd generations. That's the whole point. The 1st generation has to survive.

Using that meteor fragment for their model was obvious but Liam just used up all they had of it. It doesn't exist on Earth so how are they going to build a large one?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 11

I like that we didn't see Wesley Crusher again. Hopefully he will die off screen.

I can't believe we learned about & mostly resolved the Dawrf Star Conspiracy in 1 episode. There better be more to it, because 5 discovered that there are simulants already embedded in other corporations. This storyline needs to last a little bit longer. 

I guess it will have to wait now that 2 was kidnapped! I did not see that coming.

I can't believe that doctor killed himself & had the destroyer nuke it from orbit! then he shot himself! Those Mikei Combine people are no joke! Zairon subjects are nothing like that.

Armed and Dangerous

Black Scorpion

Luckily this show isn't campy like the last movie. The comedy is confined to the keystone cops. 

The show still has all of the characters from the movies but with new actors. I like the way they quickly explained how her costume & car change: Argyle built molecule re-arrangers into her car & ring.

This non-British Firearm was such a strange villain. He was basically Deadshot with a gatling gun for an arm. But this Firearm was anti-guns! When he found out the citizens of City of Angels voted to eliminate the waiting period for buying guns, he decided to kill them all. He was like some gun control advocate who went too far. Somehow her Scorpion mobile's magnet was able to pull the gun out of his arm.

The fight scenes aren't amazing but they are pretty decent, but it seems like the show is going to take place at night & in low light.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Raw Talent

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 12

I like that the guidance counselor used silver bullets because she's not a real hunter. I can't believe she just shot that werewolf kid. She's going to be super dangerous now that Commander Tigh is going to help her.

As much as we don't like Theo, the cops knocking on the window was so annoying. I can't believe they killed him. I thought maybe that he did call Scott.

Finally Lydia is making herself useful, use those banshee powers!

Wait, did we know that Brett is a werewolf? I didn't realize that he was totally messing with Liam & he's not the alpha. Is that even allowed? What did those spiders do to that kid?

Kill It Forward

Season 3 Episode 9

This episode sucked.

The Strangers on a Plane mashup with Nerve could have been good but out of nowhere this woman shows up? and Kate just happens to know Fisher? It was such a stupid & abrupt end to the case of the week.

Then Camille totally over-reacted to being listed on the website. They work in an underground bunker but she acted like she was in danger, also dumb. The only good part was when she whined that the way to cut a woman in half is to "partner her with a man" & then minutes later Detective Fisher showed how useless she was when he saved her life. Because she's useless.

They waited until the end of the season to develop this weird love interest between Maggie & Detective Fisher. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Beside Still Water

Season 2 Episode 20

This was a great season finale.

That fight between between Clary & Valentine was awesome. It was pretty violent with them punching each other & her stabbing her father. But she was mad that he killed Jace, which I was surprised by when Alec felt him die. I didn't know what was happening. I thought they might turn him into an angel because he had angel blood in him.

That angel was lame. I get not wanting to kill Shadowhunters, but it should have agreed to kill the downworlders.

At 1st I was annoyed that Sebastian was still alive but then a dragon showed up! It wasn't as cool as Khaleesi's dragon but it was still cool. Then his mom showed up! Did Valentine have sex with a demon woman? That is going to be so awesome.

What did stupid Simon agree to do with the Seeley queen?