Sunday, December 31, 2017


Season 1 Episode 5

I really like how they were all excited to have super powers, even Chase with his power gloves & Niko with the wand. 

I sort of feel bad for Niko's mom now. She tried to fix her marriage but her husband is cheating on her with Chase's mom. Then she knew Niko was using the wand & told her to keep using it. She's trying to be a wife & mom.

Alex is turning out to be a really stupid judgmental kid. His father is a criminal & a murderer but that's ok, and he just believes Darius without any proof? Why isn't Darius taking care of his grandma? Alex shot that criminal, then wanted to save his life? 

Um, what happened to the Sokovia accords? Somebody should be reporting them to SHIELD. 

Chases's dad makes a time machine & gives it the most vague command ever. "Show me the future of LA" um, when? in an hour? a day? a century? so stupid. Of course the thing went on the fritz. 

Frank the cuck was sweating for nothing because Jonah is back to normal & banging Karolina's mom.

Bad Blood

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Season 1 Episode 7

Wow, Jafar's dad refuses to say those little words. I was not expecting that. Of course he did try to drown the kid, but that's hardcore. I knew that was his dad the whole time, it's too bad they didn't keep the same actor, he's way better than that old guy.

Alice used another wish, but at least Alice's father apologized & she got to hear it. It was a good conversation between them. Now the dad thinks he might be crazy.

Alice was being unreasonable. Her Wonderland story was unbelievable, who is going to believe some kid's fantasy story without evidence. Her father did nothing wrong.

What dragon was that? Is that a generic dragon? It wasn't the Jabberwocky was it? After Alice slew the dragon, they ate it! That was crazy!

What was that blue magic that brought Jafar back to life as child? Because he was dead in that garbage dump.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rise of the Primo

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 11

WTF, the Heart ceo was Karma the whole time?? Her pulling off his skin was gross. That was nuts & made no sense, but it was great.

It was pretty funny how they were in an empty arena with nobody watching. Just sounds & lights. I had hoped they would drive a little or a demolition derby or something.

So it's called a Blood Gate, not a vagina-port.

What happened to Arthur, he just became overcome with killing? He even threw away his book. It was unexpected. I was shocked when Grace threw her sister into an Blood Engine, but Karma's been watching Grace this whole time, so there was no redeeming her if she didn't get it.

Then she came back to life! I thought the race was to use Blood as a fuel source, but it's also to power the Soul Reclamator so she can be immortal?

The Time Transformer

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 8

I like that Hordak got annoyed with Imp, that was funny. Once again She-Ra is just flying around in space without a helmet. I liked that Entrapta was there, even if she was just standing around doing nothing.

That is not how changing the past works but i guess it was the best way for She-Ra to realize what was happening without a convoluted explanation that little kids wouldn't understand.

I wish she had taken Castaspella to Lighthope & both of them sent her into the past, I really didn't like how she was just able to fly around Etheria the way Superman did. At least he changed the rotation of the Earth, she just flew around Etheria really fast.

I can understand "sword to grappling hook" so She-Ra could pull the moon and stop the exclipse but "sword to bat"? That's so stupid. She could have just used the sword to break all those asteroids. It's the same thing, there is no point in changing it to a bat. Kids could still emulate her using a bat to hit things, so there is no reason for it. She never uses her sword as a sword & one of the few times she can, they just refuse.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Beebo the God of War

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 9

Constantine!!! Make him a regular part of the show!

"Our god hungers for battle!"

It was pretty funny how Leif Erikson’s sister Freydis had the vikings worshipping Cuddle Me Beebo to turned America into New Valhala

"Beebo want cuddles."

Nora Darhk was great as a realistic Valkrie, unlike the fake  Valkryie in Thor Ragnorak.

Captain Cold trying to make Heat Wave stop drinking was annoying. I'm glad he stopped.

Of course Isis is good at video games, because she played a lot of Mortal Kombat 2 during the Argus dystopia, whatever.


Marvel's Runaways
Season 1 Episode 4

The parents almost told Gert what was going on & they were surprised the dinosaur listened to her. Does it recognize her voice from the vents in the house when she was singing?

I like the way Cchase reacted when Karolina showed him her power. Why didn't he just tell her & everyone what happened at the party so she could defend herself against the rumors. Why does Davina have such a small role on this show??

Victor & Robert trying to grab a homeless man in broad daylight with everyone around them was incredibly unbelievable & what happened to the girl that Victor kidnapped?? Like she's not going to tell the police? She wasn't blindfolded.

Who kidnapped Alex? Was it his parents? Is everyone afraid of Tina?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

He Who Laughs Last

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 17

Wait, Argyle & the Gangster Prankster are brothers? What a sudden & weird retcon. That comedian was not afraid of Gangster Prankster at all.

That exploding gas could have been really gruesome, but it looks like they killed Gangster Prankster for real this time.

I can't believe that they so quickly thought the worst of Argyle, his friends suck.

Her partner can be so annoying. Instead of chasing after GP & his gang, he stops to arrest Black Scorpion. He's so lucky she likes him, if it was some other vigilante, they might beat him up.

The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 5 Episode 26

This was another great episode!! 

So many alternate timelines. Changelings attacking, Nightmare Moon ruling Equestria, Lord Tirek destroying things, Discord in charge, Flim and Flam!

Poor Starlight Glimmer, it turns out that she lost her boyfriend when he got his cutie mark. That's why she's against them. sjw are just sad lonely weirdos.

But Princess Twilight Sparkle stopped her by letting her know she can make new friends & she can't assume they will all end the way it did with Sunburst.

What a great season finale & another song!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Season 2 Episode 12

I've really hated Vincent & this episode is a perfect example of why he sucked. He wanted to raise his son, so he jumps into that woman psychologist's body. It was like a bad episode of Dollhouse. Then the schizo dude was hallucinating Vincent? Did he get fixed?

Phillip apparently doesn't have any friends except a turtle? They couldn't even bring back Jenny.

Then the Director takes over Vincent's body which shows that it knows where he is, but the director doesn't stop the exposing of all the time travelers on Earth? Just stupid.

I know they wanted to do something shocking because I guess it's the series finale, maybe but it was all so sudden & it makes no sense that Vincent would expose them all for nothing. He isn't even a good father. In the few scenes we've seen, he's been distant & rude to his son.

I'm really disappointed in this episode & the season.

Scar Tissue

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 10

All right!! Finally a good episode after the last two bad ones. This was a cult episode. They messed up a little at the end but it was still good. I really liked Slink doing the preacher sermon at the end. It was pretty funny. Slink talking about using comics & other media to explain the convoluted mythology was also hysterical.

I guess the cronenberg town was on a small outcropping of the scar, because if it was that easy to fix, someone would have filled it with cement by now.

The gas made them see what they wanted to see, but did it also turn them into deformed mutants? Crazy that it didn't work with mirrors. Ugh, that means that Arthur drank a pitcher of dog pee at the beginning.

I was wondering why Christopher & Aki didn't vagina-port to Arthur but then I remembered that they weren't at Heart headquarters. A silver car sounded cool, but it doesn't look as cool as a primary color. I'm surprised that Aki isn't going with them, it would have been cool to have everyone back together.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Season 2 Episode 11

As if 001 having met Marcy in the past wasn't bad enough, now he met Kat & MacLaren before Grant was overwritten. This isn't Lost, so I don't know why they are doing this. It's really unnecessary & doesn't add to the show in any way. The only way they could fix this is if they say that the director had finding 001 a part of their mission from the beginning & it was all part of the Grand Plan. Either way, I don't like it.

So did Philip see Carly get raped or her kill watching her kill her baby daddy. I didn't like that sudden change either, Jeff was improving & then they made him into a drunk again. They didn't kill him so what was the point of that.

I'm glad they got rid of Trevor's girlfriend. I was wondering where she was.

How did they think that a traveler would not know about their ear communicators? That seemed like a big mistake.

Some dude who made himself rich & has a son. I don't care, why does the director care. He already changed the past & the director knows where he lives. Hopefully they kill him because this 001 storyline has been really bad & is going nowhere.

When Christmas Was Christmas

Season 1 Episode 3

This is the last episode I watch. It only improved a little because it started to turn into the average cop show, but it's still terrible. I realized that this horrible show is being shown during the winter break where every other quality show is not showing new episodes, so even SYFY knows it's bad.

Meredith broke up his marriage to the black mom. Then Meredith drives her around to help with the kid? After getting punched in the face? In front of the other cops? It's less believable than a blue alicorn.

I'm supposed to believe some rich lawyer would fight his mistress & kill a baby? He's rich, he would just buy her off. It was just really stupid. But that's to be expected from this show, stupidty. Besides bad guys have to be white these days.

and Very Bad Santa just magically appears in the alley? Sure, whatever.

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Christmas Special

He-Man and She-Ra

There were so many Masters in this episode! I wish they had used them more than they did but it was still better than usual.

Peekablue used her omni-directional vision & Mermista found the Jewel. Two-Bad, Spikor, Rattlor & Webstor were piloting Skeletor's ship & Catra, Modulok & Multi-Bot were piloting Hordak's ship. Perfuma somehow made snow instead of Frosta. Flutterina put up decorations. Snout Spout put the star on the Christmas Tree. 

In the background was Mossman, Mekaneck, Buzz Off, Man-E-Faces, Sy-Klone, Fisto, Glimmer, Bow, Castaspella, Ram Man, Stratos, Lizard Man, Zodac, Mekaneck, Sea Hawk & Loo-Kee

There were so many bonkers things in this special. He-Man made a Laser Bolt, fly into space, even though it has huge wheels & no wings. She-Ra joined him in space without a helmet. Sword to flame?? I guess kids liked seeing Skeletor be overcome by the spirit of Christmas.

The Monstroids just came up out of the ground randomly. The Beast Monster was not even a threat. I guess the message was that transforming robots are all evil. As if Autobots don't exist. The Monstroids aren't afraid of Hordak or Horde Prime.

Why would Man-At-Arms build the sky spy to be able to fly across the galaxy to Earth?

The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 5 Episode 25

This episode got serious! I like that Twilight Sparkle was discussing the shared cutie marks of The Cutie Mark Crusaders & the Starlight Glimmer is back. 

She went back in time & created this dark present with the Crystal Empire taking over most of Equestria & it was like WW2 with everyone dong their part! That was awesome & then Twilight is like, well I'll just go back in time to a little bit before & stop Starlight Glimmer. but Starlight Glimmer was there too!! So cool. 

She started preaching her sjw junk about bullying. But then in the new present, it's Equestria vs the changelings! This was great.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

What Smiles Are For

Season 1 Episode 2

This show is terrible. Episode 3 will be the last one I suffer through.

The Jerry Springer show isn't even relevant anymore, it shows how dumb this show is that they used it, at least if it was Maury it would have made sense. 

The mom just punched Detective Meredith at the police station. Who wrote this garbage? The mom said she owed her. For what? They weren't friends, he cheated on her, it happens. I hope all the other cops beat the living hell out of her.

Kiss of Death

Black Scorpion
Season 1 episode 16

The Angel of Death looked like Ghost & they even mentioned Arcadia Avenue, although she didn't have any powers. She was just a cop like Walker.

It's too bad they didn't call the Sanitation Psycho something better like Clean Freak, but he wasn't really a super villain, he was technically a vigilante. it was pretty crazy that the vigilante Black Scorpion went after the vigilante Angel of Death because she went after the vigilante Sanitation Psycho.

I didn't realize all those villains were in prison with Breathtaker. even though it wasn't the original actors, it was still cool to see Medusa, Inferno, Hurricane, Flashpoint & Aftershock. It's a good thing they don't form a Legion of Doom, because there is no way Black Scorpion could defeat them if they were all working together.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Who's Alice?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Season 1 Episode 6

All mimsy were the boro groves

Alice was turning into a tree. I was wondering how the Knave of Hearts wasn't affected. He never put his heart back.

This episode was a little boring. Her dad & her step-mom were being reasonable considering that they thought she was crazy. If anything, she was being unreasonable for not understanding that her story is really unbelievable without evidence.

The Chopsocky Special

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 9

They made it seem like this was going to be a Kung Fu episode so I was super disappointed when it turned out to be a spirit quest instead. They should have made it a native american theme instead of Chinese. At least it would have made more sense.

The 50s home was good, and I like that all the racers showed up again.

I don't care that the Chinese lady was the Aki's mom. Nobody cares about that. I am curious where Arthur is. Did she take him? Her being in the car & helping them could be interesting.

I expected the scar to be a lot bigger. It looked smaller than a river. Maybe they can't build bridges over it??