Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Half Truths & Half Breeds

Season 1 Episode 3

You would think a minority show that has most of the cast be black would hire a Latino to play a Latino role, but nope. He had the worse accent when he spoke Spanish. As if  LA & the south aren't filled with Mexicans that they could hire for this role.

The daughter was being super-annoying again. Garvey keeps blaming her dad, even though it was her mother that keep her a secret from him. Calvin didn't know, it's not his fault. Then Garvey had the nerve to complain about people who keep secrets!

The writing is so terrible. Calvin doesn't have a job, how did he stand up May on their date to talk to that guy at the bar? So dumb.

As if it wasn't obvious this show hates men, Tilly said some stupid line about men being liars. Like there are that many black women who like supernatural tv shows??

Orientation Part 2

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 1 Episode 2

The jokes are better & seem to be almost constant. This show should just turn into a comedy. Poor Maya is doomed to live in the apocalypse.

Weren't they supposed to be covert operatives? For spies, they absolutely suck at blending in. I don't see how they think they can fight the Kree when they are living on a space station with nowhere to go. It was really annoying.

The earth was destroyed by Daisy? Really? Not because of something movie related? Are they kidding? When has she ever been that powerful? That sucked. It was really stupid.

Ugh, more framework. I don't like how those high class Kree have weird face makeup. I also hate that they aren't wearing their uniforms. They could have at least included the colors & symbols on their clothes somehow.

They didn't explain their "owe a life take a life" renewal thing. I'm also surprised they are using projectiles inside a space station.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

High Spirits: The Wandering Warrior

Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin
Season 1 Episode 1

This was a good 1st episode, with introductions for a lot of characters, almost too many. Melona is there challenging Leina for no apparent reason. Leina is lucky that Risty was there to save her. Although Risty was following her just to collect the bounty, which is a good way to get runaway kids.

They should have shown how Risty got out of that dungeon. The Claudette vs Risty fight was ok. Now Leina looks like my action figure of Leina now.

I can't believe they actually had Melona's breasts explode, not pop like balloons but explode with fire & smoke! 

Nanael was pretty funny but Elina was creepy.

We Fall

Season 6 Episode 11

I like that Felicity was talking to the son to make him accept his dad as Green Arrow, but she should have been paying attention. That kid can't be mad, because if it wasn't for his dad being the Green Arrow, he might be dead. I also like that The Green Arros is shooting arrows again. He should have stayed on the roof & just killed people with arrows.

The minoriteam was still annoying. They get mad that Green Arrow keeps secrets but Mr. Terrific keeps a big secret & almost sent them into an ambush, but that's perfectly a-ok. The Outsiders! That was funny but that's Batman's team. 

So is Cayden trying to pull a "no man's land"? He thinks his son was shot with an arrow? Is that what this is all about? How do they not have evidence that it wasn't him? That would be so simple to prove. I can't believe Mayor Queen wired the money. That was really stupid. How is that even possible, just shoot him dead, he was in your office.

Monday, January 29, 2018

What's Past Is Prologue

Star Trek: Discovery
Season 1 Episode 13

At 1st I thought it was dumb that Georgiou was emperor but Hoshi did take command at the end of that episode of Star Trek: Enterpise so maybe she's a descendant. This show is online, so why are they still sticking to a broadcast time constraint. It's so annoying that they keep cutting footage that should be in the show.

I'm glad that Burnham fought & escaped instead of going to the brig. I think it's dumb that the emperor just gave up because Lorca took over her ship for a few hours, that's barely a coup. I also think it was insane that Burnham kidnapped the emperor & also that the transporter separated them. That was really stupid. Did nobody on this show watch any episodes of Star Trek!? That's not what happens when they transport.

Burnham made such a huge mistake, what was she thinking rescuing the emperor. She was there when the emperor fired on the planet with the rebel base after she tried to let them leave. The writers of this show seem to have the same short-term memory that most stupid liberals have these days.

Suddenly the DASH drive let's them travel through time!? They just suddenly introduce that in this episode without explanation? Where is the federation timeship when you need it.

At least mirror Lorca is dead, so I guess we'll find out if fungus Lorca is alive or dead. 

Orientation Part 1

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 5 Episode 1

It was really obvious they were in the future. I wish they didn't try to make it some big reveal, like we were going to be shocked. I am curious about the future history.  

I don't expect it this season to tie into the movies, they've been doing their best to keep these guys out of anything that happens in the movies. After that horrible Inhumans show, they should have done something with that, or some other character like Ghost Rider, instead we get this. Future space season. That's why I'm not rushing or excited to watch.

I'm supposed to believe there's a massive space station run by Kree who let humans & space roaches run around killing each other? It's like they spent all their energy into making little jokes. The magic school bus floating in space I guess is funny, but I never watched that show.

It was funny that Yo-Yo mentioned SPEAR because that is the Chinese version of SHIELD. We all know it's SWORD.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Caregiver

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 12

Glimmer is finally using her powers to fight the Horde. It's been so frustrating watching her not use her light powers. But now she is, she shone & fought off that tank & then in the dungeon. I liked how Hordak turned into a bunch of machines while he was fighting She-Ra. they should have done that more often.

They keep introducing new characters. The last one was Ore Captain Sludge Man & now Shakra. Adora apparently had a nanny while she was with the horde, which I guess makes sense but the nanny couldn't have been that good a person because it was He-Man who showed Adora that the Horde was evil. Where was Shakra all those years? I'm glad that the DC comics had Shadow Weaver raising Adora instead, that makes more sense than this random woman.

I like that Bow & Madame Spazz didn't trust her, but I guess the Whispering Woods could tell she wasn't evil? What is strange is that they said she was wearing a "Horde costume" & not a Horde uniform. 

The Losses of Magic

Season 3 Episode 3

OMG yes! Penny is dead! Please stay dead, because an astral projection Penny angry that he isn't alive would be worse than him being normal.

Another sad conversation between Alice & Quentin.

I like how Niffin Alice was just cruel for no reason. She wasn't searching for knowledge, she just liked looking at the lights when the lampreys died. and the way she smiled as she watched the lights of the lamprey when she killed him was great.

Boats having sex was interesting. Did Margo's boat reply to her before the fairy queen killed all the pirates? That was weird that the door showed up on the boat. Does the key create the door or was the key for that boat the whole time??

Saturday, January 27, 2018


The Gifted
Season 1 Episode 13

That was a great season finale! This show is so good. Polaris actually made that airplane crash! She ripped the engines of it killing everyone on board! That was crazy. They could not talk her out of it. Then she shows up at their new safehouse & steals a bunch of mutants, including Andy, to join the new Hellfire club.

I like that agent Turner quit, I hope he stays on the show as some anti-mutant vigilante, or something.

It was a good debate about how they should proceed but in the show I'm going to have to side with the stepford cuckoos & say Magneto was right!

I still don't like the hounds & the handcuffs that they are using. It's dumb. They didn't really show their power combined in a good way. The hounds are fine separate.

Aideen and the Stone Princess

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Season 1 Episode 14

I really hate that Midar guy & hate that Queen Maeve has to ask him for help. How did he get into the leprechaun city?

Jealous Aideen, she is a lot like Tinkerbell, she ended up making Deidre into a stone statue! Maybe Rohan shouldn't be so rude to her. I hope he gets shrunk to her size in a future episode, that'll teach him.

I like that Ivar & Angus used their gauntlets to shoot lasers at The Guardians of Temra but I'm not going to buy a gauntlet.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Lawanda: The Book of Hope

Black Lightning
Season 1 Episode 2

I like that he doesn't just shoot electric blasts but uses the electricity to charge his punches & kicks. That was great. I like that the tailor was like, yeah I blame you, to Lynn, it was pretty funny.

I didn't expect LaLa to shoot Lawanda & I was sure that the detective was dirty. I guess only the white cops are dirty because they were the ones who let in the black albino to kill Lala.

I'm really hating that Black Lightning is old. He's sore & beat-up from only 1 night of action. Plus they introduced this weird concept about him maybe being addicted to his power? As if there aren't already enough black stereotypes on this show, they want to make the hero an addict? I don't know if that's from the comics but it's a bad idea.

Of course, no show can be on tv these days without having a lesbian in it.

The Elongated Knight Rises

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 11

This was a pretty good episode. With EM going up against Prank & Trickster 2. I like that they keep using actors from the old Flash TV show. Maybe I'll watch it in the summer.  

Who is that weird girl who writes speedforce? I hope she explains that they translated it wrong.

Stretchy man wasn't that good a name but in a city with "The Flash" why not "The Stretch"? The elongated man is the worse name, if they are going to change Vibe & Gypsy so drastically, they could have changed his stupid stupid name. I honestly don't know why his name wasn't changed in the comics in the 90s.

Poor Barry is really depressed without Iris. Shouldn't Iron Heights have his rogues in there? I guess his enemies are mostly dead. Is anyone still imprisoned in star labs?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fort Rozz

Season 3 Episode 11

This started out as an exciting episode with Supergirl putting together a Suicide Squad with Psi & Livewire joining Saturn Girl. 

Why are they making Brainiac 5 into an arrogant dummy? What is the point of that? Instead of making Brainiac 5 & Winn work together, they made them bicker. It was really stupid.

Why does Reign have her powers in the blue sun but Supergirl doesn't? They said that Reign was from Kypton too. That was really stupid. It would have been better if she showed up & didn't know or had some weapons. Why is Reign confiding in Alex?? Since when are they friends? Hopefully she'll get fired by Lena. Ii don't know why they introduced two more Worldkillers, Purity and Pestilence. Unless they want this season to be like Superman 2? with 3 Krptonian bad guys from the Phantom Zone? Supergirl can barely fight Reign. 

But the man-hating team of scumbags Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn have Livewire say be harpy a man-hating harpy with her calling a dead male alien "the weaker sex" then she says "another dead body of an incompetent male, perhaps" when she smells something. Winn & Brainiac 5 say two lines & Supergirl says "ok boys" as if they were bickering for along time. This season had improved but they always spring some man-hate on you when you least expect it. At least the man-hating feminist Livewire died. They should have taken M'Gann with them, she doesn't hate men.

The Resurrection

Black Lightning
Season 1 Episode 1

I like how he can make people float with lightning, but is that even possible?? Will should be dead, he was hitting him with electricity for a long time. I can't believe Will stalked Jennifer & went to her school, what a creepy loser.

I wish they hadn't of picked some old man for this role. I don't know why they did that. It should be a young actor. Do they plan for this show to last only a couple of seasons or do they plan on replacing him with one of his daughters?

Only The Flash is a hero, Green Arrow is a vigilante & is wanted by the cops. I don't think Vixen is a hero & the Legends are time travelers, they mostly work in secret, so those talking heads were wrong.

I'm not surprised that Jefferson Pierce is more angry that the police are doing their job than the criminals who make his city dangerous.  He let's criminals get away with crimes all the time. He hates the police so much that he just ends up enabling all the crime in his own city. 

Even though they try to show how bad the police are for "harassing" a law abiding citizen who happens to be black, the show is really exposing how the black community perpetuates the crime. Not only are the criminals black, but so are the elected officials! So who's fault is it that there is so much crime?? lol

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Vaulting Ambition

Star Trek
Season 1 Episode 12

I liked that they finally called it the Displacement Activated Spore Hub drive.

It turns out Captain Lorca was mirror Lorca the whole time. It would be shocking if we cared about Captain Lorca, but we don't. The show is about Burnham & Lorca was evil the whole season, that's why I thought he was Section 31. It does explain a lot of stuff about him. His secret weapon room. His jump into the mirror universe in the middle of the war. How he escaped his universe will be interesting to find out.

I like that the emperor is reasonable enough to help Burnham, I'm a little surprised that she only trusted that 1 guy to keep the spore universe a secret. (I'm not calling it prime timeline because it isn't.)

Spore Stamets talking to his mirror doppelganger was terrible. Mirror Stamet wasn't very tough. He seemed just like regular Stamet. It was annoying. He may be a scientist, but he's Terran Empire & should have been more militaristic.

It looks like they may redeem stupid Tyler and he may not be Voq anymore. That sucks. L'Rell sure made it sound like it's possible. It's lame if they use that to end the war. Besides he was removed from power months ago. I doubt the Klingons will listen to him. They'll treat him the way some Minbari treated Delenn when she grew hair.

Heroes and Morons

The Magicians
Season 3 Episode 2

I really liked the animation for the Quest for the 7 keys book.

Professor Blue Fairy was sleeping with Markov? When was that happening? That Central Park orgy was terrible,  the dinosaur was funny, I'm surprised that nurse didn't trust them, they were asking about the dinosaur. 

I thought the batteries were bigger. Now it seems like magic is a kind of energy.

That was a really good catch by Quentin when the professor jumped off the building, it looked real.

"Her cat blew up, as they do."

No, that sucks that Quentin is possessed by the serpent thing. It makes sense because it saw them talking in the police station but so much for the quest.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Season 6 Episode 10

I like that Oliver basically doesn't even care what the 3 of them do. He's like "ok, good luck, see ya" 

Mr. Terrific, Black Canary & Wild Dog are being hypocrites. Wild Dog betrayed all of them, not just The Green Arrow. Do they think the police & the media won't start investigating everyone the mayor/Green Arrow hangs out with? It was really annoying & I liked that Felicity stood up for Oliver. They are doing a way better job with her this season.

I'm surprised that all he did was set some bombs up in that warehouse. Now that Mr. Terrific, Black Canary & Wild Dog are gone, I would love if he stops going after Cayden & starts going after the other members of the Legion of Gloom. Just start with Anatoli & take them out 1 by one, until Cayden is left with no muscle to protect himself. Maybe Speedy could help him. Two archers going out & taking down the criminals. That would be awesome.

The Trial of The Flash

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 10

This episode was good but it was so frustrating. People liked seeing Prometheus beat the Green Arrow last season, because they were angry with the show. Nobody is angry with The Flash so it sucked watching Barry get convicted. I think he should have revealed his identity.

Sucks about Fallout, he had no idea what was going on. Earth-15 is a dead earth, maybe they should start sending their criminals there.

I like the conversation that Elongated Man gave Joe. Cecile sucks as a lawyer. How did she not spin it into the black dude murdering the husband to get the wife? I'm glad the wife is still repulsed by the new body, it's pretty funny.

The only problem with the trial was motive. Why would Barry Allen kill the Thinker? Why stalk him in the 1st place? None of it makes sense.

Stupid Thinker, The Flash knows the future & he knows he wins, so does Reverse-Flash.

Monday, January 22, 2018


Marvel's Runaways
Season 1 Episode 10

What a terrible season finale. The showdown between kids & parents was so anti-climactic. The parents didn't have powers so it would have been the kids murdering their parents. Jonah being there did not help. Suddenly Karolina knew how to shoot lasers even though she never practiced & every other thing she did, she learned by accident? 

"It's been 24 hours without my emotional support dinosaur."

The kids finally runaway, but I don't care anymore. I am so bored with this show. These kids were ok at the beginning but now they all turned into typical millennial snowflakes. Alex actually went to a real street criminal & called his dad "his enemy" even though he saw them all try to protect the kids from Jonah, even though the kids know the parents were all being blackmailed.

Alex suddenly didn't care about rescuing Karolina, even though he got them all together again. Niko is suddenly in love with Karolina & suddenly a lesbian, even though she used to date Alex. Chase suddenly "really really likes" Gert, even though he didn't talk to her & liked Karolina. Suddenly Destiny is in the news but the girl who escaped from the back of van kidnapped by a famous tech giant isn't. Thank goodness The Gifted is on tv.

The Wolf Inside

Star Trek: Discovery
Season 1 Episode 11

I guess meeting the mirror version of yourself would wake you up. 

Mirror Voq didn't really explain his coalition very well. Just that they all have a common enemy, The Terran Empire. Unless Burnham is going to go to the Delta quadrant & get the Borg or the Gamma quadrant to get The Dominion, there isn't a common enemy for the Federation & the Klingons, I guess she could find the Romulans. But there was no SJW reason, which is this show is desperately trying to push.

Mmirror Universe Stamet talking to Stamet in spore dimension was stupid. I think I figured it out, this isn't the Kelvin timline or the prime timeline, it's the fungus universe. Because someone on the show did a 3rd grade science fair project on fungi & now the universe & the afterlife are all fungus-related.

It's funny how weak Burnham was, when she punched Tyler, he barely flinched. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Virtue of the Vicious

The Punisher
Season 1 Episode 10

The punisher ziplined off the roof!

I like that Karen knew to try to find the white wire. I didn't get it at all, but I guess he was giving her a look. The purse was obvious, although Billy Russo said she would get her gun back after she left the interview so how did she have her gun in her purse? Was that somebody else's gun?

I'm surprised at how bad Billy was at covering up for those Anvil guys. He should have shown a little concern & told Madani to email her the names & he would give her any info he had, instead he was really defensive & really obvious. It's too bad she didn't shoot him in that crazy standoff in the staircase. 

This episode was ok. The show is pretending it isn't a SJW show by having the gun conversation but they tried so hard to have a white domestic terrorist so they could push their SJW agenda. Suddenly Lewis is a bomb expert? Then he blew himself up with a suicide vest? Ok sure, like that would happen.

Legion of Superheroes

Season 3 Episode 10

Braniac 5!! They woke up another member of The Legion of Superheroes! They put on their flight rings & went after Reign. It looked really cool, but then it turned out to be really lame that they barely fought her & spent most of the CGI on that space ship. Supergirl & every other DC character has their costume,  but they looked like movie X-Men, all in black.

I'm pretty sure their DNA would survive, even if they died. Besides, how lame that they are so afraid of her that they think they will die.

I'm really disappointed that Coville has abandoned Supergirl for Reign. I get that she showed him that she was just a person who can bleed, but that should have made him not have faith in Reign either. But I guess he saw Reign give Supergirl a beating & figured that she was the real god.

I'm surprised that Reign basically wants to be a Justice Lord.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Front Toward Enemy

The Punisher
Season 1 Episode 9

This episode was really good. That psycho vet is living in the dead guy's house & bombed 3 buildings! That was a surprise. 

And that was a good fight between Hoyle & Lewis. Lewis knew to keep going for that leg. He even beat Hoyle with his own leg. That was humiliating.

I liked Billy Russo's talk to Madani. I'm surprised that she was so dismissive of Micro at the bar.
Why wasn't Karen Page on Hellcat's radio show? Another MCU fail.

Then the story about how it's Frank's fault that Hoyle lost his leg because of a muslim suicide bomber. Then he cut the wire. What a mess. Of course they just had to make the white man a domestic terrorist bomber. They just couldn't resist. Luckily Homeland is a tv show that knows that terrorists are muslim & doesn't make all the enemies white.