Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Season 2 Episode 22

So it was silver Kryptonite that made Superman see Supergirl as if she was General Zod. I don't think I've heard of silver Kryptonite before. It was so terrible & forced when Superman said that he was fighting at full strength & Supergirl beat him. It was as cringe-inducing as last episode. There's no need for such stupidity. She's the star of the show, we don't need such obvious nonsense that erases decades of continuity.

Their fight was pretty good, but it could have been better.

I like that M'gann returned with white Martians who are good. I can't believe Rhea had Kryptonite in her blood, that was weird. I didn't like that Cat figured out that Kara was Supergirl. That's stupid.

It's too bad that little box wasn't cooler looking, that thing somehow dispersed Lead into the entire planet's atmosphere? Mon-El was sucked into a wormhole? Is he going to Apokalips? or Earth-1? Who else was sent from Krypton? We already saw Brainiac. Are they going to make a girl Doomsday?

The Final Battle Part 1

Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 21

Yup, as I was afraid, this episode wasn't as good. We are back to the original curse, except now Fiona is the mayor & Henry is her son, which is stupid because Regina brought him to town so it's dumb that she's calling him son. She should have immediately thrown him in jail, not Emma. It wasn't thought out very well. 

And the musical episode ret-conned Gold knowing about the curse, so that he wouldn't know about the curse in this episode. That was also stupid. He also dosen't seem to realize that Fiona is his mother. And Belle abandoned them? What is the point of that?

At least Aladdin & Jasmine showed up. They mention Arendelle but it would have been better to have 1 of those actresses show up. It was just bad again.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Season 2 Episode 21

Do they just bring Cat Grant on the show so they can spout misandrist lines? Her anti-Trump speech was so stupid. There is an invasion of refugees & she says to resist. They can't even keep their metaphors straight. The good part is that Queen Rhea ignored her stupid-girl power speech & blew up Air Force 1. 

And they end up showing how stupid girls can be by having the president on Air Force 1 fly directly at an alien invasion. It's the dumbest thing ever. Everyone on board died except for Cat Grant & an alien president. When are they going to tell the president that she isn't the president? She's not a US citizen so nobody should be listening to her. She's now like president Obama. 

I like that Superman punched Supergirl in the face, it was good payback for this terrible episode. I liked that they brought in the Durlans. It was funny that Cat Grant recognized Jimmy from his eyes but can't recognize Kara. also that Winn called them cowards! 

Does Earth-15 only have 2 jet planes? Where is the rest of the military during an alien invasion?

Lian Yu

Season 5 Episode 23

Oh man, what is happening to the Green Arrow. He really has been beaten by Prometheus. 

This season wasn't as bad as last season but seeing the hero get beaten so bad over & over again was too much. He should retire, because if he can't beat this angry loser with no powers, then he has no business fighting crime. This is the type of adversary that should have been reserved for Supergirl who can't punch a human. When Artemis said "he hasn't set up a hoop that you haven't jumped through" she was right. It's been really annoying watching him make stupid mistake after stupid mistake. I get trusting Deathstroke but trusting Captain Boomerang? Stupid. Then he goes in only 1 plane, instead of telling them to come in multiple vehicles. 

I was really hoping that he was going to have vigilante there to help him, but no. After Prometheus telling him over & over again how he is 10 steps ahead, Oliver didn't think ahead or do any planning. He should have shown up with Arsenal or Cupid. He shot Chase in the foot, but why didn't they disarm & handcuff him in that temple. Instead he lost to the bad guy. 

The island blew up & those guys are maybe dead, maybe somewhere safe, Felicity had a map. But the hero lost. How did Chase find his son when Felicity wasn't able to? Are all the bad guys dead too? Artemis,  Boomerang,  Black Siren & Talia?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Season 2 Episode 10

I liked the crank up TV set that you can't be tracked with & the scarf that stops video cameras. It's not reflective like on Almost Human. But it's cool.

I really do not like how they introduced Calderon out of nowhere. Anna should have been the person who killed John. It would have been a lot more interesting that way. I guess they wanted to bring that silly TAALR thing back into the show.

I can't believe that Fiona Stanton did not care that Lucy killed Nate Malone who worked on the virus that kills hybrids. He was valuable & all Fiona said was "regrettable." I'm surprised that she was ok with Lucy killing him Lucy is a robot, she should have been able to knock him unconscious without killing. It's like they forgot that they were initially concerned about Ethan being dangerous.

I can't believe that stupid Toby was admitting defeat with the hybrids & saying that we should live in peace with them right after they tried to blow him up. I don't feel bad at all that the head of the GSC killed him with a drone.

Unlike the other hybrids Molly didn't grow into a new body, so I'm not sure what happened to her. 

Lead Horse Back to Stable

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 11

So Colleen was tricked into joining The Hand cult. I'm glad Claire was mad at her, but she is way too forgiving to be believable.

There was only 1 fight but they cut to another scene right in the middle of Colleen fighting. I don't want to see Danny doing poses on the roof, there needs to be more fighting on this show. Nobody is shocked that dragons are real, we saw Doctor Strange. There better be more fighting in the next 2 episodes.

So Bakuto has been stealing from Rand Enterprises? Did Gao know about this? How did those board members not know what's going on?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Queen Death

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 9

That was a good idea to trap Elijah's soul in a pendant, but I really wish there were more cursed objects from Camille's stash. They made such a big deal about it last season.

I like when Klaus runs out of patience & kills a bunch of people. Haley needs to shut up. Elijah is his  brother & Klaus just tried to give his life for him. They should have stuck Haley in the pendant.

Vincent is going to use the evil book. Why is The Hollow such a young girl, I thought she was older in the flashbacks.

Black Tiger Steals Heart

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 10

After 2 dumb episodes, this one was better, but it started out bad too. 

At 1st I thought I skipped an episode, because Danny was acting like it's perfectly normal to wake up in a strange bed and not care that you don't know where you are. Also they skipped a lot of Joy accepting that her father is alive. Then later on after Danny confronts Colleen about being a liar & a member of the hand, he's just meditating while she sleeps. He is such a weirdo.
They shouldn't have made the bad guys of this show an organization like The Hand, you can't defeat an organization. Now there is a good Hand & a bad Hand & I'm just as incredulous as Danny was when he said it. Then the guy from last episode who seemed like a bad guy is actually his friend Davos who rescued him & Bakuto who rescued him is actually a bad guy. I get it but unless this is from the comics, it's really unnecessary.
It was pretty funny when Davos broke that kid's leg, he was warned. The fight when the two of them were trying to escape was good, but the two of them in the hallway was terrible. My favorite part was when Danny kicked Bakuto's ass in the monitor room. He was so arrogant.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Infantino Street

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 22

WTF, Iris is dead. What did I just watch?! Is this the season finale?? I thought HR was going to show up with that Savitar spike from behind.

Why did Barry think he could reason with himself? He can be so frustratingly naive.

Cheetah! OMG please give us Cheetah next season!

Barry should have set a trap for him using all his rogues. Are they all dead? It's a speed guy, he should have gotten other bad guys to help him. It would have worked & they would have accidentally realized that if they work together, they can defeat regular Flash, it would have set up next season.

City of Lost Children

Season 2 Episode 20

It was a pretty good episode.

They mentioned Clark's friend!!

I was hoping Guardian's solution would be to change his costume to be brightly colored like the original Guardian. At least he realized how powerless he really is. For a minute I thought Catco world headquarters was going to collapse. It looked really damaged.

I didn't know that Mon-el is vulnerable to bullets.

Ugh, that "black" line was so stupid. J'onn should have corrected him & said: 'no, I'm green & that boy isn't black, he's a Phorian.'

Oh man, I don't know if they are going to go full justice warrior & welcome the Daxamites as though they are refugees & turn the show into Alien Nation or if they will repel them as evil economic migrants. Either way, the SJWs are going to be so triggered.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Song in Your Heart

Once Upon a Time

Season 6 Episode 20

I thought this was going to be another boring Black Fairy episode but it turned out to be great! I didn't even know they were working on a musical episode. It was so good!

The mirror was back singing with the Evil Queen. Prince Charming & Snow White with her long hair were singing. Even Emma & Captain Hook were singing! Shmee, Geppetto & the dwarves were singing. The songs turned out to be good too.

The only bad part is that Henry put Emma's heart back in her chest. That was so stupid. It should have been Regina, how did they screw that up? She was standing right there.

This should have been the season finale. It should have ended right there. I almost don't want to watch the next episode because I know there is no way it's going to be as good as this one was.

What If...

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 16

I forgot they were doing that Matrix rip-off storyline.

The only good part is that when Melinda decided not to be the cavalry & not kill that Inhuman girl, that led to a New Warriors style disaster which let Hydra take over & get rid of SHIELD. So they are Agents of Hydra where Simmons is dead & Fitz is banging the LMD girl. But Coulson was with Melinda when that happened so him always being a teacher was a bad change. They need to address where the Avengers have been. If they are going to try a Flashpoint style story, they really should carry it through by having Captain America dead & Ultron kill the rest of Avengers & control Europe.

I like that they brought back a lot of old stuff like Ward & "It's a magical place." I like that he was still a double agent & Gemma said it out loud. & that that woman kicked Gemma out of her car. That's what most people would do.

They aren't Nazis!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Other Side

The 100
Season 4 Episode 11

Bellamy to the rescue!

"Knowing how he feels about you, it's a good plan."

If I was Jaha, I would make Octavia & Bellamy pick the 100 & make them personally tell the people who are going to die, just like the grounders did. What a terrible idea, they are going to be outnumbered by the other 12 clans now. They are going to find out the hard way that Jaha & Wanheda were right. I'm surprised Wanheda didn't shoot Bellamy.

Did Jasper tell Monty he loved him? He should have. That sucked, poor Jasper just never recovered from Clarke killing Maya. They all OD'd when they could have lived in the bunker, of course thanks to Octavia, they might have ended up dying anyway. What is Monty going to do when he shows up & they turn him away because they already chose the 100?

Why did raven put her defibrillator so far away, duh. She won't be able to get in the bunker either. Is she going to go up into space & live alone up there? People are still unnecessarily mean to Murphy.

The Mistress of All Agonies

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 9

The show has taken a turn for the worse.

Having the dad come back to life was awful. Him acting like a child was painful to watch & that Bronx mom had the worst dialogue for talking to some strange man playing in a fire hydrant. What terrible writing. So was the hot dog scene. 

They really brought Gao on a plane back to NYC to interrogate her? That was so stupid. They could have interrogated her in China. Why would Gao allow herself to be tied up when we saw her take him out with her use of the force?

Now this guy shows up & takes her away? What are they doing? This is really stupid.

It's really unbelievable that the dojo that Danny randomly chose at the beginning of this show happens to be the one where the sensei has ties to some secret group that already knew about the Iron Fist but she didn't? I feel like they are going to explain everything away with "destiny" which is going to really suck.

They better turn this show around.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Voodoo in My Blood

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 8

I like that we finally learned who created the Lycans, so well done too. It only affects them if they murder someone, which is what they did, murder that girl.

I like that they are making the werewolves more important. I really wish they were a bigger part of the show. I thought the agony blade was one of the bones but when they showed the Hollow's bones being separated, it wasn't there.

Seeing Alaric was cool, I thought they were going to go to Mystic Falls but that was good too. I'm glad he was able to fight back. He should be a hunter.

So Haley's blood can kill the hollow but only with a sacrifice.

Hope to the rescue! So cool, this girl is so much better than Diana.


Season 5 Episode 22

How did Oliver not realize that Chase surrendering was too easy. I knew there was more because he found William, but I didn't expect Arrow to be so thoroughly defeated like that.

I was wondering about Evelyn last episode. I don't know why they made him so gullible that he would believe Chase would surrender & forget about Evelyn.

"Hello husband!"

I thought he was getting help from Vigilante, I didn't expect him to release Deathstroke! He's got his own Suicide Squad! How did Black Siren escape?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Black Fairy

Once Upon a Time
Season 6 Episode 19

This Black Fairy storyline has been bad from the beginning.

They should have had her get the crescent scar by attempting the banishing curse not randomly because she turned evil. Rumplestiltskin was supposed to be a savior? Who's terrible idea was that? and also Tiger Lily was going to be his fairy godmother? Then why didn't she do anything when Peter Pan showed up in Neverland, or when the whole family showed up there?

We know why Rumplestiltskin chose his power over his son, it made sense, being a coward his whole life but Fiona had a solution to keep her son safe & didn't need her powers anymore. So there was no reason why she would chose power over her son's destiny. Another terrible decision.

Zelena in her green gremlin was good, but where was Snow White & Prince Charming when they were being impersonated by the Black Fairy?

The Blessing of Many Fractures

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 8

This episode was terrible. 

There is no way Danny was listening to some stupid rapper who named himself after The Punisher, because The Punisher didn't exist until Daredevil season 2. So stupid.

Just 2 episodes ago we saw Madame Gao slap Iron Fist across a room with her bare hand but in this episode she's afraid of him & doesn't even fight back? She also watched him take out 4 of her best fighters even while poisoned but 2 goons were going to kill Night Nurse & Colleen while he's there?That didn't make sense either. Most of the episode took place in China but everyone was speaking English.

The fight against the drunken style guy was terrible, Virtua fighter had better drunken style fighting then this. It took too long & there was too much talking. It was so frustrating. I just wanted them to fight.

I am so sick of people on tv shows hallucinating out of guilt. That just doesn't happen & Ward is not some innocent angel.

I'm supposed to believe a girl left her phone in a car?

I liked that Joy hired Jessica Jones to spy on the board.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Die All, Die Merrily

The 100
Season 4 Episode 10

What an awesome episode!

Sky Rippa volunteers as tribute. I like that Octavia realized that, against the best of each tribe, she wasn't as formidable. I also like that Bellamy reminded her of being the girl in the floor & that she got to hear her brother admire her. This conclave was a real Hunger Games, they killed her Peeta & then King Roan & Luna.

How awesome was Luna when she showed up to fight for death. She was ready for everyone to die. She only won against Roan because she's a nightblood.

"It was her idea."

Wanheda!! She screwed over everyone to take over the bunker for skaikru! Yes!! Sorry Octavia & Kane. That's what I want to see. This show better be renewed!

Felling Tree With Roots

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 7

Danny was really opposed to Harold killing those guys, so I don't think he was going to kill that sword guy from the tournament. Woah why was this episode so graphic? Was that really necessary? It was funny that the reporter he talked to was Karen Page! How is nobody mentioning that he's putting more people's lives at risk, if there is no company to make drugs.

Gao is just walking around the 13th floor like nbd.

I like that he went to the Triads, but that seems like a terrible idea. At least he finally had sex with Colleen. Ward just stabbed his father to death? That came out of nowhere. I have no idea where this show is going now but drug addicts are the worst.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cause and Effect

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 21

I liked all the Iris scenes & the memory part was funny. It's too bad they didn't have Killer Frost being more sarcastic or offering to not help with the burning building.

What? Savitar is a time loop paradox? That was dumb, he should have been an alternate earth future Flash, different from last episode's Emo Flash. or he could have been from a future where Eddie didn't kill himself or something. Besides shouldn't Zoom have shown up to kill him the way it did to kill Reverse Flash? Is the suit hiding him? How did even build that suit by himself?

Is Heat Monger a real comic book villain? Why is King Shark back? Is he Earth-1 King Shark?

Honor Thy Fathers

Season 5 Episode 21

This episode sucked.

Oliver Queen's father accidentally killed some guy. I wouldn't even say he killed the guy, the two of them were fighting & some guy fell off a ledge. Then they judge him, while the two of them have killed countless people.

At least he wore the Green Arrow costume again, that's good but he didn't clear Green Arrow with the cops so that still hasn't happened.

Then when the Green Arrow was fighting Prometheus, he tells Chase that his dad was going to disown him. Where did Oliver get that info from? and why would Chase believe it without evidence? It was so stupid. It was the dumbest thing I've seen. Instead of them shooting arrows into each other or something. 

Wilddog abandoned his daughter. That was terrible. The flashback was boring with Green Arrow being kidnapped by the Punisher. I guess he followed them? Who cares.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

High Water and a Devil's Daughter

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 7

Tthis was a really good episode.

Freja has been watching Supernatural! She had the real devil's trap up on the ceiling! I loved when Klaus ripped the hollow priest's head off!
I like that Klaus still cares about Marcel & vice versa. Not a fan of Davina coming back, especially if she is just possessing that girl's body. If they are going to bring her back, then bring her back.

I was getting really mad that they might kill Freya because Keelin is so annoying, it's her fault that Freja died. She was still a student, go back to college & get a degree.

I like that Marcel & Hope are friends, but they should have been eating ice cream when Klaus found them, that would have been funny.


Season 2 Episode 19

I like that they went back to Supergirl being the impulsive hot-head that she was in the comics. She shouldn't be as nice as Kara is. She was a Red Lantern for a reason.

That Rick guy was pretty smart with the way he set up his booby traps for Supergirl, but it would have been better if he was a real bad guy from the comics. Who is Rick Malverne? I don't recognize that name. Now that's he's mindwiped, he should come back as some kind of super-villain.

This time I suspected that it was Martian Manhunter.

Yes Maggie, Kara being her sister trumps you being a girlfriend. You can get dumped any day.

Oh no, Rhea is going to trick Lena into building Stargates so that the earth is invaded by Daxamites!