Monday, April 30, 2018

The Salem Witch Hunt

Season 2 Episode 4

They aren't really following time travel rules very well. If Rittenhouse went back & saved Wyatt's wife, we're supposed to believe that in this new timeline, he's a drunk & his wife wants to divorce him? If his wife were alive, everything else in this timeline would have changed. He wouldn't have even taken this job & a million other things would have changed too. They need to watch Timecop. Every time Agent Max Walker returned to the present, there was a chance he wouldn't even be able to return because of the changes at the Time Enforcement Commission. So Wyatt's wife being alive would have changed the entire 1st season.

It was good to see Ariel Dubois on tv again. Tut they changed the timeline from the Salem Witch Trials to the Witch Revolt? And the phrase "witch hunt" isn't a phrase anymore? As much as I like the new tough Lucy, I don't like how they are trampling all over history. 

I can't believe Rufus blamed Jiya for the death of the judge. What a jerk. Also Wyatt just brings Jessica into their secret base? Don't they have any kind of security? Video cameras or key cards or something??

Brothers in Arms

Season 6 Episode 17

This episode was amazing! Finally, an argument where the characters remember things from previous episodes & previous seasons! And they throw them out at the right time in the argument! It was great! I still side with the Green Arrow on this one, even though Spartan had some good points. but it was just great!

Even the apology was good. It was honest & based on what we've been seeing this entire time, it made sense.

Plus we got another trick arrow! Some ball bearing shrapnel arrow.

And mayor Queen firing the police captain & the DA & then they made Oliver Queen seem like President Trump! They ended up calling President Trump a superhero. Amazing!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Will You Play With Me?

The Magicians
Season 3 Episode 13

The season finales always have something go sideways. 

They had a plan & Quentin was going to take over for the knight's daughter, but then Elliot shoots the weird monster thing with the god bullet, even though they agreed not to do that. Then the daughter was possessed by the monster.

I can't believe "xxx" let the fairy queen make such an insane deal. Humans are now responsible for protecting fairies all across the universe? Because that's the deal she made. If the librabry decides to kill fairies again, how are humans going to stop it?

Alice had a point but our Lady of the Trees was like nope! I was kind of looking forward to Julia being a god next season & becoming distant, but I guess not.

Is Eliiot dead?


Once Upon A Time
Season 7 Episode 16

As much as I loved the movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters & that this show has Hansel killing witches, I really hope the fact that Hansel is Jacinda's ex-husband is part of the curse. Because we saw Hansel in one of the flashbacks in the Enchanted Forest. So they were ok being friends with a witch hunter at one point. I don't like how they make him seem like a crazed murderer killing for fun. Hansel has a legitimate reason to kill witches. Also they made it seem like he's awake, especially because of what he was writing in the book.

It was pretty ridiculous that Henry asked Nick to drive him to Jacinda's apt. 'Hey can you drive me to your ex wife's apt so I can sleep with her?' Zelina can tell Nobin all sorts of things without letting on that they are fairy tale characters. 

I like that we got to see Tiana again, but now I feel like I need to taste these beignets they are constantly talking about.

That lucy actress is the worst. Her dialogue is way too old for her & she delivers it like a 20 year old & not a kid. I can't stand when she's on screen.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion

Black Lightning
Season 1 Episode 11

I like that he's working with Gambi again. The hologram was a good idea, but it was a little too ridiculous. For them to have that kind of technology will make all sorts of future episodes not believable because then people will be expecting them to use the hologram all the time.

I like that Vice Principal Kara is still loyal to Jefferson, even though she's evil. I also liked how the mom said "no" to Henderson when he asked if she trusted him.

The kids in the school were being ridiculous and so were his daughters. How dumb are they that he had to talk down both of them who were ready to fight the police. Does no one in the school respect the authority of the police??

All Great Neptune's Ocean

Season 1 Episode 10

I'm surprised that any air or water breathers on Castalia would believe that story that the Nietzscheans killed themselves, when everyone knows that they would never do that.

Captain Hunt got the Castalian Republic to sign the SC charter. Is it the same as the old one? Or is he putting in new stuff in it? It's been 300 years, the universe has changed.

Sorry but I have to agree with President Lee. Killing the Nietzscheans like that is the only way to deal with them. and ugh Tyr can really act like a child sometimes.

Friday, April 27, 2018

AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 9

Now it makes a little more sense that Cheng was shooting at Alisa. He didn't want any cops to get hurt arresting her, but he was going to murder someone, how was he going to explain that?

This show is so misandrist. The mother kidnaps Vito but can the show say that the kid belongs with his dad? No way. Instead they have Jessica say "you're his mother, that will never change." Wrong, there are plenty of people who disown their mothers, for less than what they do on this show.

And Psycho Alisa thinks she can be the She-Hulk? At least Jessica did the right thing at the end & turned in her murderous mom to the police.

Duh Hellcat, of course the inhaler was going to run out of drug at some point. Dumb addict.

Swifty's Baby

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 28

This is the last episode? What a let down. Not only does it start with the dumb Bibbets again, instead of the comet warriors, but now Swiftwind has a mate. When has he been leaving Whispering Woods to bang Starwind?? Just a terrible story.

Then She-Ra creates a tunnel in the ocean floor into Beast Island & the tide is coming in to drown Starwind & Swiftwind so instead of just closing the tunnel, She-Ra & the other pegacorns fly into space & move the two moons of Etheria out of place!

But Swiftwind's baby isn't born on unicorn island & they are like, we still love him. But She-Ra uses the power of Grayskull to make him into a Pegacorn. What a mess. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

AKA Ain't We Got Fun

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 8

I don't know what Jessica is thinking bringing her mom, the rage monster, to her apt. I can just see her killing the super or the super's kid. So stupid. She hasn't seen her mom in 17 years, she's not her mom anymore, she's basically a stranger & definately the murderer of her ex-boyfriend. I like that they mentioned The Raft. I'm curious who's shooting at her though. that was unexpected.

I like how Malcolm used the gay bar to get even more dirt on the other partner. That was really smart. I thought he was just screwing up, which seemed really weird.

What happened with the healer guy? Did he heal her? Did Hogarth feel herself get better? 

Of course the nurse is a lesbian, every girl on tv is a lesbian these days, ugh.

A Rose in the Ashes

Season 1 Episode 9

Trance is once again showing she's some god-like alien or from the future.

I'm surprised that Dylan chose the Arazians to approach like that. He should have known what their laws were like or at least he should do research into their history during the Long Night & if their society has changed.

Prison planets are a bad idea, especially if you don't allow the prisoners to create their own society. That's just poorly thought out. I hope Dylan prioritizes that in his new commonwealth. 

I'm surprised that they think criminal behavior is genetic. You would think they would have better science in the future.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 7

This flashback episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Jessica's mom is a total psycho & I don't see why they've kept her alive all this time. I was hoping we would see the healer who saved the nurse, instead they showed us the other nurse getting her head twisted around & the psycho mom killing Jessica's boyfriend.

Sure Stirling was a loser con man, but Jessica loved him & it was pretty sad when she found him dead in the alley.

I'm glad that Jessica punched her mom when she heard the story.

Nora Inu

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 7

That was an interesting flashback episode.

I thought Envoys were genetically engineered or mutants or something, but they were just trained terrorists. which is dumb, because they make them seem super-human. Especially Quellquist who was really just a scientist, but now she's a super-soldier. So that was a bad idea. 

It's also interesting that Quell could predict what would happen with eternal life & how the rich would become richer. Her 100 year limit was a good idea I guess.

They explained a lot but are they saying his sister turned into one of these Meth people & Reileen's been stalking him around in those different bodies? They made it seem like he was in virtual because of those green fireflies that he was following.

Did she save Ortega? & what is her deal, is she some incestuous sister or something?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

AKA Facetime

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 6

It was obvious they were going to make her Jessica's mom a few episodes ago. Lame. It wasn't shocking at all. They should have focused on the healer guy that Inez was talking about. That's way more interesting. Does he suffer the symptoms of the person he's curing? Or is it like the healing girl who was on Misfits? A healing guy would be way more important & valued than anyone other super.

Trish banging Malcolm was ridiculous & made no sense. I thought that Malcolm could recognize that she was on something. That is just such a stupid development.

They should have gotten another actor to play Justis Ambrose, because that guy has the biggest most disgusting moobs I've ever seen. It was so distracting, I thought it was a girl.

The Banks of the Lethe

Season 1 episode 8

What's crazy is that they don't have teleporters but not only did Seamus make the Perseids experimental transporter work he then modified it to travel through time! It's too much of a coincedence that the Nietzcheans attacked at the same time 300 years apart. Their record-keeping is way better than the commonwealth because the Andromeda wasn't able to find out what happened to the Starry Wisdom after this encounter.

I think it's really stupid that Dylan chose to return to the future instead of staying with Sara in the past. Rebuilding the commonwealth is more important than her? Then he doesn't really love her, does he? 

Why do they bother with these time travel episodes if they aren't going to change anything.

Monday, April 23, 2018

AKA The Octopus

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 5

This episode was pretty boring. I knew right away that Hogarth wanted that gene-editing tech to save herself. They are going into territory that the comics don't: curing real diseases with super-hero tech. Coulson was brought back from the dead, so they sure can cure ALS.

That entitled mom just barging in with her crying baby was nuts. Who does that? She's lucky she left before wig lady smashed her instead of the piano.

I like how Jessica insulted Cheng. That guy is becoming really annoying.

Trish's mom is right. She's a spoiled brat, still chasing a career even though she found the perfect man. What a moron. I also don't get why they are making her take drugs instead of becoming Hellcat. They are really making her unlikable now.

The Ties That Blind

Season 1 Episode 7

It's a big universe, of course there is no way that Beka's brother would just happen to run into them. I also noticed that they asked for the Andromeda Ascendant by name, but I figured that people had heard about him somehow.

i like that there are still organizations that exist, even though the commonwealth doesn't. The Free Trade Alliance & the Restorians make sense too. The Narwhal's lament got blown up!

I knew they were pulling a con when Andromeda told Beka that everyone could hear them & they kept talking about the Andromeda command codes.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

AKA God Help the Hobo

Jessica Jones
Seasson 2 Episode 4

I can't believe the super turned into a gentleman & didn't sleep with her. A man his age who is divorced can't be that stupid & naive about women.

i like that the kid is asking all the questions that a normal kid would ask. I seriously don't get how other people aren't curious. She should have just told him, then the kid wouldn't have almost died. Maybe they should watch their kid better.

What is the point of Malcolm being on Tinder? Who cares.

So Hogarth wants to kill herself? Insulting the person who you want help from doesn't usually work. What is Cheng doing? This seems like a poorly thought out story & why is the wig lady protecting Jessica, please tell me she's not her mom.

Man with My Face

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 6

Another good episode, I thought they would tone down the aciton after last episode but nope, we were back in the Fight Drome. I had no idea who the ninja girl was at the end & it's Sierra! His younger sister?! That was awesome. I'm surprised though that Ortega attacked her, Sierra was saving them from dying at the hands of the crowd.

So Max Headroom has mutants? A rhino man & I couldn't tell what the other dude was, a tiger? I knew the rhino man was a bad idea. I like how Ortega with her cyborg arm just crushed Dimi's stack. I'm so glad that Kovacs doesn't mess around. It was his body but that didn't matter. Although it didn't look like the same actor, the new haircut really makes a difference.

The family drama was nuts, so Isaac didn't kill his dad, he just wanted his respect. Interesting.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

AKA Sole Survivor

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 3

This was a good episode, but mostly because there are the other storylines going on at the same time, the Hogarth ALS & the super who wants her away from his son.

If everyone is starting to recognize her, maybe they'll put her in a mask. What is wrong with her? Does she fall out of bed every night?

Finally someone mentioned Captain America, the kid also mentioned the aliens. That wasn't so hard.

I like that Hogarth is still a bi+¢h to Foggy. I didn't expect to see him & didn't even recognize him. Did he lose weight?

Who is that crazy old lady with super strength? Let's see some more fighting!

The Wrong Man

Season 1 Episode 5

This episode was nuts! That elevator fight scene at the end was so violent. What was that insane weapon that the religious guy used? It looks designed to make the wound not heal. 

Kovacs finally asked what I've been saying every episode, how do you know that the person in the body is the correct person. Now that dude was in the cop's body & Isaac was in his dad's body. Was Isaac planning on banging his mom? This show can get really sick if they follow the logic out. It was obvious that someone was in a cloned body when they said only the gund safe is gene locked.

Those infectious people were weird. What is the point of them, to show future lepers?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Still Gotta Mean Something

The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 14

Jadis is so stupid. How did she even become leader of the junkions? She makes so many stupid decisions. She could have just told Negan that at X o'clock she was going to light a fire & he would regret things. She could have said anything, really, so he would know she wasn't going to kill him. 

I was pretty shocked when Rick starting killing those saviors. He gave them his word & then started murdering them. I didn't expect that. He was right to do so. He's finally learning to stop being so stupid with the saviors. Carl isn't around anymore to remind him to be a good man.

Why is the helicopter making regular search flights over a junkyard? Somehow it hasn't seen the hilltop or the saviors? Isn't Eugene's factory producing smoke? 

The Bibbet Story

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Seaon 2 Episode 27

This episode started out really well with She-Ra taking out a ton of Horde troopers & destroying the Horde chainsaw tanks! She used her sword to split a trooper hover bike in half. Then she split Etheria in half! It was a lot of great action.

But then the episode got dumb with these Bibbet people. It was basically the same story as the Rokkon & Stonedar episode. A bunch of pacifists who don't want to fight the Horde except for 1 of them. Stupid. What was weird is that the Bibbet king sat on a high throne with a mystic by his side, just like Hordak & Shadow Weaver. I don't know if they did that on purpose.

At least Bow flirted with She-Ra & Adora in this episode. & Adora blushed.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Beyond the TruffleDome

Future Man
Season 1 Episode 11

This episode wasn't that funny. It was a little funny when it was suddenly a year later & Tiger was taking care of baby Kronish & talking like a southerner. But it was really frustrating that she didn't just kill Kronish when he was a baby.

Wolf living in the 80s was ok, but when he was describing the disgusting food near the end, it was almost too much. Somebody tried really hard to come up with gross stuff.