Sunday, April 30, 2017


Season 5 Episode 18

What is this, Arrow 2099? Prometheus has tech that blocks only his face from video cameras? I have a reflective scarf, I need to get someone to take a picture of me to see if that works.

I like his weird non-arrow mask, but it was strange seeing them all being vigilantes while not dressed in their costumes. I think it's dumb that his idea of doing something that Prometheus didn't plan for was to get the Bratva involved. He should have contacted actual Vigilante & worked with him to kill Prometheus. That would have made more sense.

I'm so glad he punched Spartan. It was really stupid that they stopped the Russians from killing Prometheus. What for? So they can expose him? How does that exonerate the Green Arrow? It also doesn't change the fact that Oliver was the one who said he liked killing people, nobody forced him to say that.

Having those hackers figure out their secret identity was a bad idea. That was really stupid.

The Girl Who Told Time

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 10

How dumb that Penny is going to retrieve books without any magic, duh. He should have some kind of defense before he does that. Also how does he fix his hands on "his time" when the whole point of the deal is that the librarian would fix his hands.

That was funny when she started doing sign language & he ducked.

The Fuzz Beat thing was interesting, but they should have had the lists actually be the spells but in code. Also what is the point, if there is a library that anybody can go to? Is Fuzz Beat just for hedge witches? How did nobody know about it until now?

How is a person's Shade such an obscure topic? That's pretty strange.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 16

They seem to have come up with a way for the Legion of Doom to all get what they wanted. I'm surprised that they all dreamed so small. Eobard wanted to be the new Einstein, Damian wanted to be mayor & Malcolm Merlyn just wanted to be a father.

I like that Captain Cold finally froze someone to death. He should have shot Vixen longer though.

Heatwave was right. How lame that the police didn't even try to stop them. What is the point?

I'm sure tons of people liked seeing Felicity murdered by White Canary. It would have been cool if she was dressed as someone obscure like Spoiler or someone else. I have to look at all those masks that Damien Darhk had in his office. That was pretty funny.

I did not see Rip being in a tiny Waverunner, I thought he was floating in space or something. Rip baking cakes was funny too.

Abra Kadabra

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 18

Abra Kadabra was a pretty good villain but Gypsy was really annoying this episode.

I'm glad that Barry figured out what I was thinking. He needs to go to the future & find out. Sure, Jay told him not to mess with time, but going to the future should be fine, especially because the Dominators & Time Wraiths should be coming after Abra Kadabra & Eobard, but they aren't. So him going to the future shouldn't make any cosmic entities angry.

Kord Industries again! When is Blue Beetle going to show up? I hope he runs into Booster Gold when he goes into the future!

Did The Flash seriously think that Abra Kadabra was going to help out of the kindness of his heart? He's on his way to be executed & it's The Flash's fault. Barry can be too naive sometimes.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Distant Sun

Season 2 Episode 17

I fell for it again. I forgot that the Martian Manhunter impersonates Supergirl.

What! Mon-El's mom killed his father! Is she crazy?? What makes her think that will make Mon-El go with her?

Winn called it a gate.

They are moving closer on president Wonder Woman. What insanity will take place when she is revealed? That is something that I think they should take on next season, because that will totally lead to civil war.

Secrets Stolen

Time after time
Season 1 Episode 4

That old scientist lady wasn't making any sense, like Jack The Ripper said, there is a serial killer on every corner these days, why does Brooke want his dna?

It was interesting that they went to visit Vanessa as a child. I'm glad they didn't create a time loop.

They seem to have explained why the machine sometimes vanishes: it's because you can program a location into the time machine. So when HG traveled 3 days into the future, he didn't change the location.

Project Utopia seems to be connected to HG Wells somehow. How has no one shot Jack The Ripper yet? It's 2017, what is so difficult?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 3

Everyone was acting weird this episode. I don't usually get hung up on mysteries but the girls were acting way out of character & that I want answers for.

Joy was a bitch to him at that restaurant, but then she gave him that clay dish to help him out. Why? Is she mad at her brother? That was so bizarre.

Then the sensei insults that kid who is trying to pay the bills after she was calling her dojo a "safe space," (barf) then at the end she goes & fights for money. Why did she do that? Is she just a hypocrite?

Even Hogarth was being really nice to him. I'm hoping she just had dollar signs in her eyes, because that would at least make sense.

He needs to get better at focusing his chi. He lost the x-ray because he needed to get beat up before he could fight that arsonist.

How is he going to survive that Bram push? Daredevil is in Hell's Kitchen & I doubt someone from the movies is going to show up. I would love is an Agent of Shield rescued him but I doubt that too.


Black Sails
Season 4 Episode 9

With those flashbacks to Captain Flint teaching Long John Silver how to fight, I was sure one of them was going to die. Luckily neither did. I don't remember reading
Treasure Island, so I don't know what will happen. I may read it after this show ends.

Poor Long John Silver , he is going nuts trying to save his woman & she does not care about her life. She is like Flint & is ready to die for their pointless war on civlization.

I like that Woodes Rodgers didn't wait for the deadline, he just sent his men to set the Walrus on fire. That's what I would have done. Of course he's still in his "burn it to the ground" phase after what happened to

It looks like Captain Rackham is coming to the rescue, I wonder who he is going to rescue.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chapter 5

Season 1 Episode 5

I like how he just left for Divison 3 on his own, without that annoying Nightmask guy who thinks that David is being selfish, but he's trying to rescue his sister. Not anything else.

That was a good idea of how our existence is all electrical impulses in the brain so now he can be with his girlfriend.

"I'm not treating him, He's my man."

They finally discovered his weird parasite fat man.

I'm ok with the way they pulled a Game of Thrones style battle, by showing us the aftermath of David killing all those men in Division 3. It's weird the way he made people intangible & stuck them in the ground. He really is an Omega-level threat. Plus he was having fun killing those guys, they should be afraid of him.

The Kermit rainbow song!!

It sucks that he was blaming his sister for everything, she was just a kid. The silent part was funny but not as good as Hush.

Out of Time

Time After Time
Season 1 Episode 3

I like that there is another group of people going after Jack The Ripper. It was a little unbelievable that he would be hitting on that old lady. It was also too random the way she bumped into him.

He killed that guy & his female roommate. Which is just strange that a guy in such a fancy apartment has a roommate. But why did Jack The Ripper kill these two but not the girl from the last episode?

The time machine uses Dilithium crystals to work? That's surprising that a gemstone is how it refracts the laser.

They really are messing with the timeline, giving HG Wells all the ideas for his books.

That senator boyfriend was annoying, what a baby. He had a point but the way he went about it was childish.

What did HG Wells do to that guy's mom & why is it a secret from his brother?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Something They Need

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 15

Please tell me Rick & the others aren't stupid enough to believe that Two-Face is really defecting. It's called a long-con & only a gullible idiot would believe it. If I was Rick, I would turn Dwight  over to Negan, the way that Morgan killed Richard to show that they "get it."

Stupid Sasha, she got a pill. Lol, so funny. She's so dumb, sure Negan was standing over her, but she could have stabbed him in the penis & cut it off. She almost got rayped & that didn't occur to her?

Well Tara betrayed Themyscira, I like how JSS almost shot the grandma. She's lucky some sea zombies showed up.

How did they capture Sasha? They aren't going to show that? or Dwight with Rosita? 

Page 23

Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 14

I was annoyed last episode when they brought back the Evil Queen & even Robin Hood's return bothered me but they actually made a good episode out of it. This episode also fixed that Captain Hook twist. They even brought back Henry & his author pen. Zelena gave some good advice. I ended up enjoying this episode. I like how the Evil Queen got a happy ending with Robin Hood, even if it is in an alternate realm.

I didn't like that Regina & the Evil Queen were fighting with swords instead of magic. Why does this keep happening this season? The men use swords. It's really stupid that they keep doing this.

I like that they brought back Captain Nemo but Gideon is really annoying. He seems like a stupider version of Kylo Ren. He is a terrible villain.

Monday, April 24, 2017

I Will Catch You

Time After Time
Season 1 Episode 2

I can't believe those 2 girls didn't tie up Jack before escaping. So dumb.

I guess HG breaking the time machine is how the show will continue, with the two of them stuck in 2017. If Jack does actually start murdering girls until he gets the key it could be interesting, but that's really dark for a tv show.

That other guy follow HG Wells could be interesting. Having other people be aware of them can make the show better than just the two of them.

I really thought Jack The Ripper killed that girl in her bed. I don't understand why didn't kill her. Because nobody knew who he was? Where does he even want to go in the time machine? Further into the future? He really should just stay.

No Quarter

The Originals
Season 3 Episode 2

As much as I like Marcel, I don't like that he is more powerful than the Michalesons are. I like how Marcel is still hurt that Elijah killed him on the bridge & Klaus did nothing. I really wish that Klaus had apologized for that. I'm so glad Rebecca is back. I really hope this season has the whole family together.

It looks like that Ouroboros is maybe going to trap them all ion New Orleans? Because I don't really care about that lost kid.

I didn't like seeing Camille there. Those "I'm in your imagination" scenes are always stupid, plus it cheapens that she's dead.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 12

This was another Jenny Mills episode where Icahbod was imprisoned. I'm surprised he doesn't quit the show the way Abbie did.  At least they finally had him do something. I like how they brought back his son.

The other 2 horsemen did not look scary plus the whole, Dreyfuss is an evil president, is an obvious anti-President Trump storyline. I'm almost done with this show.

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 2

I like that his hand glowed when he got strong. I think it's funny that he's basically Hulk-Hogan & he gets stronger each time he gets hit.

They mentioned "The Incident." I find it very strange that they always call it that, instead of something else. It was an alien invasion with superheroes fighting them. Is this taking place right after the 1st Avengers movie? Because a lot has happened since then, the tri-skellion was destroyed, the Sokovia Accords are in place & people have been turning into Inhumans. So the doctor shouldn't have been too skeptical. He should have asked Danny about fish pills.

Did Danny seriously think it would be ok to talk about K'un Lun? Nobody knows about Doctor Strange.

What kind of facility lets crazy people just walk into a restrained patient's room & almost kill them?
interesting that he is going to go after the hand. I guess that will be his connection to Daredevil. The fighting was still weird, especially with the girl under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lost Boy


Season 2 Episode 11

OMG Bram is not only stupid, but he's a liar & a coward. Was he crying because he killed a man, or was he crying because his father told him how stupid Red Hand is?

Thank god Will finally called Katy on her playing freedom fighter. That it's her fault that Bram is being stupid.

Bram really thinks that Max cared about him? He must have been a virgin. I don't know how, but there's no other explanation for it.

Then Bram put Maddie and her son in danger just so they'd escort him out of the Green Zone. She should have said to never come near her or her son ever again. If she's smart she won't have anything more to do with them.

The Weeping Somnambulist

The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 9 

I was surprised when it turned out to be Holden boarding that humanitarian supply ship. Those people had a good point. They are just trying to live their lives while Holden & everyone else are trying to save the system or make huge decisions that end up running over the little guy & the death of her husband turned out to be proof of that.

"Whoever the fuck you are, stand down & let her speak."

Mars should be afraid of going to war after listening to Deputy Undersecretary Avasarala. Is she going to pick up on that "not wearing a vac suit" line? That dude working with Dr. Mao heard it. I don't think he knew how advanced the proto-research had gotten.

I don't know why they were so surprised by the enormous crater on Venus. Eros was an enormous space station that crashed into it. Of course there would be a huge crater.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Snow Gives Way

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 1

The fighting seemed really weird. I get that he was trying not to hurt those security guards but it seemed really unrealistic. So did his jumping over the taxi. I don't know if they're going for a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon feel, but after watching Green Arrow brutally fight He-Man, these fights felt more like dancing.

He's so soft-spoken, I hope he turns into a good Danny Rand & starts wearing some green spandex. I don't know why they are so against it. I wear spandex compression clothes to workout, he should too.

That Chinatown new year's sequence was also really weird. What was the point of him putting on that mask, it didn't hide him.

It's interesting that she drugged him with tea. Who has knockout drugs on hand all the time?

Zerstörer Shrugged

Season 6 Episode 12

Diana is still annoying & Eve is no longer a Hexenbiest. They started linking stuff to the 1st season, which seemed kind of forced. Then Rosalee just forgot that the cloth prediction was for today. Does she not own a wall calendar?

I haven't been very impressed with this new skull guy, as they keep calling him, but it seems like they did some research & linked his staff to a bunch of famous historical & religious staffs. They explained that the stick used to be part of it & why it was buried. They also had Trubel eliminate black claw. So it was getting a little better. The Terminator homage was ok.

Then during the last 5 minutes, they killed WereWu & Hank!! I was so shocked. I didn't expect that at all! I can't believe it! Are they going to kill more people next episode? Is Nick finally going to act like a real Grimm & start beheading Wesen?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lesser Evils

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 9

This was a good episode with a lot of stuff happening, they took care of the war & Katy broke Julia out of the dungeon. The Blue Fairy was pretty funny.

Right after I watch the musical Flash episode, These guys start singing One Day More! That was great.

Margo is going to regret that deal with the fairies to give away Eliot's kid. That was a terrible decision. Why did Quentin release Niffin Alice? He should have done it when Renard was there. julia is so lucky that Renard's kid showed up.

I can't believe Eliot ran away when he had the king of Loria unarmed at the end of his sword. That was lame. 

Gimme Shelter

The 100
Season 4 Episode 7

I like that Bellamy didn't get to save those people. That sucks that they died but it was realistic that his rover got stuck in the mud. & poor Harper had to deal with that dude who died from the rain burns. How could Bellamy's duct tape suit not work? Only metal protects them? I hope they show the chaos that must have taken place in Polis & other tribes, now that the rain is here.

Wait, so have they given up on going back up into space? It seemed to me like using Luna's bone marrow was the new plan C, but that wasn't clear at all. I really hope they go into space.

I wasn't impressed with the Emori lying to convince everyone that the grounder was a bad guy just so that she wouldn't be experimented on. I also didn't like that Wanheda is sudden'y against killing now. It seemed really out of character. I don't know why they are doing that with her. The show was better when she was doing anything necessary for skaikru.

Ictavia was being really annoying & so was the sex part. That was dumb.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time After Time

Time After Time
Season 1 Episode 1
This was an interesting 1st episode. It looks like they planned out a bit of the 1st season with HG Wells telling his great-great granddaughter about his quest to find Jack The Ripper. That explains how Vanessa Anders was there to pick him up after Jane Walker was kidnapped.

I am having trouble with the time machine though. When Jack The Ripper travels to the future, the machine disappears then returns to the 1893. But when HGW travels 3 days into the future, he steps out where the machine is sitting in the future. Which means that when HG Wells travelled into the future, the machine naturally aged through time. But it doesn't make sense with the way that Jack The Ripper & the machine  disappeared.

I doubt they are going to explain that on this show. I'm also curious how they are going to make this chase interesting for an entire season, let alone multiple seasons.

Arms and the Humanich

Season 2 Episode 8

Robots vs Aliens!!

Finally! It wasn't as action packed as I had hoped but it was still pretty good. It was so funny when the violent arrogant aliens tried to use their mind control but it didn't work. Then they ran but it was too late, the droid army shot almost all of them & let the virus containers out & Molly's stupid son died even with the dialysis! 

Good riddance, some of them may have wanted to live in peace but they still killed a bunch of women to be born just like the Hunters killed humans to get those skins.

JD was being completely ridiculous, he was actually arguing on behalf of the alien invaders after they mind controlled him. He was ignoring his own daughter, the one that he was worried might have been impregnated by aliens & could have died. He is a terrible father & a terrible man. That judge should have called the police as soon as JD & Molly left. Nonsense.

I hope Anna has surveillance video in the Humanichs lab. They are careening towards the Robot Uprising & nobody is working to stop it except for John's expiration date. If it wasn't for Ethan ripping that piece out of Lucy, Julie would be dead. Once again, Ethan is dangerous. Where is the oversight?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The Flash
Season 3 Episode 17

I was looking forward to the Glee-union but I forgot that Winn was on Smash & that Joe was in Rent. I was hoping that Blaine would force them to sing with him. I guess I was expecting a Glee episode filled with covers, not these original songs. The superfriends song was good & the run home to you song was great!

I'm so glad they had a real proposal, instead of the one Barry did just to change the future. although technically he did change the future again.

I'm not sure about Music Meister just vanishing, like some multiversal cupid. I remember seeing him on Batman The Brave & The Bold & he was just a guy.

And Supergirl realized how wrong she was about Mon-El.