Monday, November 30, 2015

Broken Heart

Once Upon a Time

How is Nimue going to save them from the dark ones, when Captain Dark One is the person who brought her back from hell?? I guess I have to watch Hercules now. Merlin can't explain his outgoing voicemail now, because he's dead. Captain Dark One is so ungrateful, I wish Rumple had cut off his other hand.

"Once you go green, you never go queen"

So funny that Merida threatened to shoot Emma with an "arrow to the knee"! 'I used to be a Dark One like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.'

I'm ok with them making Zelina into a good guy as long as she continues to make her wicked remarks.

For a minute I thought it was Captain Hook pretending to be Belle, because her speech was so ridiculously stupid. Why did she even bother to show up? She could have told him this at the library.

AKA Crush Syndrome

Jessica Jones

Power Man! I really like how they showed him barely putting any effort into fighting those guys. And Jessica was finally beating guys up too. It wasn't as good as Daredevil but it had a more realistic feel because most people do not know Kung Fu.

I liked the way she had to follow a bunch of leads to get close to Killgrave. Man, he is awful.

Now I know that all those crazy people I see on the subway are actually superheroes. That cheating wife refused to take responsibility for her actions, we'll see if Trinity is the same way. Why was Jessica stalking Luke?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Live Through This

The Vampire Diaries

Oh noez! That is not Jo!! Poor Alaric. The Phoenix Stone is just another prison with random vampires in it. I hope it was created by vampire hunters, they really should bring those guys back & teach Matt some tricks.

Not interested in Valerie & Stefan. He knew her 1 day. His obsession might have been believable when he was a young virgin, but he's centuries old now. He should be over it by now. It doesn't make sense for the Silas doppelganger to ignore Caroline so quickly.

"He's the love of my life" - 'your father otoh, not so much.' Lily is koo-koo banana pants.

As if I didn't hate the flashfowards already, they put Bonnie & Enzo together!? That is the stupidest idea ever. Enzo is such a useless character, messing with Stefan, wanting to date Lily. He has no purpose in life, why did he even stay in Mystic Falls? If any vampire should commit suicide, it's him.

Brian Finch’s Black Op


Ferris Bueller! He even wore the jacket, it was pretty funny that they did it so much, even with the bad guy at the end on the school bus. Abe Froman & Cameron, even her fringe jacket!

This was a much better episode than the last one. I hope they do another episode like this in the future, it keeps this show from being another boring procedural.

It's too bad he had to waste one of his pills. I'm not sure why the bad guy didn't get smart, even with the poison. Is he going to die or did Brian just use the LSD berries? They weren't very clear on that.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Bear King

Once Upon a Time

No Savior/Dark One, instead Merida is back! & so is Little Red Riding Hood!

At first, I was really annoyed at how they made Merida's dad into a fraud & an incompetent leader, like King Arthur, but luckily that was just a misdirect. It made the ending that much better.

This episode was so good.  It was so cool to see Merida, Little Red Riding Hood & Mulan vs. King Arthur & The Wicked Witch of The West! What a crazy team up! I like that they showed that sometimes being a good leader is admitting when you can't do something & asking for help. It really echoed Brave, with her learning stuff at the end. This season has been so good!

Are there other fairy tales with wolves? Maybe they can do something with the 3 little pigs?

Side Effects May Include…


This episode wasn't very funny. I hope they go back to doing comedy. Rebecca's evil "destroy America" plan seemed like it would be effective.

The side effects made no sense, it didn't match the 1st episode & the pictures they use in the intro to every episode. I thought those were withdrawal symptoms & they should have gone away as soon as he took a pill? If they were side effects, it should not have been so sudden for Brian because he had a booster shot & the patients he was investigating were productive before they became ill.

'We must protect this grain of rice!'

I can see how it could change the world, no more hunger & fighting over land. So Morra is a great guy, but then Sands killed the doctor. Either Morra has no problem killing people to protect the rice or Sands is not loyal which explains why Morra was testing Brian's loyalty. Either one makes sense.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Axeman's Letter

The Originals

Are all these New Orleans festivals real? 

Camille actually seemed scared of Lucian which I thought was weird, she usually isn't afraid. It's still not clear Lucian killed that guy in the alley, he could have just smelled or heard that victim. Where are they going with that? Although I wanted to see more of that detective, I did not want him to arrest Camille!

I think it's weird that Davina seems so powerless now, She's in charge but she acts like she isn't, how does she expect anyone to listen to her? I also can't believe she confessed to killing that dude's mom. That seemed like a mistake. I can't believe they are going to try a werewolf/Witch alliance. That reverse full moon curse was there when the show first started & it was Davina that did it.

"You want to fight? So be it"

It just got real! Although Klaus bit Elijah so even though he won't die, he's going to be sick for a day or so. Klaus wins.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Heroes Reborn

7,957 years in the future! That makes sense, the solar radiation probably would be gone by then & everyone is dead, so no more paradoxes. It would be a good time to re-start everything.

Tommy finally figured out how to stop time, but instead of saving his girlfriend first, he saves Joanne first. Even though he knows Joanne & The Intersect killed all the Evos in the church in episode 1. That was annoying, especially after she just killed penny man.

I can't believe they had Matt Parkman eating a sandwich in the doorway. Dude, you are going to have a heart attack. Mexican Iron Man was boring again & Matt is collecting Evos in a mind controlled cult, I guess for when Renautus needs one of their powers?

Thursday, November 26, 2015



The fight with Livewire was really good & so was that alien at the beginning. I guess they are trying the Arrow style of starting the episode with action in progress. I think it worked but the phone call during the fight doesn't work here because she's still a beginner. I hope we see that alien again.

It seems like they shouldn't even bother mentioning the Phantomzone anymore because on this show it's harder to escape the friendzone. Winn needs to go visit Central City.

Who wrote this episode?

Apart from the fighting, this episode was pretty terrible. It made no sense for Livewire to call Supergirl "adorkable." Supergirl has been heroic every time she's appeared in public, even when she lost, she has not been adorkable. Kara is adorkable, Livewire wouldn't know that. Then she was using her electricity while standing in a puddle as soon as she got out of the hospital. The dialogue between Alex & her mom was terrible. Supergirl called Livewire a "mean girl" which was super-lame & so was the comment by Cat about Hillary & Liberals. It was also out of character that Cat was interested in Kara's personal life.

The writers need to stay away from politics & stop trying to address critics in the show.

Memento Mori

Minority Report

The geneticist raised a lot of good points about pre-birth genetic manipulation. The medical ethics on this show have not really been addressed before. I mentioned it when it was part of episode 03. I don't know if they should get into that kind of stuff, because there are no easy answers & it's only 45 minutes long.

Blake also brought up some good points about their secret. I like that they aren't taking rigid black & white positions on this dilemma & even Vega changed her mind about working with Dash.

I like that they apparently cured cancer. Vegans should like this episode, future-meat does not come from animals. It was't clear how the karaoke game works; Was dash actually singing? why didn't his bracelet warn him?

How are they not always searching for unidentified faces? shouldn't that be a constantly running search? (I cant believe I'm ok with even less privacy on this show)

I'm hoping that image of Lara saying "put them in" is her smuggling them in a box to escape the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AKA Ladies Night

Jessica Jones

I never read the Jessica Jones comic Alias (or the tv show with Jennifer Garner) so I don't know anything about her.

It looks like The B!tch in Apartment 23 has super strength, but unfortunately she does not have laser-eyes. At the end of the episode she realizes that with "great power comes great responsibility" so it looks like she'll be going after the bad guy who did something bad to her in the past.

It was an ok episode. Hopefully she'll be using her super-strength more. I don't know why they chose to make her part of the MCU, the language & sex makes her not really fit in with the PG Marvel stuff & I doubt she's going to join the Avengers.

How Does She Do It?


I thought the mad bomber was going to kill himself for the life insurance to pay for his daughter. I did not expect it to be Maxwell Lord, testing Supergirl. Maybe he wants to know what she can do for when he starts his nose bleeds. I liked him flirting with Kara's sister.

Laser-eyes!! Take that Jessica Jones!

Putting Jimmy & Lucy back together is not how you stay out of the friendzone Kara. I love Cat Grant giving good advice again. No, you cannot have it all.

So maybe Hank isn't a bad guy, he did disarm the bomb, with his apparent super-strength. Is he Martian Manhunter or a robot?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Once Upon A Time

What!! I did not see that coming! Hook was a secret "Dark One" this whole time!! Was that planned from the beginning of this season? It explains why Emma erased everyone's memory & why True Love's Kiss did not work. Emma was strong enough to fight the Dark One magic & was trying to fix everything. Yay savior!

Although it was really hypocritical how he got mad that she saved his life. Unless that was just Dark One evil making him into an unappreciative jerk. I was surprised at how everyone in Granny's diner was like 'Yeah, let your boyfriend bleed to death' nbd.

Come on Robin Hood, even Belle had a crossbow, maybe Oliver Queen needs to show up.

That is crazy that Emma aged the baby 7 months like that! I did not expect to see Blaine, I mean Dr. Frankenstein, deliver the baby!

"Now who's green with envy"

Zelena with the seriously mean burn. I hope they find a way to keep her around.

June 13th Part Two

Heroes Reborn

Chuck is out-acting everyone on this show. But then his scene was ruined when they had Joanne smile after she killed Ice-Man. While it makes sense that she would have felt better about killing that Evo, no sane person would have smiled about it so soon.

I should have enjoyed this episode more because of the time travel. It didn't help that they kept saying "back to the future" because it should have felt like Back to The Future, but it didn't.

Noah is a terrible actor. He was not believable as a grieving father when he found out Claire died. Seeing Matt Parkman again wasn't cool, he's working for Renautus, I don't know why. Harris holds his gun in a really weird way. He comes across as campy, instead of being scary. Mexican Iron Man was at a court martial hearing & he was still boring. His stupid ex-girlfriend smacked him for no reason. They really should have re-shot the scene where Angela Petrelli says "you're pretty big for a one-year old." umm, nope he's only a day old.

At least they changed the past: Erica walks with a cane & Quentin is alive but a traitor & The Haitian is probably alive.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

The Originals

"My God it's a room full of Elijahs!"

Elijah sired Clan Ventrue! That whole scene was pretty funny. They really should insult each other more. Marcel's fight was pretty good. I just feel he should have been a better fighter, even if he wasn't stronger.

I'm glad Freya & Klaus are slowly starting to get closer. It didn't make sense that mr. warrior vampire only drinks vampire blood. I thought only Augustine vampires did that. I wished Tristan had staked him with some furniture, they really should reserve the heart ripping for werewolves & Heretics, this isn't Once Upon a Time!

'Is Jackson ok with me putting the moves on you?'
Stupid Hayley again. At least she made herself useful for once. Hopefully we'll see more of marcel this season, but not that stupid short haired vampire. Aya is not attractive & watching Marcel fawn over her is not believable.

Zombie Bro


Brain Nachos!

Bro Liv was hysterical. Another super-funny episode. Furries! I can't believe they talked about furries.

"Are you not entertained!?"

Note: Ravi does not like it when you pose the skeletons or when you call his beard "Princess Sparkles". His audio recordings were so funny, also him & Major at the club, high on Utopium. Even when he was high, Major was still protecting Liv. It's too bad that Major is turning to drugs to deal with everything instead of talking to somebody. The zombie hunter should say no to drugs.

This episode had another really sad crime. Are they going to keep hitting us with sad-stuff at the end of each episode? Is this "Sucker Punch" season?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Carry Your Heart With Me

The Vampire Diaries

Halloween Party! The costumes were very boring, not just Mary Louise's Prude devil, but everyone's. It's too bad they didn't put Bonnie, Alaric & Damon into costumes. That would have been funny.

I liked that Stefan & Caroline distracted the heretics so they could keep the students alive. Siphon or burn!

I was afraid that Oscar being super hungry was a side-effect of the Phoenix stone, but he's just a ripper like Stefan. Who finally got to be with Caroline. So maybe Jo won't have any side-effects from being a zombie. I can't remember if Jeremy did. Matt needs to learn more Vampire Hunter tricks.

Yay, Elena is finally gone, it took awhile but looking back I think they did it in a good way.

I am really starting to hate the flashforwards. They worked on Lost because there was time travel but it doesn't work on this show, at all.

Personality Crisis


Dexter reunion!

It was funny seeing them together & dating again. They should have more people from Dexter on. I liked that they showed that being FBI is not all fun & games, people can die. Hopefully he'll start to take some of this more seriously.

"Why is there a clay effigy of me on your coffee table?"

I hope they don't do more of this "My Own Worst Enemy" stuff. That show was cancelled because nobody liked the idea of the secret agent being horrible to the normal guy. They need to move away from the NZT Brian & Normal Brian dichotomy. He's the same guy.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grumpy Old Liv


Spaghetti & brain meatballs.
"Bros before...ex-fiancés "

This was a very funny episode with Liv being offensive to everyone.

"Your t-shirt's stupid. That’s meant to be literal."

Jeez, the crime of the episode was pretty depressing when we finally heard the confession. That was unexpected. 

"He's a teenager, not a bear, pretend you've got a pair & speak up son."

It's smart that Max Rager has hired Major to be their zombie hunter. I like that he now has "zombie sense" maybe he'll start wearing a costume.

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Enormous Derpy to the rescue!

Princess Luna even connected into them.

So much cool "Elements of Harmony" magic right at the beginning! I did not expect Nightmare Moon to have an actual nightmare every night but I guess it makes sense.

Thanks Pinkie Pie for helping the weird nightmare creature jump into everyone else's dreams!

Some of the dream things were funny, but Spike turning into a superhero guy was just weird looking. I wished he had turned into a huge fire breathing dragon but that might have been too scary for kids.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Once Upon A Time

"Without magic. I'm a delicate thing."

I can't believe they could tether Merlin to Excalibur, can they tether anyone to a blade? Maybe they should do that to Zelena so she won't keep betraying them.


That was great, all of the dark ones were losers who wanted the power but Emma is a self-made woman. She didn't need or want magic power. It was a great line.

Why on earth was Robin Hood using a sword?! I hated that so much. Merida had a bow & arrow, so this show can obviously show archers, so why wasn't Robin Hood using his? They should have hung out together! This bothered me so much.

"Go check on the brooms."

June 13th - Part One

Heroes Reborn

So Tommy is actually Nathan Summers, (they should make his eyes glow) & Melina is actually Rachel Summers, (I do not want to see her in a red zentai suit).

I did not recognize that nurse as Tommy's mom until she let her hair down. Hair is so powerful, it even made Joanna look less ugly.

It wasn't clear that Hiro tried changing the past when he kept popping around in the garage, the writers could have had him stop the explosions & still have Renautus & the HELE to deal with, in a changed present. Hiro is just as annoying as he was in the old show. He refuses to change the past to save hundreds of lives but has no problem changing the past to save just 2 babies. So dumb.

Thursday, November 19, 2015



"It's better than how you usually spend your nights. Wearing leather and tying people up."

The fights scenes were shot with a different camera so they could do their Daredevil/Oldboy scenes. While it was cool, the Green Arrow needs to shoot arrows. I think he only shot 3 this episode? He should have shot at Darhk when they were made on the shipping containers. If he doesn't want to injure people then he needs to use more trick arrows. We have magic so tech arrows are not unbelievable anymore in a show with people being resurrected from the dead.

I thought Thea was going to embrace Merlyn's idea to be the new Dexter Morgan. I'm surprised speedy can counteract Darhk's mystical powers, I guess being resurrected from the dead has extra benefits.

I'm glad people were able to talk the Green Arrow out of working with Darhk & doing things a different differently. It was a good way to show that while he's trying to change, it's not how he thinks and by listening to advice, that is a change.

Many Heads, One Tail

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I really liked SHIELD being spies & infiltrating ATCU. It was like a mini-heist movie except they didn't tell us the plan beforehand, which just made it better. I liked how they used Andrew's box as a way to send in the the FBI, but the guy from mad men said they brought Andrew in within 24 hours, but he wasn't actually there, so how would his cell have set off the alarm?

I liked Mockingbird's Mjolnir batons, but how do they work, magnets? Wouldn't other things fly to her wrists? They need to explain that & then give the tech to Daredevil.

'The secret ingredient oil!'

I'm glad Rosalind & ATCU wasn't Hydra, that would have been super boring. Only Gideon is. Those logos were an interesting idea. I think it was a good idea that they ret-conned Hydra into being older than Nazis, I don't know if they did that in the comics. So that means they infiltrated NASA, maybe NASA will be disbanded & replaced with SWORD. I just hope Ward doesn't turn into a good guy again. He's killed too many people to be forgiven.

Jemma: 'Stop being such a nice guy, it makes me feel guilty for disregarding your feelings & letting NASA astronaut raw-dog me.'

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gorilla Warfare

The Flash

It was good to see Barry use his speed to take out the bad guy. Although they did a good job of making Grodd not be a real bad guy & more like King Kong.
Dad is back! Iris to the rescue! It was good seeing his dad back & Joe get a little jealous about it. lol, Barry in a wheelchair coaching Wells in a Flash suit.

In an episode that had a gorilla with mind-control sent to a Gorilla City on a parallel earth, the most unbelievable part of this episode was where Hawk-Girl was so forgiving after having been ditched at the movie theater. I'm surprised she even spoke to him.

I'm glad that's not the last we've seen of Grodd. Did Earth-2 Wells know he was sending Grodd to gorilla city? How did Wells know that Reverse-Flash promised Grodd he could take over Central City?