Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bones to Pick

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 5

This show is pretty surprising. They aren't doing anything you would expect in a show like this. Of course it means that they are going to need other things to deal with once they burn through these storylines. Luckily they still have the Plaguelings, Greyskins, Calypsum & the Prime Order once they deal with Talon & her vengeance story arc. Hopefully they keep it going. 

They killed the old man that I thought was going to be her mentor. Nope, he's dead. Now the marshal knows she's a black blood. He & Garrett saw the demon. What a mess. And it turns out that she's the royal princess! And the Captain let his own daughter be murdered by the Prime Order to protect her!? Jesus Christ, and that's why the wife killed herself. That is some messed up stuff. 

This show is coming up with some interesting stuff. Of course the marshal did kill that servant girl. Oops. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Flogg's Revenge

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 64

I can't believe the Galactic Guardians are just sitting down to a victory dinner with these 2 idiots. They threatened to destroy Primus. He-Man should be arresting them.

At least we got to see them using their action features again. Optikk had a few lines, more than Kayo. Which is just weird. I don't like how Spinwit was jumping up & spinning without his wings & without his helmet. They shouldn't have been helmet-less on this show. I don't know why they were always doing that on this cartoon.

Then He-Man barely reacted to the fact that those 2 weirdos had a private underground prison/zoo. He should have asked why those beings were being imprisoned there. These two dudes are clearly bad guys, but He-Man is just letting them get away with this. This storyline is really terrible. They should have used the Mytes & Gleanons to showcase the new variants instead of these obvious space villains.

Strange Bedfellows

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 4

I thought the worm was growing his Calypsum somewhere around a bird's nest; instead someone is mailing it to him? That seems dumb. 

Talon really needs to do something about the Laquiree, it keeps killing people, & now it might kill her. She totally wants to bang the captain, that wasn't sparring. I don't care what she says.

That captain's daughter is up to something. Talon got stabbed again! The Laquirie stabbed her. She was not confident enough I guess.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Games

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 63

This episode was pretty good; once again they are using their action features. I can't believe though that Kayo still barely has any lines but they are showing him shooting those missiles, 3 times in this episode. And Hook Em Flogg was using his harpoon, even Laserrang Flipshot. Hydron is such a weird person to have the Spin Fist. It would be better if he was in the water & used it to propel himself or to create a whirlpool. They should have given it to Kayo.

Wait, so the two sentient death stars, are actually 2 short scientist-type guys? That was bizarre. Really disappointing about that. They could have at least been aliens instead of being human. Just lame.


The Mistress and the Worm

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 3

This show is turning out to be pretty good. We keep learning more about the black bloods & I like that the gate marshal is really smart & has figured out a lot of things. The brewer is annoying. They made him seem retarded in the 1st episode, but he clearly isn't. So I expect them to keep making him more normal as the show goes on. He's still going to be annoying though as he's already been friendzoned.

I'm not sure what's up with the princess, but she seems like she's going to cause trouble. I was surprised that the captain of the guard enlisted Janzo to help him find a Plagueling. And Janzo seemed to notice that the wench had a circular bracelet which might be infected with Plagueling eggs? Is that how they get infected with the throat snake?

How has nobody seen that demon thing?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Lexicon

Season1 Episode 6

A lot of secrets were revealed in this episode. Minas now knows that mercenary has the lexicon & that the oracle is a liar. Then queen Medea figured out from Lycos that the uncle was plotting against Aegeus. And she knew that the priest guy was involved. The olive tree thing was weird, but she knew what he meant.

At least he had a sex dream about Ariadne & then he was about to dream about banging the oracle but like a loser, she started kissing the oracle. What a moron. Then he talked that peon girl into banging him & stopped before he even kissed her. This kid is such a loser. 

They Reminisce Over You

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 13

What a mess of an episode, it mostly set up the next season, which is the only thing that saved this episode but not by much. Really, this episode made it very clear what the problem is, but the show has been avoiding it. When the barber shop kid called Luke a crime boss, he avoided placing the blame on who is really responsible, the people of Harlem. They are the ones buying guns & drugs from all these crime families. That’s who is responsible. All Luke Cage did with the Carbones was tell them to stay out of his territory. 

I’m so glad Mariah is dead, that took forever, and I am super annoyed that Bushmaster is still alive & got away with it. It’s annoying that Tilda helped him; he decapitated people & was a crime lord just like Mariah. Tilda is a hypocrite.

I loved that he told Claire to leave. She’s so annoying. They did something with the lighting on Misty this episode, but I can look at that woman all day long.

At least he's wearing a yellow suit, it's not what I want but it's better than yellow lining in a Carhartt hoodie.

This whole season is the result of all the girl writers making the female characters more important than the damn character the show is named for.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What Goes Around

Season 3 Episode 13

This turned out to be a pretty good series finale. I don't know if they planned it to be a series finale but it works that way too. If there were a season 4 they could still keep going.

What I've been saying all along is true. Humans don't stand a chance against the Morcs. I really like how everyone has their own nickname for the ai aliens.

I don't like how the organic aliens shoot invisible lasers, it makes it impossible for the outliers to stand a chance, and in that other episode that 1 alien took out 3 soldiers.

Davos is down, again with only 1 organic alien.

I don't like how Will sacrificed himself for the aliens, but it turned out to be the right call, he saved his kids because the ai-aliens put up a shield to protect the colony. I would hope that Broussard would realize how stupid his tiny army of outliers would be against space-faring aliens but he seems really stupid. And now Katie is dead, outside of Seattle. I don't know why I didn't realize the refugee camp was outside the wall until this episode.

Can't Front On Me

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 12

I haven't recognized any of the musicians that have been on this show until this episode. I remember KRS-1 & BDP, so that was pretty cool. 

Crazy daughter was helping him kill Mariah.

Ponce? Is shades Puerto Rican? Has he even spoken Spanish?

The fight at the end was pretty good with bushmaster taking on power man & misty knight, but she should have been a little better with her robot arm. And they need to have her dressed up more, she is beautiful. Give her her own show!! This season basically turned into her show anyway because they insisted on it being a lame criminal-family story arc.

What a disappointment. Where are all the supervillains they could have used? They could have used Thunderball from the wrecking crew or the whole team.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Season 3 Episode 12

So the alien enemy of the Morcs is on earth, in Seattle apparently because Wayne Brady went to talk to it. I don't know why he wore a mask because the alien was in a forest & wasn't wearing a mask.

Ok, that soldier girl was Iranian. Do they even let girls serve in Iran?

Oh no, I didn't realize that SCP sergeant was Bram's girlfriend's father. When Snyder realizes he should interrogate Will, that dude is going to give up Bram & Gracie. I get that Bram is mad at them, but he could have left a note too. That is messed up.

Will is out of control. This episode was pretty good considering they are barely showing us the aliens, not even drones.

The Creator

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 11

I don't care about flashbacks to Jamaica & I hate seeing characters hallucinate. Nobody cares about this stupid Hatfield & McCoy nonsense. It’s supposed to be a superhero show!

Bushmaster is getting boring; I’m really annoyed that they are making Mariah into some kind of Lex Luthor who is untouchable. It’s really stupid. There are plenty of super-powered villains that power man could fight, instead of making her the enemy. Bushmaster decapitated 4 people. He’s murdered even more & Power Man is letting him console his aunt? That’s ridiculous; he didn't even ask if the daughter was ok.

And Hernand, really what kind of name is that?, is now jealous of the political assistant. Mariah is old enough to be his mom. It’s just gross. I like that she called him out on being "gay for the stay" which is a phrase I never heard of before. If ever there was a reason to stay out of prison, it's that one!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Two Heads Are Better Than None

The Outpost
Season 1 Episode 2

Another surprising episode. I didn't expect for her secret to get out so soon. I thought we would get a few episodes with Talon skulking around the outpost getting a job and pretending to be normal, but already that prophesy guy knows about her. The brewer knows about her. The gate marshal and pretty much everyone now knows Talon has black blood.

Plus it turns out she's some kind of demon priestess, maybe black bloods are half-demon? By reading that thing she summoned one into her room! That old guy told her not to read it out loud. She was right that he should have told her it was dangerous.

I like that they actually showed the demon. I also wasn't expecting that. I'm surprised that everyone does drugs. I really hate watching drug use on tv shows.

The Main Ingredient

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 10

This episode was better. I didn't expect for 3 days to have gone by or for Iron Fist to show up. They didn't explain why the kid had a Power Man shirt, because in the show only Claire called him that. But mistakes aside, Power Man should be wearing it. Or even design some cool hoodie with more yellow in it.

It's funny that Iron Fist was wearing the sweet Christmas hoodie when they went to the grow house, I like the patty-cake move & also throwing Iron Fist at those guys.

Mariah is suddenly way evil now, setting that dude on fire. What!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Get Ready

Season 2 Episode 13

What the hell! I did not see that coming. That was a crazy ending. Is this show cancelled? The asteroid is actually a space ship? What about the gravity tractor & the solar sail? Those things were supposed to attach themselves to the asteroid; did the aliens allow those things to attach because they weren't destructive? 

That was crazy when suddenly Darrius is waking up 44 days later! I thought the show was going to end in a sudden explosion or with the nukes. That would have been a cool 3rd season. Poor Alicia, that's what you get for being a bi-sexual slut. Liam still loves 

What! Harris’s son is still alive? He was re/syst Nero this whole time!? That was nuts. I like that the dad still hugged him & gave him his spot in the bunker & the dumb kid was like "huh?" not understanding, because he's not a father yet.

For Pete's Sake

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 9

I was getting really bored with this bottle episode, but then we got the Mariah Stokes confession about uncle Pete & her daughter which was good, but then she actually told her daughter that she didn't love her! That was shocking.

Then we had an actual fight between Power Man & Bushmaster. It was a pretty good fight, with Power Man realizing that Bushmaster was going to cheat again with his powder.

I liked Mariah when she said to Luke, I would have thrown you to the dogs as soon a they started barking & then when she was shooting Bushmaster's men.

I was really annoyed with Luke saying that because he's black he couldn't be a witness while he was talking to a black cop! who was acting station chief! and his father is a black preacher! & there was a black president! It's all so stupid. He's a super hero, he should not be whining like some black lies matter loser.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Coffin

Season 3 Episode 5

I thought the vampire dating app was pretty funny, but Cassidy has to be really stupid to think that vampires are so out in the open that they have a dating app. 

Is that guy a vampire, he ate an owl, can fly; can compel people & turned into a cat! That’s crazy.

Tulip should have just killed the grandma, but I guess it was good that she asked him first, the evil grandma linked their lives, straight out of Vampire Diaries.

The fight in the bedroom was pretty good. 

If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 8

She is a terrible actress, I expected her to be more sad that the police captain was dead, but her reaction was terrible. I guess she can only play 1 emotion, that's annoying. And I’m getting sick of them playing up the Heroes for Hire angle.

There is no way that Piranha transferring Mariah’s assets while under duress & then being murdered would be considered legal; it's just a ridiculous premise. Do they think that the viewers are all stupid?

They called Danny! I didn't expect that.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hail Marry

Season 2 Episode 12

Huh? Alicia had her heart broken by Liam? She had a boyfriend & a girlfriend just a couple of weeks ago. Did they vanish? 

Grace is such a slut. She is ready to marry her ex to save her daughter's life & then she bangs Tanz. him piloting the ship

Ok, I did not see that coming. Q17 is working with long john silver? Why? What is the end plan there? I doubt he's going to go to mars, live in the salvation until the earth is viable again? His money won't be worth squat, only durable goods & services will matter in the post-apocalyptic world. 

I’m glad the new president has a plan D, having the asteroid break into pieces is still better than an extinction level event.

On and On

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 7

Cyborg arm! Misty is kicking butt, and yes she's the sidekick. "I say! It's my show" that's right, power man. Put that girl in her place.

Omg, his father is the worst. He told him to keep piranha there & the father just lets him leave. Power man should have punched him. This father is so uneven he doesn't make any sense. Just terrible writing.

Shades shot his gay prison lover. And a police captain, i don't know how power man is going to take care of anything now; all the cops are going to swoop in on that club.

More terrible writing, that fire scene was so stupid. Bushmaster lets Tilda free but she doesn't go in the kitchen to get a knife to free her mom? She doesn't drag the chair out of the house? Some kid tells Power Man there's a fire & Power Man, what? Teleports? Jumps really high & fast like the hulk? Does he run? Give me a break, and there's barely a fire. And Power Man is faster than the fire department? And Mariah wants to hire him? They pulled away from Heroes for Hire, because it was such an awful idea, but they are pushing it on this show instead of yellow & instead of his real name, it's so stupid.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Celebration Day

Season 2 Episode 11

Ladyhawke got doxxed! That was pretty funny. I think they are doing a pretty good job with her. She's a nut-job hacker & she was seriously upset about Tess & about being doxxed.

I wonder if they plan on doing another season, Darius said he's going to use his spaceship, the Salvation. Is there enough time to launch his spaceship & make it crash into the asteroid? Or is it going to be like a space tug boat & pull it away from the earth?

It's too bad they don't have the budget to turn this show into Armageddon!

The Basement

Luke cage
Season 2 Episode 6

This episode was pretty good. The fight on the bridge was way better than the fight in Black Panther. Just normal fighting. Well, Power Man was doing normal street fighting while Bushmaster was doing almost capoeira stuff, which I guess they do in Jamaica?

I like that his uncle told him his savagery was not cool & talked about how good Jamaicans build themselves up from scratch.

Misty is figuring out that her arm is super strong, with a 75% pension, which is nuts, she can quit & still support herself. Now she needs to put on some red leather & join Power Man & kick some butt.

Oh lord, so Commanche & Shades are gay & were banging in prison, that explains why Comannache was always getting so close to shades to talk.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Time To Leave

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 62

This episode had almost all the Galactic Guardians. They were pushing Spin Fist Hydron, Laserang Flipshot & Missile Shot Kayo &  Missile Eye Optikk, but Drisi said goodbye to He-Man & Nocturna, Spinwit, Tuskador & Vizar were also there when they took off for Necron to learn Myte fighting techniques from Wulk. It was weird though how easily Wulk agreed to helping the mutants. That's what happens when you bully someone for being different. I have to admit that I laughed when I saw Skeletor dressed as a forest spirit.

I can't believe Crita was going to trap all those Gleanons in the maze, how is she going to be queen of the Gleanons, if they're all dead.

Mara is now such a good Astrosub pilot that she can shoot precision shots at the mountain without killing everyone. I really hate how He-Man is basically a wizard on this show. So many of the things he did could have been done using brute strength, instead he shot magic out of his sword.