Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Can't Front On Me

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 12

I haven't recognized any of the musicians that have been on this show until this episode. I remember KRS-1 & BDP, so that was pretty cool. 

Crazy daughter was helping him kill Mariah.

Ponce? Is shades Puerto Rican? Has he even spoken Spanish?

The fight at the end was pretty good with bushmaster taking on power man & misty knight, but she should have been a little better with her robot arm. And they need to have her dressed up more, she is beautiful. Give her her own show!! This season basically turned into her show anyway because they insisted on it being a lame criminal-family story arc.

What a disappointment. Where are all the supervillains they could have used? They could have used Thunderball from the wrecking crew or the whole team.

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