Monday, September 3, 2018


Season 2 Episode 10

So the kool-aid wasn't poisoned but she is totally brain washed by COPE. Why the hell would she give Long John Silver the blueprints to the rail gun? What possible reason could she have for doing that?

The solar sail is on it's way! I'm glad they haven't forgotten about saving the planet, there are a lot of other storylines going on now.

It's weird listening to Walter speak with his British accent. I guess it's good that they brought back Alicia but Tanz seems to have forgiven her really fast considering how much he hated her at the beginning of this season. Grace's daughter was being annoying but I can understand how annoying it would be. I'm really surprised that weird detective is helping her. Now she's holding hands with the secretary again, Grace is such a confused woman. 

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