Sunday, September 9, 2018

For Pete's Sake

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 9

I was getting really bored with this bottle episode, but then we got the Mariah Stokes confession about uncle Pete & her daughter which was good, but then she actually told her daughter that she didn't love her! That was shocking.

Then we had an actual fight between Power Man & Bushmaster. It was a pretty good fight, with Power Man realizing that Bushmaster was going to cheat again with his powder.

I liked Mariah when she said to Luke, I would have thrown you to the dogs as soon a they started barking & then when she was shooting Bushmaster's men.

I was really annoyed with Luke saying that because he's black he couldn't be a witness while he was talking to a black cop! who was acting station chief! and his father is a black preacher! & there was a black president! It's all so stupid. He's a super hero, he should not be whining like some black lies matter loser.

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