Sunday, September 9, 2018

Get Ready

Season 2 Episode 13

What the hell! I did not see that coming. That was a crazy ending. Is this show cancelled? The asteroid is actually a space ship? What about the gravity tractor & the solar sail? Those things were supposed to attach themselves to the asteroid; did the aliens allow those things to attach because they weren't destructive? 

That was crazy when suddenly Darrius is waking up 44 days later! I thought the show was going to end in a sudden explosion or with the nukes. That would have been a cool 3rd season. Poor Alicia, that's what you get for being a bi-sexual slut. Liam still loves 

What! Harris’s son is still alive? He was re/syst Nero this whole time!? That was nuts. I like that the dad still hugged him & gave him his spot in the bunker & the dumb kid was like "huh?" not understanding, because he's not a father yet.

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