Thursday, September 13, 2018

They Reminisce Over You

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 13

What a mess of an episode, it mostly set up the next season, which is the only thing that saved this episode but not by much. Really, this episode made it very clear what the problem is, but the show has been avoiding it. When the barber shop kid called Luke a crime boss, he avoided placing the blame on who is really responsible, the people of Harlem. They are the ones buying guns & drugs from all these crime families. That’s who is responsible. All Luke Cage did with the Carbones was tell them to stay out of his territory. 

I’m so glad Mariah is dead, that took forever, and I am super annoyed that Bushmaster is still alive & got away with it. It’s annoying that Tilda helped him; he decapitated people & was a crime lord just like Mariah. Tilda is a hypocrite.

I loved that he told Claire to leave. She’s so annoying. They did something with the lighting on Misty this episode, but I can look at that woman all day long.

At least he's wearing a yellow suit, it's not what I want but it's better than yellow lining in a Carhartt hoodie.

This whole season is the result of all the girl writers making the female characters more important than the damn character the show is named for.

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