Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Manchurian Candidate

Season 2 Episode 9

We are done with Re/Syst & now it's time to deal with c.o.p.e. which Liam thinks is a death cult, but there's no way that Long John Silver sold 19 million books since the asteroid was discovered so he's probably wrong, Captain Silver is probably just collecting all those things his members are giving him to be rich. Although the kool-aid scene at the end was funny.

I said before he needs a Vice President. I'm glad they didn't forget about that. It's a good way to deal with Q17, whatever that is. Them copying retinal patterns with camera contact lenses was pretty cool. I like that they are using more sci-fi on the show like that self-repairing solar sail.

I was wondering about Grace's daughter but I forgot that the secretary's son died. I like when shows bring up things that happened in earlier seasons, it makes the current story make more sense.

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