Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Time To Leave

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 62

This episode had almost all the Galactic Guardians. They were pushing Spin Fist Hydron, Laserang Flipshot & Missile Shot Kayo &  Missile Eye Optikk, but Drisi said goodbye to He-Man & Nocturna, Spinwit, Tuskador & Vizar were also there when they took off for Necron to learn Myte fighting techniques from Wulk. It was weird though how easily Wulk agreed to helping the mutants. That's what happens when you bully someone for being different. I have to admit that I laughed when I saw Skeletor dressed as a forest spirit.

I can't believe Crita was going to trap all those Gleanons in the maze, how is she going to be queen of the Gleanons, if they're all dead.

Mara is now such a good Astrosub pilot that she can shoot precision shots at the mountain without killing everyone. I really hate how He-Man is basically a wizard on this show. So many of the things he did could have been done using brute strength, instead he shot magic out of his sword.

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