Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Creator

Luke Cage
Season 2 Episode 11

I don't care about flashbacks to Jamaica & I hate seeing characters hallucinate. Nobody cares about this stupid Hatfield & McCoy nonsense. It’s supposed to be a superhero show!

Bushmaster is getting boring; I’m really annoyed that they are making Mariah into some kind of Lex Luthor who is untouchable. It’s really stupid. There are plenty of super-powered villains that power man could fight, instead of making her the enemy. Bushmaster decapitated 4 people. He’s murdered even more & Power Man is letting him console his aunt? That’s ridiculous; he didn't even ask if the daughter was ok.

And Hernand, really what kind of name is that?, is now jealous of the political assistant. Mariah is old enough to be his mom. It’s just gross. I like that she called him out on being "gay for the stay" which is a phrase I never heard of before. If ever there was a reason to stay out of prison, it's that one!

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